Massage Parlors with 'Happy Endings' Give These Sex Workers a Decent Living

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Thanks for contacting us. We've received your submission. The alleged illicit massage business in the upscale neighborhood is one of at least others currently operating across the five boroughs — a network of illegal enterprises so vast, they outnumber Starbucks 2 to 1 citywide, according to data from Heyrick Research. In Queens, which has at least open brothels, the illicit businesses outnumber Starbucks 5 to 1, the data from the intelligence-driven counter-trafficking organization that focuses exclusively on the illicit massage industry shows.

Kelsey Dake for BuzzFeed News. It was her seventh session with James Deiter, a massage therapist whom the health farm had enthusiastically recommended. By now, Ingram trusted Deiter, and she closed her eyes and relaxed as he worked her muscles. He groped her breasts. He put his fingers in after that out of her vagina. Ingram amateur there, frozen in fear and distrust, until the session was over. Afterwards driving home sobbing, she called the spa to report the sexual assail. Frustrated, Ingram called the police, who interviewed Deiter that afternoon.

Chances are you've heard the story: an unmarked door leads to a dimly-lit massage parlor where women with beefy hands and tolerant smiles await a train of libidinous male patrons. Blissful ending massage stories are all also common. The mixture of truth after that urban legend captivates male and lady imaginations even in an age of readily available casual sex and ad lib Internet porn. The rest of health farm culture, meanwhile, is dominated by women. There are more than 14, spas in the U. With all so as to time spent around low lighting, bendable music, and heavy rubbing, it be able to be tough not to think of sex, but until recently, the lady version of these erotic massages has remained doggedly taboo. Luckily, societal rules restricting female sexuality are dying at the same time as fast as Sex and the Capital slayed them, and it was barely a matter of time before women embraced the notion that quick releases aren't just for men.

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