8 Ways to Make Sex More Fun

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Remember your first time having sex? That uncomfortable, strange, confusin g ordeal? Despite what we see in the movies, first time romps are rarely the most orgasm-inducing, rocket-blasting sensual experiences of our burgeoning sex lives. The truth is, no one knows what they're doing.

A whopping 59 percent of men after that women say they want to accomplish their sex lives more playful after that fun , according to a additional survey released today by International Communications Research and sponsored by We-Vibe. Although if most people are craving add excitement in bed, why are we still having run-of-the-mill sex? Take your sex life from meh to astonishing with these tips from the experts:. Also worth nothing: Great sex be able to exist without an orgasm. Ignore Your Instincts That stereotype that men are the only ones who crave a bite new in bed is so artificial. In fact, research shows women are even more likely to want sexual novelty, says Walsh. Satisfy the advise by doing something totally outside your sexual script, like making a femininity bucket list , getting busy all the rage every room but your bedroom , having sex before work in the morning , or even heading en route for a hotel for a distraction-free connect. Play Up the Fantasy So how do you bring up the actuality that you want to try a new position or light bondage?

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