The Tower Treasure

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Skip down three paragraphs for the review s. At least I doubt that will be the case. There are two versions of this book: the original written in and a revision written in which modernized it and made it a little more PC. I have both and plan to do a comparison. The Hardy Boys Unofficial Home Page says some stories were completely rewritten right down to the plot, others merely shortened to fit a page length that the powers-that-be deemed proper publishing costs; literary degradation always comes down to moneyand the rest fall somewhere between those two extremes. It also considers the prose quality of the revisions to be quite sub-par. I bitch about this discovery more extensively in the beginning of my Mystery of Cabin Island review.

Shelves: s , mystery , young-adult-childrens Acceptable, these things aren't great literature. There's too many errors in all of the books -- science errors, character errors, geographical errors, legal errors, first-aid-errors, just-plain-stupid stuff, racism, horrible portrayals of folks who aren't white-American Adults capacity remember these with fondness, but analysis them now is just painful. At once, Frank and Joe still remind me of all of the boys I used to know and all of the fun times we had all together. These really are fun, wholesome books that anyone can enjoy regardless of gender.

December 4, March 5, CAN After a fishing boat is raided and a lockbox containing a radioactive Egyptian deity is stolen, a mysterious man kills the captain and crew of the boat, with only a sailor named Ern surviving. Joe and Frank's member of the clergy, Fenton, begins his day normally as a result of investigating a corrupt construction site employee. Meanwhile, Joe and Frank's mother notices that she's being followed on her way to Frank's baseball game. Afterwards winning the game, Joe and Above-board are met by a police administrator who informs them that their care for is dead. Fenton arrives at the house when the kids are bereavement their mother, and tells them so as to they will be moving to Bridgeport for the Summer with him. All the same outraged, the group moves in along with their Aunt Trudy. Later that calendar day, they meet a girl who takes them to a diner and tells them her name is Biff, abrupt for Elizabeth. She and Joe awaken a friendship, but Ern arrives by a welcome party and informs Gloria of the disaster, then accidentally scares the woman away.

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