11 Guys Reveal the Secrets to Giving Women Multiple Orgasms

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Men, listen up: Women enjoy orgasms just as much as you do. And if you have the power to give them multiple, why skimp with just one? It may seem like a complicated task, but if you find out what makes your partner feel good hint: learn all about the clitorisyou can give her mind-blowing orgasms, one right after the other. While it's always a good idea to get sex tips from the expertsit's also helpful to see what real guys out there are doing to please their partners in bed. So, we asked them! Quick changes or even a slight ones at the wrong moment can put a damper, however the right change at the right time can drive intensity or double or triple her up. And well do that when I am inside her too so she gets that extra stimulation. Sometimes she will use it on herself too which I think is super hot and sexy to watch. I like to get my partner mentally excited before even initiating touching.

According to seriously buzzed-about new research, men who are attractive, funny, confident, after that have money are also more apt to make you orgasm. Wait, what?! The study, published in the academic journal Evolutionary Psychologysuggests that random things akin to your partner's sense of humor, his family income, and his age could influence your O. They also advise that the width of his shoulders and the age when you at the outset had sex could play a character in your sexual satisfaction. Since these results seem kind of out around, we thought it might be a good idea to take another glance at the research to see but you should really base your boyfriend-search around this. For the study, researchers asked 54 female college students who were in exclusive, heterosexual relationships after that were engaging in P-in-V intercourse en route for take an online survey about their sex life, their feelings about their partner, and the physical and emotional traits of their partner. After the students completed the survey, researchers compiled the data to try to achieve out how these factors were allied. Plus, higher ratings of a guy's sense of humor were linked along with how frequently his partner had orgasms and how often they had femininity.

Acquire Hard or Your Money Back. Advantage here. Multiple orgasms: women love them, men wish they could have them. Or maybe they are having them? Unlocking the secrets of the manly multiple orgasm could be considered a Raiders of the Lost Ark -level treasure hunt perhaps with similar consequences — who knows.

After it comes to orgasms, you actually can't have too much of a good thing. While some people along with a vagina are able to allow multiple orgasms fairly easily, it tends to be a bit trickier designed for the penis-owning population, thanks to so as to pesky refractory period getting in the way. If only there were behaviour to orgasm without ejaculating and triggering that refractory period, amirite? Oh, delay. There are!

Designed for the rest of us, multiple orgasms continues to be one of those holy grail sex myths. Below, five vagina-havers who live that life account for exactly what it feels like en route for have multiple orgasms. The time all the rage between may vary, but after an orgasm, I have a short disobedient phase before I am able en route for climax again. I have gotten absolutely good at listening to my amount and will know if I am able to experience multiples or not. Emotionally, it connects me more along with my body and partner.

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