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By Tehrene Firman November 1, You can stock up on as many Mega Millions lottery tickets as you want, but you know what they say: Even if you're the very! In fact, when it comes to experiencing true joy, you don't even need to spend a cent. Science shows some of the simplest things are the true mood-boosters in life—not big houses, extravagant trips around the world, or nice cars. Though, to be frank, those all sound pretty nice… The next time you're feeling down, these 33 things will surely make you smile. Many studies have shown being near the blue stuff can make you happier. In fact, as a study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology showed, even just looking at pictures of beautiful scenic views with lots of water has can decrease stress and make people feel more joyful. You don't even have to get outside if you don't want to, though: A study published in the journal Hormones and Behavior found even just being around your pup in general can increase the amount of oxytocin in your body, giving you an instant boost of joy. Aside from taking your mind away from reality for a while, bookworms are also a lot happier.

Shutterstock There are science-linked ways to be happier and healthier. And they're not so hard to do. Jotting along your feelings and star gazing are easy ways to lift your spirits. Here are 22 other easy behaviour to boost your mood that psychologists and social scientists swear by. Appointment Business Insider's homepage for more stories. We all strive to be blissful and healthy. There are a add up to of small things you can accomplish that will make a big bang on your overall well-being, according en route for psychologists. That might be reading an adventure story, keeping a gratitude academic journal or even gazing up at the stars on a clear night. Although happiness is something we all allow to continuously work at.

Almost certainly someone smiling and laughing, enjoying themselves at a party, the beach before maybe an amusement park. So are fun and happiness the same thing? I started wondering whether all this fun has actually made me happier… Does having fun make you happy? This is quite a shocking realisation really, considering that most of us spend our lives in pursuit of fun as a means to bliss. Both books made me realise the difference between fun and happiness: amusement is temporary, happiness is ongoing. Amusement brings about positive feelings like agitation, pride and hope and of avenue positive feelings make us happy.

Be concerned about trying a few of these -- or all of them! Crank the tunes. Try NOT smiling while blasting your fave feel good song before 5. Write it down. Did you know that taking the time en route for write down 3 positive things all day will make you more bright and less stressed?

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