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Dating apps have gotten so particular that you can be matched with a valentine based on your mutual love of dogs. Puppy love is great, but we also need apps that create better and safer dating experiences for people of color and the LGBTQ community. The process of sifting through apps that fit you can be a continuous trial and error, especially for nonbinary folx. Corporations have yet to make a sufficient and popular app for all communities, but these new niche apps help users lower the risks of encountering fetishization and discriminatory interactions within chat rooms, while creating a safe place for marginalized people to find allies and possible partners. These apps have the potential to make dating better than Tinder. Vu Tran started Color Dating to normalize interracial relationships. The app allows you to set age limits, select a location nearby or around the world, and use the left-right swipe design to select people. As an Asian man in the dating scene, Tran experienced constant rejection due to racial barriers. The app curates a certain amount of matches for each dating pool per day, and like Bumble, a popular dating app, women initiate the interaction with their matches.

Prentice Prefontaine is the only Amazon dating advice expert with more than three decades of experience. Prefontaine believes all the rage love and that falling in adoration is a human right. He writes non-fiction books to help people. Ahead of he writes a book, he spends years researching a subject that interests him. He reads, studies and interviews people and takes notes on can you repeat that? he learns. Finally, he writes. After he's done, he works with artists to create book designs that acquire his imagination. The result is abrupt books with practical steps that be able to be used right away. Prefontaine lives in NYC with his family after that one adorable Labrador retriever.

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