When Saying Sorry Isn't Good for Your Relationship

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If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Chaudhry SJ, et al. Thanking, apologizing, bragging, and blaming: Responsibility exchange theory and the currency of communication. DOI: Kim PH, et al. Building and rebuilding trust with promises and apologies. Tabak BA, et al. Conciliatory gestures facilitate forgiveness and feelings of friendship by making transgressors appear more agreeable. My apologies!

Tips Many people have complicated feelings a propos apologies, and not all of our thoughts and feelings about apologies ancestry up. Some of us were affected to apologize as children when we hurt someone, and some of us apologized freely and felt immediately advance after having done so. Some ancestor feel shamed by apologizing while others feel ashamed until we have done so. While a popular movie as of decades ago declared that Love agency never having to say you're apologetic, many relationship experts warn that by no means apologizing in a relationship is a sure way to risk losing it. Positive Outcomes We may have academic about the need for apologizing after we've hurt a friend—accidentally or otherwise—but do you know why apologizing is really important, and what function a good apology serves? Researchers and psychologists have pinpointed some important reasons why apologizing is necessary when social rules have been violated. Some of the good things that come from a sincere apology: Apologizing when you've broken down a rule of social conduct—from acerbic in line to breaking the law—re-establishes that you know what the rules are, and you agree that they should be upheld.

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