As the winter months roll near, acquiring the best snow blower is a must have. Among the many brands on the market, we find the Toro models particularly interesting.

Toro takes pride for manufacturing some of the leading outdoor power equipment around the globe. We love their models as they showcase value in design. They are consistent, durable and they set a high standard aside from other brands.

In this article, we delve deeper in their specific properties.

Toro Snow Blower Reviews: Quick Comparison Table

Toro Snow BlowerPriceClearing HeightClearing WidthWeightPower RequirementsThrow Distance
Toro Power Shovel 383616-Inches12-Inches12.5 Pounds7.5 Amp20ft
Toro Toro 38381 Electric Power Curve Snow Blower12-Inches18-Inches25 Pounds15Amp30ft
Toro Two Stage Gas Snow Blower14-Inches26-Inches252cc 4-Cycle Engine45ft

Toro Snow Blower Reviews: Top 3

1. Toro Power Shovel 38361 Electric Snow Thrower

If you receive a fair amount of snow, it’s inevitable how tiring it gets shoveling it. But with a power shovel, you can clean it up in half the time it usually takes. The Toro Power Shovel is a perfect tool to help move snow on walkways, driveways, patios and steps.

It is designed for light snow up to 6-inches deep. With it, you don’t have to keep going back to make more passes since it cleans to the pavement.

Performance and Capabilities

This power shovel needs just 7.5 Amp. The good thing is that it runs continuously and quietly. It can establish a throw up to 20ft, and although you can’t direct where the snow goes, it’s useful for clearing a swath 12 inches.

This aspect comes into play where it can easily blow a 50 by 20ft driveway in around 20 minutes. If the snow you are clearing goes deep to 4-inches, you can achieve a lot with this simple power shovel.

Effortless Handling

The beauty of this tool is in the easy handling. First, it is lightweight at only 12 ½ pounds. Anyone can manage to move snow with an instrument that doesn’t require much effort to push. You’ll like that it comes with a telescoping handle to fit different heights.

This way, your back is saved from the strain so you don’t have to bend to reach the handle. Seeing that it’s not self-propelled, you will not notice this quality as a drawback since it has a small frame.

Durability, Care and Upkeep

With a construction from robust plastic, this blower is sure to give you decent years of good work. The metallic handle has a rust–resistant coating making it hard to wear in the harshest winter weather.

The poly V-belt drive system is an important aspect in its longevity. This is because it ensures the shovel has few moving parts. It means the entire tool is not exposed to the diminishing factors by friction when in use.

As an electric snow blower, this power tool is easy to care for and keep in good condition. It needs wiping after use; hence no gas fills or changing the spark plug.

If you are one who dislikes big machines because of the upkeep, then this tool covers that part quite well. The small size contributes to easy storage. Coming with a safety lock, it prevents usage by authorized persons.


  • Large cleaning swath for a shovel
  • Throws to a far distance
  • Two rubber blades sweeps to the surface
  • Secures cord for uninterrupted usage


  • It’s challenge working on wet snow
  • It’s not self-propelled
  • It does not have a directional chute


This Toro model is easy to use for anyone with weight lifting restrictions. It has a far throw and suits small homes and short driveways. It’s also useful for areas with moderate snowfalls of flaky snow.

This power shovel is restricted to small errands. If you have more than four cars you want to let through, then this blower will not meet your demands. And, if you receive huge chunks and dry ice, you’ll want to look at a more powerful blower.


2. Toro 18-Inch Electric 1800 15Amp Power Curve Snow Blower

Are you looking for a powerful snow blower? Then you’ll want to look at the Toro Single Stage Electric Thrower.  It is one of the lightest designs in its class, easy to assemble and start using right away.

It explores the power curve technology, helping you clean to the surface. This technology allows fast acceleration of the curved rotors which prevents clogging of the auger.

Clearing Capacity

This equipment is heavy duty, working with just one auger. It carries a throw distance of up to 30ft. It can also move 700 pounds of snow per minute. This way, you won’t find yourself in a fix when you have to get to work but can’t get your car out of the garage.

With one pass, you can remove 18-inches of snow plus make it to 12-inches deep. With such capacity, it’s clear that you’ll get all the access areas clean in no time.

Efficiency and Reliability

The flexibility of this thrower extends to the effective throwing since you can direct the chute. It rotates over 160-degrees so that clearing is to the areas you have not cleared.

This aspect is also important in making it possible to work on a windy day. By directing the throw with a crankshaft, you don’t have to stop the drive as the adjustments are from your working station.

Adding to the simple handling is the zip deflector. It allows you to dictate the level of the throw, that is; high, low, or in-between. This means snow does not pile in one place which becomes much harder to move when it becomes wet.

You’ll also like that the electric cord can be locked safely to prevent unplugging in the middle of usage. And, to increase your area of clean-up, you can buy a long extension cord.

Robust Design

This blower sees a high impact construction from sturdy plastic. It can withstand harsh winter, saline environments, and uneven paths. Since it gets the exemption from cleaning gravel surfaces, it means it will not pick up significant amounts of stones to diminish the auger system.

It’s impressive that it needs little to no maintenance, thanks to the electric functioning.  It has a long runtime but needs to be cooled to keep it running with consistency.


  • Quick to assemble
  • Improved drive system prevents clogging
  • Simple control system
  • Requires little maintenance
  • It has ergonomic handles


  • Not efficient on heavy wet snow
  • The functions are not accessible at the same time
  • The wheels are not self-propelled


In a nutshell, the Toro 1800 is suitable equipment for small and average driveways. You’ll like it more for the user-friendly handling, so it is useful for persons with lower back problems. Accessing small and tight areas is possible with the lightweight.

For surroundings that are content with heavy snowfalls that go over 15inches deep, this machine is quite of a challenge. You’ll have to make many passes which is exhaustive after hours of pushing.

3. Toro 26-Inch Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower

Unique Features

This equipment is another incredible design by Toro. It is a two stage blower, which means it is more powerful, carrying a larger capacity. It suits long driveways and large walkways.

It does not bring surface restrictions so you can work on the wooden floors, plus the gravel drives without scraping rocks or damaging delicate surfaces.

This machine is big, meaning its heavy duty for the most complicated jobs. The wheels are self-propelled to ride through the heavy and wet snow. It can handle rough terrain and sloping areas.

With it, you’ll be in sync with the movements since it follows your walking speed. The controls and functions are handled from one space, meaning the drive does not stop midway in usage.

High Performance

If you are up against big drifts of crusty, grainy snow, this tool yields high power to crush all types of such snowfalls. With an engine capacity of 252cc, it achieves high acceleration to move the impeller at high speeds. This way, it can move large volumes of snow in less time.

It has a discharge capacity of over 800 pounds per minute. The 4-cycle engine performs efficiently to enable clearing a width of 26-inches; hence it is dependable when you to need to clean a path for up to six cars in few passes.

Easy Steering and Anti-Clog System

Here, you are looking at handling rough and harsh winter. It benefits from an Anti-Clogging System, ensuring that it works consistently. This aspect is made possible by the fast velocity experienced by the impeller.

It is complemented by a stick control mechanism to make changing the direction of the throw quick and easy. This means owing to the automatic drive system; the flow is consistent with your movements.

Longevity Properties

You’ll appreciate the one-piece construction on this blower. This is because the steel and plastic design has less moving parts. You will rarely deal with loose nuts and damaged joints. It has a heavy duty red powder coating.

It resists fading, scratching and corroding when left out in the humid winter weather. You’ll notice this quality after many years of usage since you’ll see the machine retain its new status.


  • Long throw distance at 45ft
  • It has an electric start
  • Large clearing capacity
  • Easy to make quick adjustments


  • It’s a bit pricey
  • Wheels are a little small
  • Displays thin cutting edge


If you find snow blowing a chore, the tow stage Toro design is your best bet. The automatic drive makes pushing it effortless. Even with the weight, it follows the speed of your steps to yield a smooth flow.

However, after the engine is off, it becomes hard to pull up the steps. It is, therefore not ideal for the person with weight lifting restrictions.

The Best Toro Snow Blower

Toro 18-Inch Electric 1800 15Amp Power Curve Snow Blower

The Electric Single Stage Toro blower proves the best for most people. The weight is manageable plus the capacity is high for hefty snow clearing jobs. The engineering makes smooth operations for safe usage. Also, with the sturdy plastic construction means it is built to last.

We hope you will make the most informative decision regarding the best Toro snow blower. The above machines are distinct with their performance, and with them, you can meet the specific requirements of your home.

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