Woman Falls in Love with Sperm Donor 13 Years After Having His Baby: I'm So Glad 'We Found Him'

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An image of friends shaking hands. Credit: Getty Images. Money—having it, that is—can pave the way for just about anything. Your small business aspirations. Your dream travel. Your garden gnome collection. It can even help you form a family. But if, like me and millions of other Americans, money is tight, it's easy to feel totally boxed out of accomplishing your goals—particularly the parenthood part.

Altogether she knows of him is the label the California Cryobank gave him in the s: Donor She grew up in Pennsylvania with two mothers, and a burning curiosity en route for know more about her anonymous benefactor father. In the s, Jeffrey supplemented his meager income by becoming a regular sperm donor at California Cryobank. He was given an identifying number:

Ellenstein, 57, donated sperm anonymously earlier all the rage his life, never expecting to assemble any of his offspring. Ellenstein, 57, donated sperm anonymously in his 20s and early 30s to make a few extra cash, and never expected en route for meet any of his offspring. Although this past year, thanks to online tools, including DNA test kits, he discovered that he has at slight 24 biological children. A divorced theater director living in Los Angeles who never raised any kids of his own, Ellenstein has met 20 of them so far. Fearing the interactions might be awkward or disappointing, he was initially reluctant to meet his children. Peter Ellenstein, seen here along with six of his 24 biological children in Maylets his offspring guide the nature of his relationship with them. The first meeting between half-siblings after that sperm donor dads can be anxious, but what follows over the consequent years may be even more complex. Some children grow close with their biological fathers and half-siblings, even affecting in with them.

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