The dawn of the machine that clears snow saw the invention of the snow thrower. Many developments have gone into the designing of the most user-friendly tool giving snow clearance a new meaning.

If you are in the search for the ideal snow blower brand, we agree that settling for just one of them is a daunting task. That’s why with extensive research we have managed to narrow down to the best brands.

These models have backings by prominent manufacturers who have either been around for a long time or are emerging and creating a brand to reckon with in the outdoor power equipment industry.  

Features to Expect by brand

Snow Blower BrandPriceClearing PathIntake HeightPowerWeightRating
Toro 38361 7.5Amp Power Shovel Electric Snow Blower12-inches6-inches7.5Amp13lbs3.8/5
Snow Joe iON 18SB Cordless Lithium-Ion Single Stage Snow Thrower18-inches8-inches40V, 2Ah28.9 Pounds3.8/5
Power Smart DB5023 13Amp Electric Snow Blower18-inches9-inches13Amp37-Pounds4.2/5
Briggs and Stratton Dual Stage 1696619 Snow Thrower27-inches20-inches250cc189-Pounds4.2/5
Husqvarna ST224 Two Stage Snow Blower with Electric Start24-inches23-inches208cc198.6-Pounds4.1/5

 1. Toro Model

Starting only as a tractor engine manufacturing company in 1924, Toro is now a name to reckon with in the power tools industry. Toro has a family of machines ranging from landscaping equipment to gardening tools.

They integrate maintenance tools for sports fields, commercial properties and golf courses where their manufacturing companies can be found in the main commercial centers in the United Kingdom and Australia.

By 2014, the Boss Snow removal equipment and Snow Plow came under Toro’s roof. This significant growth saw their most notable product come into play. The Toro Power Shovel 38361 boasts the lightest machine with fast speeds and high efficiency. This tool makes the ideal snow blower for small homeowners.

Toro 38361 7.5Amp Power Shovel Electric Snow Blower

If you can’t go for long hours shoveling snow without your back taking a toll on you, then you need the Toro Power Shovel. It works much like a shovel but with fewer energy requirements.

You only require the strength to push it and you are set for smooth working.  It comes with a telescoping handle to add to its extremely ergonomic design.

Working with the Power Shovel

First, you’ll experience a lightweight machine such that your wrists have it strain free. The handle can angle to fit your exact height, meaning you can clean snow with a straight back. This feature is important when you have to clean for a few hours in the cold.

As it is ideal for small size homeowners, expect to use it on a 50by 20ft area and clear 4-inches of snow in around twenty minutes. This is where you know you have a powerful tool if it has such high capacity.

You’ll be impressed even more by the way it can throw 300 pounds of snow per minute. This means you can take care of all the snow blocking your garage door in minutes. Even better is that it clears a 12-inch path in one pass and it cleans to the pavement.

With it, you need not worry about scratching the delicate floors since it carries rubber blades to effect the smooth surface clearing.

Efficiency and Convenience

The efficiency of the Toro Power Shovel sees that with a power source, working is limited to the power supply. The cord is quite long, and it even comes with the cable lock which gives the convenience of working consistently without unplugging the tool in the middle of use. With such features, the Power Shovel remains a favorite for consumers all over the world.


  • Compact design makes it easy to transport
  • Consistent working with snow up to 4-inches
  • Low maintenance needs
  • It has an ergonomic design


  • It does not carry the directional chute


You will agree with me that the Toro brand steals the day with their simplified Power Shovel. It suits the first timers in outdoor tools since it is very straight forward. Anyone can depend on the firm design for varied home surfaces that need first snow clearing.

2. Snow Joe

When we talk about pushing the wheels of innovation to new levels, Snow Joe has it all. This company has just recently entered the market, having opened their doors to their very first snow blower in 2004, simply referred to as the Snow Joe. Ever since, they have grown to unprecedented levels with the cordless innovation taking the world by surprise in 2013.

We can safely say that the Snow Joe iON; the name given to the Cordless power tool is their best product so far. It eliminated the need to depend on gas-powered blowers for great jobs and heavy snowfalls.

Many users have since acquired this alternative to liven up their snow blowing processes since it is also lightweight to make the clearing tasks more fun.

Snow Joe iON 18SB Cordless Lithium-Ion Single Stage Snow Thrower

Perhaps the best innovation to snow blowers was the cordless design. It comes at a time when people are keen on the environment and the dangers posed by the continuous use of gas blowers. You’ll notice the silent operation as soon as you turn this unit ON.

Even better it requires just a full battery to produce high power and no hassling with plugs, fuel mixtures and worse still, dealing with noisy moving parts.  Using this blower affords much better safety features.

Long Runtime with Excellent Performance

A notable thing with this blower is the runtime, which is the longest you’d ever get with a cordless snow blower. It can work consistently for 50 minutes, meaning it’s easy to complete tasks fast and with sufficient cleaning. It comes with a steel auger with two rubber blades. These blades can efficiently move up to 8-inches deep of heavy, fluffy snow.

The auger propulsion creates high acceleration to make it through the slightly wet snow. It, however, struggles when the snow is dense and humid at the same time.

You’ll want to look at the throw effectiveness which it takes to a whole new level. The chute is complemented by a joystick to control the direction, so you won’t have to reach out far when making the changes.

However, the drive system sees some syncing challenges with the auger where changing the chute direction either the auger or the drive has to stop. Nevertheless, it is quite dependable to deliver the performance needed for fast clearance.


The brushless motor makes it all worth it since it exhibits few moving parts with fewer chances of overheating. It, therefore, runs with efficiency and high performance.

Clogging is not part of this machine seeing that it comes with anti-auger jamming features like the serration which ensures sticky snow does not get in the way of the propulsion. With few moving parts, it will last a decent period.


  • Lightweight with a robust construction
  • Allows single hand controls
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Cleans down to the pavement


  • The handles are not heated


Compared to any other snow blower, the cordless iON is an affordable option for residential purposes. It comes with two batteries to prolong the runtime to make fast snow pickups on various areas of your home including decks, patios, lawns, driveways and walkways.

3. Power Smart

The Amerisun Inc. Company is linked to the direct manufacturing and control of the Power Smart brand. It is based in the US as the main distributor of other power tools like chip shredders, lawn mowers, portable generators, pole saws and many other products.

The Power Smart DB5023 brand is the most significant product by this company. It is built with efficiency in mind. Many users now gravitate towards it because of the easy handling and smooth maneuverability it offers. It works best on short driveways which do not require much energy to run.

Power Smart 18-Inch DB5023 13Amp Electric Snow Blower

This brand is the most affordable piece of outdoor equipment. It does not compromise on the quality basing on the low pricing. As such it makes for a very useful model.

You will get to work with a comfortable machine that takes care of your hands and back. It does not weigh much; only 37lbs with the components aligned properly to balance it when in use.

Effective Throw Capacity

As an electric corded brand, expect to use the least vibration since it does not have any noise when the parts move in relaying of power. It carries a 13-Amp engine, to provide power for speedy auger propulsion. This means it takes forward the 30ft throw capacity with efficiency.

It is accompanied by a broad throw chute suggesting it delivers out plenty of snow within minutes. It is, therefore useful when you are in a hurry to go out but your car can’t get through the snow.

If you have different surfaces like wooden decks or a grass lawn, don’t be afraid to use this machine. Reasons being with the rubber tipped blades, it will give a clean pass leaving the floor as smooth as it should be. You’ll be impressed by the steel auger that bears sharp serrations for consistent working.

The steel construction also ensures it lasts long as it is abrasion and corrosion resistant. It can brave the outdoor elements and still keep up with the high-quality it sets.

Easy Maintenance Procedures

For you that find long maintenance procedures annoying, this model is specially designed for you. Being electric, it means plugging in gets it running without emissions. You won’t be required to pour out the fuel or even clean the spark plug. Most parts are accessible for cleaning to get it ready for the next time you use it.


  • Foam handles for absolute winter working comfort
  • Works well with fluffy and light snow
  • Has a wide clearing path and high intake height
  • Wide discharge chute


  • It’s not ideal for heavy snowfalls


As the name suggests, Power Smart is an excellent method of snow clearing this winter. It starts immediately in cold weather, has a long runtime before the engine calls for cool down and is effortless to monitor and control. You get it at a very affordable price which is the main advantage when picking the best snow blower brand.

4. Briggs and Stratton

Briggs and Stratton is a pioneer in yard maintenance tools. They are better known for their distinct Briggs and Stratton engine which receives usage in electric generators, lawn mowers, Snow Throwers and pressure washers. They have diversified models with the capacity to fulfill the engine needs of over 100 countries all over the world.

With the engine technology, the need for user-friendly devices created the dual stage Briggs and Stratton Snow Thrower. It was designed to tackle hard and crusty ice, particularly the challenging to cut plow piles. It is unlike any snow blower featuring two drive systems since it is not only user-friendly, but it is also very sturdy for heavy usage.

Briggs and Stratton Dual Stage 1696619Snow Thrower

Have you grown tired of using a slow throwing machine on dense and thick snowfalls? Pick the Briggs and Stratton brand for your next endeavors on your driveway. It is especially useful if the alley faces the street where the municipal keeps depositing huge plow piles on its open end. You can rest easy because with this machine it will be a matter of minutes before you clear a path for your car.

High Engine Performance

This tool boasts the 1150 snow series engine specially designed for snow throwing work. It bears a 250cc displacement meaning its performance is consistent with the large capacity engine.

It generates admirable torque power to clean 11pounds of snow per revolution. This equals to huge volumes of snow per minute. Seeing that it can remove 27-inches swath in one pass, it is a heavy-duty snow power tool.

You’ll be impressed by the quick start method of the electric button. It comes in handy to save you from power string pulling in the cold. More so, it does not feature the traditional hydrostatic transmission drive.

Instead, it carries a friction disc system to increase contact to the wheels so that maneuvering in thick and wet snow is much simpler. It also features reversible skid shoes to keep the auger in good condition where it can operate in any snow level since the height is adjustable.

Robust Design for Longevity

Finally, this snow thrower has a frame with mostly steel parts. You’ll want to still depend on your machine when it encounters bumps from hard snow. With the steel auger, plus the steel chute and the aluminum gearbox, every aspect is known to make the machine live up to its real value for serving many years.


  • Enhances comfort level through the simple control system
  • Comes with a reliable electric start
  • Build for longevity
  • Works well with wet snow


  • It does not come with the cover


Coming from a company with a great name, the details speak of a machine ready to get to work when you are. It keeps the user engaged with easy functional controls, large engine capacity and smooth drive system. It has a durable design where the parts are deemed to resist damage from impact and heavy usage. This is the brand for areas where storming winter is routine every year.

5. Husqvarna

When you hear the name Husqvarna you probably have a few names in mind. There’s a mower, a chainsaw, a snow blower and probably a line of other products under this name.

Having spent over four centuries producing technical tools, Husqvarna began as a rifle factory to revolutionize and become what today is one of the largest power equipment brands. They specialize in outdoor power machines.

They are synonymous with the Husqvarna 24-InchST224 Two Stage Snow Blower. This tool gains praise for delivering the expectations from a high-quality snow blower. It is capable of making the whole process manageable in few clean passes.

Husqvarna 24-InchST224 Two Stage Snow Blower with Electric Start

No one wants to spend endless hours out on a cold afternoon clearing snow. The Husqvarna Two Stage Snow Blower plays a significant role in making the work much easier on you. If you dislike cleaning because the machine you use is hard to control, this one exhibits an open system where each part is at your fingertips. It comes with heated handles to keep you safe from developing cold-related complications.

Excellent Clearing Capacity

With the LCT Husqvarna engine, it carries a 208cc of displacement capacity to drive the auger into high-speed propulsion. Therefore, it can safely throw plenty of snow out of the path you are clearing. You can expect to work on all types of snow including deep inches of massive and dense ice.

The impeller goes on to exhibit high relevance when complemented by the rotating chute. It can throw to over 30ft, meaning it is fit for long driveways.

You will like the control you can exert on this snow blower since it has a trigger control mechanism. This maneuverability is only possible with the friction disc transmission which enables monitoring of the six forward speeds and one reverse speed.

It can hence push through different snow textures and in particular with the rugged wheels which keep the machine stable. Even the handles can adjust to your height for better clearing. With the adjustable skid shoes, it makes it possible for all snowing conditions.

Unlimited Working with a Full Tank

This brand carries a 4-cycle engine. You will not get into fuel and oil ratio mixing. Instead, care practices suggested are in line with few cleaning of the parts and ensuring you use the correct fuel.

It has a large gas tank capacity so you can work for long without having to refill frequently. You can take it to different levels of the house including the upstairs patio or to the basement for storing since the wheels can still move when the engine is off.


  • Solid construction for durability
  • Low breakage rates as presented by many users
  • Powerful engine
  • Simple off-season maintenance procedures


  • It’s a bit noisy one needs ear protection device


The Husqvarna brand competes on parallel grounds with other models in its class. The features in the offering include single hand operation with self-propelled wheels, remote chute control, and deflector rotation plus it has a smooth steering mechanism for calculated turning. You will have this machine around for quite some time, so we suggest that you take proper care of it.

Best Snow Blower Brand

Briggs and Stratton Dual Stage 1696619Snow Thrower

It’s easy to see why this brand stands out from the rest of the models on this list. First, it is a design by legendary engine manufacturers. You have the assurance of the highest performing engine which will last for long since it is unique to this machine.

The controls are simple, and the pricing is very attractive. As a second stage snow blower, it’s nice to know the noise levels are at a minimum where some users go ahead to use it without the earmuffs.

Choosing the Best Snow Blower Brand

  • How large is the clearing area?
  • What type of snow do you need to clean?
  • How much snow do you need to clean?

A big area like a long driveway calls for a snow blower where you are not confined to a certain distance. A cordless or gas-powered tool will do just fine. For the small areas, there’s no need to invest in a heavy-duty brand. A corded-electric fits the bill.

What type of snow do you need to clean?

If you receive light, flaky snow, it goes on to say you’ll not need a very powerful tool.  A single stage thrower does the trick. For areas with heavy and moist snow types, then a two-stage makes more sense.

How much snow do you need to clean?

Say if you have from 4-8 inches of snow, an electric corded or cordless will do wonders for your driveway. But when your area receives storms heavy snowfalls reaching up to 30-inches deep, then a two stage blower with high clearing capacity is ideal.

Frequent User Questions

What is the warranty period for the brand you choose?

The Husqvarna brand carries the longest warranty of five years, followed by the Briggs and Stratton 3-year period. The Snow Joe and Toro brands each give a two-year guarantee while Power Smart comes in with a one-year warranty.

How well will the blower perform in hilly areas?

The brands that do well are the Husqvarna and Briggs and Stratton. This is because they are self-propelled meaning you’ll not exert a lot of effort when pushing it uphill. The speed controls ensure they can resist gliding downhill.

Wrapping Up

We hope you have familiarized yourself with the various snow blower brands on the market. With the list above, you are sure to make an informed choice since they are the best-rated models. Remember to be keen on the demands you want the blower to meet so that you’ll not end up with a tool you don’t need or one with less working capacity.

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