For the savvy forester and logger, a professional chainsaw must be part of your arsenal. This equipment comes with more power, weight and vibration difference. The professional chainsaw takes on the most complicated jobs of everyday logging, cutting wood and felling trees.

For these purposes; they carry the highest engine capacity, longest blades, weigh the heaviest and most of them carry the heftiest prices.

The market presents us with a large selection of professional chainsaws where it becomes hard to tell the qualities apart. Here, we demystify what the high ranking professional chainsaws have to offer.

Comparison Table of the Best Professional Chainsaws

ChainsawPriceEngine CapacityBar LengthWeightRating
Remington Rodeo RM5118R 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw51cc18-Inches25 pounds3.8/5
Husqvarna Rancher 460 60.3cc 20-Inch X-Torq 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chainsaw60.2cc20-Inches12.8 pounds4.5/5
Echo Timber Wolf CS-590 20” Chainsaw59.8cc20-Inches17-pounds4.2/5
TIMBERPRO 20-Inch 62cc Petrol Chainsaw62cc20-Inches15.4lbs4.5/5
Poulan Pro 2-Stroke 50cc 967061501 20-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw50.8cc20-Inches17-pounds3.9/5

Best Professional Chainsaw Reviews – 2017

1. Remington Rodeo Gas Chainsaw 2-Cycle 51cc RM5118R 18 Inches

If you have large trees that you need to cut down, you’ll need a machine to match up the task ahead. The Remington Rodeo 51cc Gas Chainsaw is one such equipment with heavy duty properties to handle massive tree felling with an 18-inch chainsaw blade.


Features& Comfort Level

This chainsaw rates high among professional foresters who spend their best time limbing branches, bucking logs and bringing down trees.

It is a comfortable machine with a manageable weight which comes from its 2-cycle engine. This engine carries a quick start-up system as it has a configuration with the advanced electronic ignition that reduces the effort of pulling on the start cord.

Thanks to the anti-vibration front and back handles, you can work for long hours as fatigue is reduced and the risk of developing the Hand-Arm Vibrating Syndrome associated with long hours of handling vibrating equipment. It also has a low kickback chain to prevent injury.


This equipment has a durable housing for the working parts including the crankshaft and the fuel cylinders. It, can, therefore, withstand heavy-duty work seeing that it has a rugged die-cast case. This casing is watertight, preventing moisture from reaching to the interior parts.

It keeps the machine working in good condition for a decent time into the future. The industrial grade aspect is emphasized by the big bucking spikes to cut medium to large trees fast and efficient. It does a magnificent job of clearing fallen trees after a storm.

The Rodeo explores easy maintenance procedures. It features an automatic vibration system that keeps the blades in full working service and to maintain high acceleration and operating speed. The engine aligns with the blade to distribute the 25 pounds of weight it carries.

The handles give a firm grip especially because you are going to be in gloves so that it will not slide when in use. This means you’ll never be at risk of driving the machine along the wrong path. It also comes with the perfect carrying case, streamlined to fit this specific chainsaw. This equipment is designed to give you years of work; bet your money on it since it never disappoints.


  • Quick start up
  • Durable construction
  • Large scale use
  • Anti-vibration handling system


  • A few complaints about the weight


In a nutshell, the Remington Rodeo is a decent machine. It is intended for heavy duty work and has a niche among professionals.

If you want to work for long hours with equipment that rarely breaks down, then you’ll love the Rodeo. Quick start up, and an efficient engine is your best bet to completing all the large tasks waiting.

2. Husqvarna Rancher 460 60.3cc 20-Inch X-Torq 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chainsaw

From one of the Pioneers in power tools, Husqvarna presents one of the most efficient chainsaws in an ergonomic design. Working with a chainsaw brings about a dangerous working space, that’s why you need to invest in a machine that comes with optimum safety measures.

The Rancher 460 model has a great anti-vibration system to ease fatigue on the hands enabling you to use your tool in demanding environments frequently. The front handle is offset at 70 making it easy to balance the machine when working.


Power& Operation

The engine configuration sees a quick start with air purge that removes the air that prevents a fast start. It’s even more impressive because it has an auto-choke control that prevents engine flooding thus it ensures the startup is smooth.

Even better, it carries an excellent air filter that cleans up any debris and particles to allow only clean air to reach the combustion chamber. This, in turn, improves the engine performance and its life in general.

You will love working with the Rancher 460 as it has a side-mounted chain tensioner which allows quick and easy access while allowing minimum effort in making adjustments to the chain. It also comes with a chain brake for the sole purpose of protecting you from kickbacks.

You’ll like the 20-inch blade that is capable of cutting through large trees with consistency and uniformity. This machine even carries felling marks to assist in relaying accurate cuts to logs.

Care& Maintenance

The Rancher 460 sees that the air filter and spark plug are easily accessible to help with maintenance of the machine. It features a fast release system for easy cleaning.

You’ll also get to make quick oil adjustments according to the current working conditions. Seeing that this machine is CARB compliant, it utilizes an X-Torque engine which ensures the fuel fed is properly engaged in the system to make for fewer emissions and reduced noise levels.


  • Smart startup
  • Long-life engine
  • Easy to care and maintain
  • 3-piece crankshaft


  • The senior have a minor problem with the weight


A high-performance machine is what the Husqvarna Rancher 460 is all about. It is averagely priced but offers the user the highest value for the money.

Its design is ergonomic, and it can handle just about any work thrown at it. When you want to step up to a professional-grade chainsaw, then this model is the best investment you’d ever make.

3. Echo Timber Wolf CS-590 20” Chainsaw

As a logger, you should not accept any less of a chainsaw to use for demanding everyday duties. The Echo Timber Wolf promises dependability and delivers a highly performing machine to cater for tough tree cutting.

Its efficiency lie in the fact that it can handle various jobs like actual tree felling, chopping wood, trimming or just pruning. With it, you can accomplish most tasks with just one machine, so you’ll not need to buy a tool to cut trees and another to do the minor trimming.


Key Features

It boasts a 20-inch bar to shorten the time you’d usually take to complete huge tasks. The 2-stroke engine fuels up fast, and the startup is quite easy. You will like the smart ignition which brings it to life within seconds.

The beauty of the Echo Timber Wolf is that it can take different bar lengths from 18inches up to 27inches. This versatility does not affect the performance of the equipment. In fact, it works with the same consistency if not better. The Carburetor carries a butterfly valve, and although it does not take a purge pump, it still maintains proper airflow to enhance the functionality of the engine.

This piece of equipment packs easy weight of 17lbs which is aligned correctly on the whole length. With vibration reduced handles, it increases the working capacity for the user and keeps one safe from potential health defects.

It also has a kick guard and the chain tensioning system assisted by the quick access mount. Since it has a large fuel capacity, you’ll be up to few refueling escapades and even better because it has a translucent gas cylinder to indicate the level of the fuel.


The Echo Timber Wolf has a solid construction with a hard crankcase and rust resistant parts. Caring for the tool ensures easy access to the various parts including quick removal of the air filter and an adjustable chain lubricator. The automatic adjustment is of utmost importance so that it can be of use in extreme weather conditions like on hot days. It comes preassembled with a few pieces to install before you get it running.


  • It has a decompression valve for quick startup
  • Manageable weight
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Large fuel capacity


  • Using fuel with high ethanol will interfere with working of the engine


The Echo Timber Wolf is the best professional chainsaw with an affordable price. The operation is smooth for all working conditions since it comes with a digitalized ignition system.

Carrying a high engine displacement this machine is reliable to perform with optimum accuracy and meet daily demands. The casing is quite durable as it exhibits potential for withstanding heavy-duty and complicated tasks. This is the ultimate equipment for the professional logger.

4. TIMBERPRO 20-Inch 62cc Petrol Chainsaw

Alongside affordability, TIMBERPRO comes with all there is to like from a professional chainsaw. From the engine displacement to the bar length, this is a reliable design capable of the most complicated tasks for the savvy forester.
It is deemed to provide you with a long life as the structure is a construction of sturdy plastic casing with a seamless housing of the components. Every part is reachable without tools as you’ll also find the machine comes easy on maintenance.


Unique Features

The main attraction by the TIMBERPRO is from the accessories. It comes with two chains, a detailed manual, blade guard, tool kit and an oil mixer, unlike other models. With the carrying bag, it makes portability easy since you can take it to various locations with ease.

It is comparatively lightweight to other models, and as such, many users gravitate towards it. This tool can handle lots of heavy work and comes in handy after a storm. Since it can take on large trees, it makes working as a logger relaxed and comfortable.

The working system of this machine does not involve a lot of fumbling with the various parts. It comes with an alloy-enabled starting mechanism plus a side mounted chain tensioner. This makes for making fast adjustments.

The safety conditions set in place with a blade guard and a side tensioning system. This way, you’ll not need to go through pages of safety procedures when you have a secure platform.

Operation& Efficiency

The 2-stroke engine is air cooled, so the performance is at optimum because it relies on combustion to relay the speed on the blade. This means working on large trees will be a breeze and you can move on to working on other tasks. It comes with an automatic oiling system and large fuel capacity of 550ml in the fuel tank and 260ml in the oil reservoir. The assisted startup is possible with the anti-choke system that ensures you’re up to a few pulls on the cord.


  • 3.4HP high cutting power
  • Carries useful accessories
  • Reasonably priced
  • Can be of use in domestic settings


  • It’s hard to start in freezing weather


The TIMBERPRO offers a great alternative to loggers and professional foresters who are working on a budget.

The machine garners a huge following because of the accessories and high cutting power. It also presents the best value for the money, and as such you will be at a loss if you pass on this useful tool. It has a solid feel with a construction capable of going for years when proper care is taken on it.

5. Poulan Pro 2-Stroke 50cc 967061501 20-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

Another very reliable professional chainsaw is the Poulan Pro brand. The system is easy to work with especially because it comes with high-level anti-vibration handles. The alignment of the engine and the bar is such that you can use it at arm’s length with minimal fatigue.

Since this machine draws profoundly from the Husqvarna brand as a sister company, you can expect an authenticated product with so much to offer.



This is for small-medium sized jobs as it has a lower engine displacement but the work it can handle is incomparable to other chainsaws in its price range.

Its distinct engine is an admirable fact as you shall see it is an exclusive Duralife engine which oversees less fuel consumption while the Oxypower engine technology ensures the power is consistently high even when dealing with tough trees. This engine comes with the benefit of reduced emissions so it can be of use in places with high environment safety measures.

The Poulan Pro brand features an ergonomic design where the startup is straightforward aided by the purge bulb and choke control systems. The engine is thus kept from flooding, and the purge bulb is also protected from damage.

This means the carburetor will always retain the right combustion of the fuel preserving the life of the engine. The beauty of this tool is the chromium plating done on the cylinders to keep it in proper condition. Everyday logging comes with a lot of abuse to the machine; with such a coating it will take on a heavy beating.


This tool sees consistency and repeatability to perform uniformly primarily with timber cutting. It is an everyday tool with automatic bar oiling, and it carries a lube-dam oil retainer to keep the oil from leaking especially in hot, dry weather.

Since it has a long nose, the longevity is taken care of so that the system resists wear. The parts, particularly the air filter is easily accessible for maintenance, as such, you’ll have a comfortable machine with the least emission.


  • Excellent throttle trigger
  • Carries an anti-choke system
  • Anti-vibration handles
  • Engine runs clean


  • Some users have had a problem with the choke control knob


Poulan Pro brand is a trusty chainsaw when it comes to medium duty professional work. Safety measures are on point, and the working is extremely user-friendly. You’ll love the durability potential since the metallic components resist corrosion and damage from daily abuse. Poulan Pro brand is at a very attractive price for a lot of power.

Which is our choice for the Best Professional Chainsaw?

There are different brands to choose from when it comes to the best professional chainsaw. Most of them claim to incur the qualities of a well-designed professional chainsaw but rarely meet the claims when faced with the real job.

One particular brand stands out among the models above which is the Husqvarna Rancher 460 60.3cc 20-Inch X-Torq 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chainsaw. It equates to the least hand vibrations with high power. The durability counts for a machine that will withstand long hours of heavy usage. Invest in the Rancher 460 to empower the real professional in you.

Points to Note before Buying a Professional Chainsaw

How often will your chain saw be at work?

Daily usage calls for the machine with the highest power and low maintenance practices. It also means that you need a machine that can handle abuse so the construction must be up to the demand.

How safe is the machine you plan to use?

Look at the standard of the anti-vibration system and the weight. If the weight overwhelms you in a short while even with the least vibration, the tool is of no real use to you in the long run. Check whether a chain break is necessary or if you’ll need to install one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the chainsaw fully assembled?

These machines come preassembled where you’ll need to install the bar, the chain and mix the fuel. It is not a complicated process as they all carry well-written manuals.

What fuel/oil ratio will you require for the particular model?

Every brand carries its specific rate while some come with the first supply to take you through the first refills. The important thing to note is the manual instructions so that you learn to do it yourself. Remember that high percentage of ethanol reduces the engine’s performance.


With the five professional chainsaws laid before you, we hope you can identify the one that will suit your demands.

Remember that the price is not a reflection of the value seeing that these machines are very inexpensive. To achieve uniformity when cutting the trees or wood, you will need to match the power with the task.

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