A wise gardener knows the value of mulch. The art of mulching is capable of reducing yard waste over ten times its original bulk. But to attain this, you’ll need a reliable machine set for the task at hand.

The reasons for mulching do not only lie in reducing yard waste; it is useful in weed control, adding to the landscape’s appeal, soil moisture retention and improving on soil fertility. Our purpose here is to cover leaf mulchers dedicated to fulfilling most yard enthusiasts’ requirements.

You’ll encounter three types of leaf shredders, stationary, handheld and wheeled leaf mulchers. Stationary mulchers need you to bag the yard waste and mulch in a different location from where you’ll be cleaning.

These mulchers are however more useful in accommodating plenty of leaves.  For wheeled leaf mulchers, you’ll be able to collect and mulch as you go along the yard. They reduce the time you would clean and mulch because you’ll not keep going back to the leaf mulcher.

Handheld leaf mulchers come as a combination in leaf vacuums which take the function of blowing and mulching leaves at the same time.

The leaf mulchers below make a list of the best performing leaf mulchers. It covers wheeled and stationary leaf mulchers, their features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Comparing Quick Look at the Expected Features

Leaf Mulcher/ShredderPriceMulch RatioWorking SpeedPowerCutting Lines
Worx Electric Leaf Mulcher 13Amp11:18500 RPMs13-AMP Electric Motor24 Lines
Flowtron Ultimate Mulcher LE-900 Electric Leaf Shredder11:18000RPMs5.9-Amp Electric Motor36 double cutting Lines
Eco-Shredder Electric Chipper 14Amp Mulcher, Shredder10:12800RPMS14-AMP Electric Motor24 Cutting lines
Sun Joe Shredder Joe SDJ616 Electric Leaf Mulcher/Shredder16:18000RPMs13-Amp Electric Shredder20 Cutting lines
Yardforce 13Amp YF8000 Leaf Shredder12:18000RPM14-Amp Electric Motor10 Cutting lines

Best Leaf Mulcher/Shredder – Reviews

Worx Electric Leaf Mulcher 13Amp 11:1 Mulch Ratio WG430

If your home has many trees, you are probably familiar with the leaves that constantly cover the grass on your lawn. Cleaning up may be an easy task when you use a blower or a sweeper, but when you have collected lots of bags, you’ll want a better means to manage your yard.

Performance& Workability

This mulcher will reduce the volume of the leaves you collect in an 11:1 ratio. It is quite efficient in loading lots of leaves and working at high speed to reduce 53 gallons of leaves in one minute. This means you can accomplish a lot in the shortest time possible.

It is not your typical mulcher with blades because it carries standard leaf trimmers to perform an excellent job.

This machine is dedicated to leaf mulching only and as such; you cannot use it with large twigs and branch shredding.

With such focus, it features a shredding speed of 8500RPMs and high acceleration, such that the leaves become ready for use on the garden without further work. A collection bag makes it easy to transport the mulch to the preferred location.


The Worx Electric Leaf Mulcher provides the ultimate solution for such times; to give your lawn that spectacular look.

Assembly& Storage

The Worx leaf mulcher requires no tools to assemble. It is easy to bring together without extra hands to help with the installation. Since it is a lightweight design, the parts fit seamlessly into each other, and when it’s time to store in winter, you’ll just need to disassemble the whole entity into a neat, compact machine.


  • Lightweight but durable
  • High mulching capacity
  • Fast and easy to assemble
  • High mulching speed


  • It cannot mulch twigs and branches


The Worx leaf mulcher is the definition of a perfectly working machine in a compact design. It generates high power and speed to mulch leaves with a high mulch ratio. Working with it is easy as it does not need tools to do the assembly. This mulcher is what you are looking for if you want to change the face of your yard.

Flowtron Ultimate Mulcher LE-900 Electric Leaf Shredder

The Flowtron leaf mulcher is another reliable design. It exhibits versatility in all its dimensions, starting with a small machine that can mount on a standard garbage can, so you don’t have to carry extra bags.

Key Features

The funnel measures a good 21-inch to accommodate plenty of leaves and to lessen the mulching time when you have a lot of waste to mulch. This mulcher can comfortably shred a wide variety of waste including grass clippings, wet leaves, pine needles, and dry grass.

The working process follows two steps where you input the leaves, and they are shredded before mulching and passed on to the holding bag.

This bag is held together with a cord such that when it fills, it does not snap from its position. You’ll like that it comes with side handles to ease with mobility from one position to the other. It can also angle to accommodate loads from a comfortable height.


Working Ability & Storage

The beauty of the Flowtron comes with the capacity to shred at a ratio of 11:1 for most yard waste. According to the type of waste you input, you can quickly set the lever to perform the task at hand. With 36-high-grade cutting lines, this machine works to mulch every viable material efficiently.

The mulcher uses power from standard outlets and for safety measures it carries a power surge break to prevent an overload.

This mulcher only needs wrenches to set up before working. When it comes to storage, the stand is detachable, and the motor can be kept in the funnel. The structure is durable, and all the metallic parts are corrosion and rust resistant.


  • Can mulch directly to compost
  • Carries a removable air filter
  • Level of mulching is adjustable according to the material you input


  • It cannot handle thick twigs


Flowtron is an affordable machine that lives up to the claims it sets. You can rely on it for shredding different materials except for heavy-duty objects like wood. The rugged design can accommodate long hours of work, and with the power, it is sure to deliver a clean job.

Eco-Shredder Electric Chipper 14Amp Mulcher, Shredder

If you are looking for a versatile yard machine, then Eco-Shredder is what you want in your garden. It carries excellent power to take on nearly all types of debris from your yard. From small branches to limbs, twigs and of course its primary purpose leaves. The 14-Amp electric motor generates more than enough power to reduce the volume in 10:1 ratio.


Features and Functionality

This is a 3-way machine so you can feed the waste fast from three inlets, praised for the consistency and repeatability of shredding and mulching the debris in uniformity each time.

The Eco-shredder comes with a V-type blade to ensure it does not leave out any of the material when mulching. This means you can prepare your distinct mulch to use on the flower bed and other areas of the garden.

Portability& Storage

The main advantage for this mulcher is that it features transport wheels. This makes it easy when moving from one location to the nest with a vast space. This make also allows for easy storage since it is reduced to a compact machine that does not take up much storage room.

This mulcher has an instant start-up capability since it is not gas-powered. It also sees less noisy operation so if your area does not allow working with loud machines; you’ll be safe with this one.


  • Easy care and maintenance due to the rounded chute
  • Generates high power
  • Can mulch relatively large twigs and limbs
  • Comes with replacement blades


  • It requires manual feeding of the waste by hand


The Eco-Shredder presents a unique mulcher with a 3-way design to input debris and waste. It showcases high power to accommodate a variety of material. The wheels reduce time to bag and mulch later since you can take it along as you blow debris from your yard. Overall, you’ll be pleased with this buy.

Sun Joe Shredder Joe SDJ616 16-Amp Electric Leaf Mulcher/Shredder

For a large-scale garden clean-up, you’ll need a machine that matches up to your yard needs. If you have loads of leaves to clean after the end of summer, reducing the time you take is the only logical way. Sun Joe gives you an easy method to clear, while giving you a better way to conserve your garden.
This machine boasts a constant speed of 8000RPM to reduce twelve gallons of leaves in one minute. This system allows load reduction from sixteen sizes its initial size.
Power and Performance
The motor activity of this mulcher sees that it works efficiently with less noise and emission. With superior air filtration dust production is reduced and though you may be required to wear protective clothing, you will not leave with a potential cold lurking. It also comes with a power overload to protect the machine against electric surges that would damage it.


Specific Features

The Sun Joe gives importance to efficiency as it comes with a 19-inch hopper to load large amounts of leaves. With an industrial-grade cutting trimmer measuring 12-inches in diameter, this mulcher affords you the chance to complete extensive mulching work in a lesser time. This makes Sun Joe a product ideal for large gardening work.

Looking at the portability of this machine, it weighs a mere 13 lbs., making it the lightest where you can lift and move it with ease. Coupled with a tools-free assembly, you can install it in minutes or take it apart for storage. It is, therefore, worthy  as the best leaf mulcher.


  • Shreds and mulches in two easy steps
  • Works for large load reduction in 16:1 ratio
  • Lightweight and fast assembly
  • High speed for more work


  • Some complaints about the leg support being short


Seeing that this machine can reduce in a high ratio, it has a following among large garden pros. The Sun Joe shows excellence in performance to keep yard work simple and enjoyable. The fact that it is lightweight makes it all the more attractive as the best leaf mulcher.

Yardforce 13Amp YF8000 Leaf Shredder

It’s undeniable that you deserve a well-maintained lawn. Yardforce Leaf Shredder is one of those machines that come to save the day to ease the workload into a manageable pack that can be of use to other areas of your garden or for selling what you mulch to people who need it. Yardforce Leaf Shredder utilizes a 13Amp electric motor to reduce massive loads in a high ratio of twelve bags into one.


Design& Functionality

It is one of those machines that can comfortably rip through matted leaves and scorched thick leaves with no hesitation. The 8000RPMs speed keeps the blades rotating in concise measure to give off uniform mulch ready to go into the compost pit. As you can see, it is one of the best leaf shredders that will work for you, not against you.

Looking into the design, it’s pleasing to find a leaf mulcher with telescoping legs. It means you can mount it on leaf bags and garbage cans which fit the height of the legs. When coupled with the clamps and cords, this shredder can stay intact in connection to plastic bags. A crucial aspect to note is that these legs give the mulcher stability on rugged ground so that it can withstand heavy loads of mulch.

Assembly& Storage

Setting up for work is an effortless no skill required action. You can bring up this machine in a couple of minutes to a clean assembly where each part leads you to the next. With a funnel-shaped shredder, you can safely store the motor in it to minimize space usage. You cannot tow or pull this machine with wheels, but the small weight it carries means it can lift easily.


  • Excellent speed for large yard work
  • Telescoping legs
  • Adjustable shredding lines


  • It does not come with wheels


The features of the Yardforce leaf shredder make it an ideal pick when working time is limited on the lawn. The important thing is that it can efficiently shred and mulch both wet and dry leaves. This versatility adds as a characteristic for the best leaf mulcher.

Important Points to Remember when Buying a Leaf Mulcher

Reduction Ratio

The type of work you plan to subject your machine should guide you on the mulching ratio. If you have vast areas to clean and mulch, then you need to go for a high number.

Powerful Engine

A high power means shredding and mulching can be done within limited time. Such an engine will make it possible to reduce over 50 gallons of leaves in a minute. Consequently, the work to be done is reduced to almost half the time. A powerful engine will also make it possible for shredding twigs and sticks without jamming the blades.

Blades vs. Trimmers

If your main reason for acquiring a leaf mulcher is to shred freshly cut leaves, the blades will be more efficient. But for thick, dry grass a trimmer will make more sense for smooth operation. Some shredders are made from plastic while others are metallic. Heavy duty tasks call for the metallic shredders because they resist breakage and damage.

Simplicity in Usage

Is your machine heavy or light? Can you maneuver with it from place to place on your yard? Also, examine other functions of the mulcher like the setting of the blades and how well they can manage different material.


Will the leaf mulcher breakdown twigs?

The machines on this list capable of breaking down twigs are the Yardforce and the Eco-Shredder. The other three machines are exclusive for leaves. The good thing is that they can take wet leaves without whining.

What other accessories will you need?

The first addition is an extension cord with the specific gauge. The manual will guide you about the cord of the specific machine your machine. You’ll also need goggles which are mostly supplied with the mulcher. Other important accessories include maintenance oil, debris bags and extra blades.

How fast will the machine mulch wet leaves?

As these machines exhibit high power, they can mulch wet leaves some at a higher feed rate than others. The Flowtron requires some patience while Worx affords the fastest feed rate; the other machines give an average feed speed.

Can the mulcher shred cardboard?

The Worx model cannot shred cardboard as it uses a bladeless system. The other machines that use blades can perform well on paper and require caution when handling cardboard. As we said, these are electric machines and their power may not equal a gas wood chipper.

In Conclusion

We have covered the best leaf mulchers on the market today. We hope you’ll find the information helpful as you navigate the market. Make important considerations that will make your yard work much simpler.

Let your priorities meet your real requirements i.e. don’t go for a wood shredder when you actually need a leaf shredder and vice versa. The essence is to bring home a viable machine, versatile enough to work on your particular yard.

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