Also known as corded chainsaws, electric chainsaws are handy tools designed for the homeowner in need of a light and efficient cutting tool for small to medium trimming, felling, trimming, and splitting tasks.

Although these chainsaws will vary based on power, strength, and construction, the best electric chainsaws are light in weight, easy to handle yet tough enough to tackle your yard’s tasks efficiently without yielding to long hours of use. Unlike gas chainsaws, the electric versions are environmental friendly because they do not emit fumes and are quieter when being operated.

Our review today looks at some top electric chainsaws you are bound to come across in the market today. We have taken time to delve into finer technical and safety details to give you a comprehensive analysis for each of them to help you make an informed selection when you will need to do so.

Comparing the Top Chainsaws…

Electric ChainsawPricePowerBar LengthChain SpeedWarrantyWeight
Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper4.5Amp6-inch2 years Limited6.5 lbs
WORX WG303.114.5 Amp16-inch12 m/s3 years manufacturer’s11 lbs
Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim8 Amp14-inch2 years limited6.2 lbs
WORX WG304.115 Amp18-inch12 m/s3 years manufacturer’s11.2 lbs
Oregon CS150015 Amp18-inch2-year consumer,
1-year professional
13 lbs
Poulan Pro 400E18-inch1 year13.5 lbs
Earthwise CS3001612 Amp16-inch2 years limited12.2 lbs

Best Electric Chainsaw 2018 Reviews

1. Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper 4.5-Amp Electric Chain Saw

LP1000 Alligator Lopper tops our list of the best chainsaws in the market. It is not designed for heavy duty tasks however; its performance and ease of use will charm you. Along with its lightweight, the small scale residential user will find it quite comfortable to handle. Let’s look at some features that have kept it at the top.

Cutting Performance

The LP1000 Alligator Lopper by Black & Decker comes equipped with a motor that delivers 4.5 Amp of power to facilitate a smooth cut for your twigs, logs and limbs in just one go thanks too to the clamping jaws incorporated in its design.

Cutting Bar Construction

The 6-inch cutting bar and chain are constructed with heavy duty metal to ensure utmost durability is designed to cut through 4-inch diameters which is just about the average diameter any homeowner will need to cut in his yard. Additionally, owing to its strength, this unit allows you to cut faster and more efficiently to save your time and effort significantly.

At just 6.5 lbs, this electric chainsaw stands as a tough lightweight therefore expect no strain on your arms when it comes to lifting it to cut.


  • Lightweight enables easy and effortless handling
  • Automatic chain oiling and tensioning systems eliminate unnecessary manual handling


  • Not designed for heavy cutting, trimming, or felling tasks
  • Manual lubrication


For the homeowner in need of a simple yet tough tool to do light clearance tasks around the yard, the LP1000 Alligator Lopper by Black & Decker comes as a great option. Even though it is considered a tough chainsaw, it may not be ideal for long continuous heavy use.

2. WORX WG303.1 16-Inch 14.5 Amp Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension, Chain Brake, and Automatic Oiling

WORX WG303.1 chainsaw presents a suitable option for homeowners or outdoor enthusiasts needing a tool for occasional use. It performance is to be admired thanks to its cutting edge operation, safety and convenience features. Some features you won’t miss to notice in this handy unit include:

Cutting Performance

The WG303.1 is one of the most powerful electric chainsaws thanks to 14.5 Amps of motor power. It is ideal for homeowners and ranchers with higher capacity needs.

In fact, its power is comparable to that of gas chainsaws only it does not emit fumes or produce a lot of noise. A great advantage is its 11 lbs weight which most users have considered light enough for easy handling and much less fatigue.

Safety and Performance Features

With a 16-inch bar length, this unit will tackle wide diameter limbs and logs quite well. A great performance feature worth mentioning is the auto-tension chain mechanism that helps to prevent the saw’s chain from tightening which has proved to be a risk topping the list of concerns for many users. This system is designed with a large enough knob to maintain the right tension for your saw’s chain and bar throughout your cutting session.

Some important safety features include an incorporated chain brake that stops the chain from operating with inappropriate contact and protects you in the event of a kickback.

In addition, the WORX WG303.1 is designed with a 6.7 oz oil reservoir within it which indicates the level of oil and lubricates the bar and chain automatically so you do not have to worry about stopping your unit to lubricate it.

For comfortable working, its front handle is ergonomically designed with full wrap while the rear handle is overmolded with rubber to provide utmost comfort and a shield from vibrations on your palms and hand when working.


  • Comfortable grip for safety and to reduce fatigue
  • High motor power allows it to cut, trim or fell tough limbs or logs
  • Chain brakes in case the chainsaw experiences kickback


  • Doesn’t work well with tough thick trunks


This unit is a built for durability unless it is subjected to overuse or abuse. You can count on its safety features for safe working and it comes as the best option for small and medium cutting and trimming tasks around the yard.

3. Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14- Inch Electric Chainsaw

The RM1425 electric chainsaw by Remington is a remarkably great performer when it comes to small tasks like pruning small limbs and twigs to deliver a neat yard. Is simplistic design and operation makes it a handy tool for small

Cutting Performance

RM1425 is designed with a chain and bar 14 inches long to tackle all your small scale residential trimming, pruning and limbing needs while still giving you a longer useful life as it is built to last. A low kickback design is a great feature if you are looking for a tool to deliver a smooth cut.

Some observable convenient features during operation include an oiler designed to operate with a single press of a button, when you need to add oil to your chain and bar for optimal performance.

To help you adjust the chain tension conveniently and appropriately, this chainsaw comes with a tension adjuster positioned on the outside for easy access.

Cutting Power

This unit is designed with a motor that delivers 8 amps of power enough to meet your residential trimming requirements.  Starting it is easy as there is no assembly required. You simply need to plug it to a power source and turn it on.

Comfort and Safety Features

For ease of handling, its package includes a hand guard to wrap around your hand while working, to prevent debris and harmful wood chips from reaching your hands.  Again, a compact design and light 6.2 lbs weight significantly reduces the fatigue often experienced with larger heavier units.


  •  It is one of the lightest in weight yet comes with more power compared with others
  • Comes fully assembled, simply connect it to power and turn it on
  • Simplistic design and operation


  • This unit does not oil automatically. You have to oil manually.
  • Manual tensioning of the chain can be cumbersome during operation
  • Will not tackle large capacity tasks


For the small scale homeowner who will not mind a little manual adjusting to a unit, this unit makes a great option. It is simple in design, easy to operate and quite light in weight, features that some users don’t mind trading off with automatic tensioning and oiling in other units.


4. WORX 18-Inch 15.0 Amp Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension, Chain Brake, and Automatic Oiling – WG304.1

WORX chainsaws have stood out as an appeal to residential users who are particularly concerned about strength and power. The WG304.1 is another of WORX chainsaws that has gone down quite well with most users.

Some outstanding features that have propelled it to the top include an 18-inch bar , 15-Amps of power, automatic chain tensioning and oiling and some great safety details.

Cutting Power

The WG304.1 is recommended for those looking for a tough tool to tackle stubborn limbs, branches, and logs around the yard. This unit is powered by a motor with 15 Amps of power which users feel is a good match for such tough tasks.

Cutting Performance

An 18 inches long bar and chain stands as a longer length compared to others in the space and this qualifies it for larger tougher cutting and trimming tasks not to mention a smooth cutting experience thanks to its low kickback design.

The chain and bar are designed to lubricate automatically as and when needed. This is made possible thanks to the oil reservoir within the unit that is designed with an indicator to help you check oil levels at a glance. The reservoir facilitates automatic oiling of your unit.

Safety Features

Like the WG303.1 the WG304.1 also comes with a chain brake incorporated in its design which automatically stops the unit at the slightest sense of inappropriate contact to keep you safe from harm.

Additionally, in keeping with the right chain tension while working, this unit is designed with an automatic tensioning mechanism that prevents the chain from being either too tight or too loose given its application at the time.

Finally, this unit comes assembled and ready to use. Simply plug it to an electric power source and you will be good to go.


  • Long bar at 18 inches is great for larger capacity cutting and trimming tasks
  • High end rated motor power makes this unit tough and powerful
  • Automatic lubrication of chain and bar and automatic tensioning reduces the hassle associated with manual lubrication and tensioning


  • Some users felt that the unit is a bit heavy


Obviously a bigger version of the WG303.1. More or less the same features and also quite dependable. If you need something for higher capacity tasks, you can consider the WORX WG304.1.

5. Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Electric Chain Saw

Closer to the WORX WG304.1 is the CS1500 Oregon electric chainsaw. This is because both have more or less the same technical specs, only the Oregon is a little heavier than its counterpart.

A distinguishing feature is that this unit is designed with a system that sharpens its chain automatically while working, for optimal performance. Other interesting features worth mentioning include:

Operating Power

15 Amps of motor power for this unit is arguably strong power for tough cutting tasks. This motor powers its long chain and bar to deliver efficiency during operation. Quite amazingly, the chain and bar are designed with an extended length of 18 inches therefore no more worrying about high limbs or thick logs in your yard.

Automatic Chain Tensioning

This unit comes with an automatic chain tensioner to keep the tension of the chain right as you work. This prevents over-tight tension which could damage your saw’s chain and reduce its life.

Safety and Ergonomics

The low kickback design on the chain and bar is an important feature as it lowers the risk of kickback, common with ordinary chainsaws, to deliver smooth cuts and to lower the risk of kickback. Of great importance is the over-molded rubber handle to reduce the effect of vibration on your arms and fatigue.


  • PowerSharp system to keep the chain sharp within a short time while working
  • Extended chain and bar to tackle any trimming and cutting tasks around the yard
  • Low Kickback design for a smooth cut and minimal risk of kickback
  • Chain brake system for safety


  • This unit may be a bit too heavy for some users


Oregon CS1500 is perhaps the only chainsaw that’s self sharpening, a feature that some users appreciate. An simple start system, easy maintenance and relatively low noise levels makes it an attractive option for some users. However, if you intend to work for long hours, it’s weight may not appeal to you. Overall, it is built with quality and durability in mind and its performance can be rated great.

6. Poulan Pro 400E 18-Inch 4 HP Electric Chain Saw

While most chainsaws are designed to cut straight through limbs, logs and hanging twigs, Poulan Pro 400E comes with the distinct ability of cutting at angles. If this is an important feature, you may want to consider this unit as it will certainly make a great choice.

Cutting Power and Performance

The 400E electric chainsaw by Poulan pro features 18-inch long bar powered by 4HP of motor power. It is arguably one of the best electric chainsaws given its ability to cut through thick limbs and tough logs at angles.

Its bar is constructed using steel making it not only a long lasting saw but also one of the toughest and an low kickback design will minimizes kickback occurrences significantly and lets you cut through logs smoothly.

Operation and Safety Features

Some convenient features worth your attention include a blade brake for safety in case your chain makes a wrong contact. Secondly, it comes with a handle that you wrap around your hand to enhance safety.

An auto-lubrication mechanism reduces the hassle that surrounds manual oiling as you will now work uninterrupted without having to stop to lubricate your unit. Furthermore, it comes with a pane to allow you to check your oil levels at a glance.

Never mind about putting it together because you will not have to. The 400E is ready to use once you purchase it. Simply take it out of its package, connect it to a power source and pull the trigger to start it.


  • The 400E is one of the quietest units during operation
  • Double insulation to guard against the risk of electric shock especially when using an extension cord


  • At 13.5 lbs, this chainsaw is among the heaviest
  • Regular lubrication


If you are looking for a low maintenance and minimal noise chainsaw that comes with enough power for tough jobs then this is it. It is a simple design tool yet judging by the length of its bar and chain, it can cut through thick diameters.  

7. Earthwise CS30016 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Chain Saw

The CS30016 by Earthwise ends our top 7 best chainsaws and for the right reasons. It is a medium task unit given that it comes with slightly less power and bar length compared to Poulan Pro 400E, WORX WG304.1, and Oregon CS1500 which come with longer bar lengths.

Power and Performance

The CS30016 is another true reflection of power thanks to its motor which delivers 12 Amps of electric power. With mechanisms that oils the chain automatically and keeps its tension in check, the 16-inch long chain is designed to give you longer years of useful service in addition to precision. You can easily check your oil levels through the oil window positioned on the oil reservoir to know just when you need to refill.

Comfort and Safety Features

Because your arms need to experience minimal vibration and less fatigue, Earthwise detailed this unit with over-molded rubber handles for optimal performance. Additionally, this unit is designed with an electric powered break stop that ceases its operation the moment its chain detects wrong contact. A cord retention hook and a safety tip blade are other additional safety and convenience features you will want to look at during purchase.


  • This unit is built with lime green
  • Additional plastic blade cover to protect the blade and prevent injuries
  • Plastic cover and other contact points of the user are covered with lime green plastic making it easy to spot safety features


  • Best suited for small scale tasks


The CS30016 chainsaw by Earthwise is a remarkable tool for basic small to medium yard tasks. It is by far one of the safest tools thanks to the visible lime green plastic that makes it easy for users to identify its safety features. Other convenience features like automatic oiler, cord retention hook, tool less chain tensioning, double insulated cord, and comfortable rubber over-molded handles make this unit a safe, efficient and worthwhile investment in the yard.

Our Top Pick!

Having analysed seven of the best chainsaws in the market, WORX WG303.1 stands out as the best electric chainsaw. Users have applauded its simplistic design and ease of use thanks to the auto-tensioner and auto oiler incorporated in its design.

It is also light in weight at just 11 lbs yet it is built to toughness and durability. Safety details were not overlooked either. A kickback chain design and ergonomic front handle makes it comfortable and safe to use.

Electric Chainsaw Buyers Guide

Electric chainsaws are handy tools for residential use. They may not be as powerful as gas chainsaws but certainly have better power to cut through tough and sometimes bigger logs compared to the cordless chainsaws.

If you need a unit to help you clear up bushes and hanging limbs close to the ground around your yard then electric chainsaws are obviously your best bet. With an electric chainsaw you will need to work at most 100 feet away from the source of power due to the limitations of the power cord.

The best electric chainsaw is designed to start with a single press of a button. It will also come with convenience features such as an auto-oiler and auto-tensioner.

Why you need an Electric Chainsaw

Compared to their gas counterparts, electric chainsaws come with some remarkable advantages that any residential user would be interested in over manual or corded chainsaws. Some obvious benefits these units have for the homeowner include:

  • Compact – These units are much smaller in size and are easier to handle yet they come with power enough to tackle small to medium trimming, pruning, cutting, and felling tasks around the yard. Some smaller chainsaws are not designed to cut logs into chunks of wood therefore you may want to confirm if your ideal chainsaw is well suited for its intended application.
  • Noiseless – we all know how noisy gas chainsaws can be. In addition, they emit fumes that are not safe for the environment. Electric chainsaws on the other hand are quieter in their operation and come with much lower carbon footprint.
  • Lightweight – given their size, these units are generally light in weight so you do not have to worry much about straining your muscles just to operate them. This is mainly because they do not have gas tanks attached to them like the gas chainsaws. They are also quite portable but if you will need to use them further away from the source of power, then you should consider acquiring an extension cord.

Types of Electric Chainsaws

There are three main types of electric chainsaws. These include:

The Standard Electric Chainsaw – This unit is simply designed with front and rear handles on the motor housing. Their cutting bar is attached to the housing and extends outward. They are arguably the best option for heavy tasks but typically they are shorter so you may have to use them for cutting tasks coles to the ground or use a ladder. Standard chainsaws also vibrate more than the other types.

The Electric Pole Saw –  Pole saws are made with an extension pole giving them the ability to trim limbs high above the ground. Some are designed with telescoping poles to suit different human and working heights. Others come with pole saw attachments to enhance their utility.

The Jagged Electric Saw -this type of saw is designed with an enclosed set of jaws around the cutting bar. This helps to protect the chain. The enclosed design are ideal for light duty cutting tasks. Some are designed to work like scissors while others clamp or grip the material being cut and sometimes crushes it to smaller pieces.

Limitations of Electric Chainsaws

Just like any other types of chainsaws, electric chainsaws have their own limitations and these form the basis of selection when one finally decides to acquire one.

Lack of portability – the greatest limitation with electric chainsaws is the use of extension cords which can sometimes be limiting especially where one has to work a bit far from the power source. The closest alternative with regard to this limitation is the battery powered otherwise known as cordless electric chainsaws. These too have their limitation with power therefore you will need to choose what works best for you.

They are not built for heavy duty tasks – Corded electric chainsaws are designed for the residential user and may not operate well if subjected to the kind of tasks that their gas powered counterparts can handle. Therefore they may not present a good option for commercial users and some entrepreneurs.

Power Limitations – Electric chainsaws obviously have less power compared to their larger, heavy-duty gas counterparts. In this regard, they are limited to cutting, pruning and felling branches, bushes, and small trees. Anything beyond this and you might be subjecting it to an overload of tasks.

Factors to consider when selecting the best electric chainsaw

You have gone through reviews, ratings, and even perused through some of the top electric chainsaws in the market. Beyond this you are already settled on the price range and it is time to pick out the best electric chainsaw for your specific needs.

First things first, by now you will have considered the application you intend to put it into. Beyond this you will need to consider some other important factors to land a one-off investment. These include:

  • Bar Length – A longer bar length is an indication that a saw will tackle wide diameters in just one go and for residential use, this typically ranges from 6 to 18 inches.
  • Power and Capability – This is checked in terms of amperage. More amperage means more power especially when working with tough or thick logs or branches.
  • Weight – if you opt for more power and a longer bar perhaps due to the nature of your work, the weight factor comes into play as such units tend to be a bit heavier. You may have to think about a workable strategy particularly if you intend to work for extended periods.
  • Intended Application – Electric chainsaws are mostly suited for small to medium duty tasks. You may have to consider limiting your use to saplings, small trees, branches and other smaller cutting tasks around the yard.
  • Noise Levels – this becomes an important factor in line with your working environment. A cordless chainsaw is quieter than a corded chainsaw. Depending on whether you are working indoor or outdoor, or in a place requiring minimal noise you will need to select a unit with matching noise levels.
  • Cutting Speed – a chainsaw’s cutting speed is measured in terms of how long it takes to cut through a 10” square beam of oak. Along with amperage, you should be able to rate a unit’s performance.
  • Safety Features – the most common risk associated with chainsaws is that of kickback. Features like low kickback design, anti vibration mechanisms, chain brake systems, and ergonomic handles are important for enhancing convenience, reducing fatigue, as well as minimizing the risk of injuries. Beyond this, it is the onus of the user to observe safety precautions while working.
  • Ease of use – this factor is important especially for chainsaws that are going to be used by old members of the family or beginners. Features like a single-pull start, auto-tensioning, automatic lubrication and convenience checking oil levels come into play as far as ease of operation is concerned.
  • Storage and maintenance – this may not be a critical issue because electric chainsaws are rather easy to clean and maintain and compact enough for easy storage compared to gas chainsaws. still you may want to consider an electric chainsaw with a tool-free guide bar chain replacement and easy adjustment. Also consider having a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule to keep your saw in check at all times.

Some Safety Features you need to Consider when Purchasing an Electric Chainsaw

In determining the right chainsaw for your needs, you need to think about the additional features that will enhance ease, comfort and safety as you work. Such features include:

  • Automatic Lubrication System – this helps to lubricate your chain and bar as necessary without you having to monitor.
  • Auto Tensioner – the right chain tension improves the efficiency of a unit. This feature maintains the right tension of your saw’s chain depending on the application which is important for safe and efficient working.
  • Anti Vibration – vibrations usually increase fatigue and discomfort while working. This feature is important for reducing vibrations in a unit hence fatigue.
  • Low kick-back Design – this feature helps to minimize kickbacks in other words, instances when the saw forces itself back and up which can be quite risky to the user.
  • Chain Brake System – when the saw comes into contact with sudden impact, the brake automatically stops its operation for the safety of the user and the unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times should you sharpen the chain of a saw before considering a replacement?

When you notice that the cutters of your chain are too worn out to sharpen you know that it is time for a replacement. Otherwise you may only need a replacement if the chain breaks or gets damaged.

What is Kickback?

When during cutting, the upper quadrant of the bar nose comes into sudden contact with an object so that the saw is jerked back in the opposite direction, we say that kickback has occurred.

The result is a back and up fling of the chainsaw and sometimes movement towards that user which can cause injury. When a saw’s cutting force is great, the risk of kickback reaction becomes greater making it difficult for the operator to control the saw at this time.

I may not be using my chainsaw in a long while. What’s the best way to store it?

In this case you will need to drain all the oil and clean the bar and chain of your saw separately after detaching them. Thereafter, apply a thin coat of lubricant to prevent them from rusting and store them in an enclosed space.

How do I maintain the bar of my saw?

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your bar keeps it in a good working condition. Regular maintenance regime would include taking out the bar groove then dusting and trashing it using a wire. Secondly, file off any burred edges on the groove externals. Any bend or crack inside of the groove is an indication that the bar needs replacement.

How frequently should I oil my chainsaw

While some chainsaws come with an automatic oiler, others will need manual oiling. How often you will need to lubricate your chainsaw depends on a number of factors including the model of saw you are using, how often you use it and at times environmental factors. However, the saw’s user manual should guide you on the specifics.  


Electric chainsaws are a good addition to any homeowner’s set of tools. The best electric chainsaw is one that will meet your specific needs; be safe, easy, convenient, and efficient to use. We hope that our buyer’s guide has provided you with the necessary insight needed to make an informed selection.

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