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Best Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews in 2017 – Must READ

So your yard is filled with leaves, twigs, and debris after winter? And, you are armed with a rake and broom? Come on let’s be practical, it will take you hours, leaving you fatigued and you might not do such a great job. Grab the best backpack leaf blower and be on your way to a better, cleaner yard with less effort and time used.

Backpack leaf blowers are preferred for their efficiency and ability to perform fast and produce sparkling clean results. They offer the best when it comes to clearing large volumes of leaves on vast spaces like corridors, lawns and large yards. They are easy to operate, and they require less effort since gas powers them.

The market is filled with different models with the promise to perform wonders for your leaf clearing activities. So what considerations should you make?

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How much weight does the Backpack Leaf Blower Carry?

This depends on how much you can carry. Most blowers have a considerable weight which should balance out evenly to avoid over exertion of your back.

Do you need the standard or more expensive models?

In this industry, the price does indeed indicate what you’ll be getting. Instead of going for the cheapest models, choose the average priced ones which can last long enough to cover the cost you paid for them.

How much power do you need?

The best way to know is to consider the volume of leaves and the area you’ll be covering. A large space means plenty of leaves; hence you’ll need high power.

Here, we look at the best-rated Backpack Leaf Blowers, looking at what they bring to the table and why they make an excellent choice.

Best Backpack Leaf Blowers: Quick Comparison

Backpack Leaf BlowerCFM (Cubic Ft Per Meter)MPH (Miles per Hour)CC - Cubic CentimetersWeightEngine Type 
ECHO 234 PB -770T Backpack Blower756 CFM rating234MPH63.3CC24.3 pounds2-Stroke
Poulan Pro 967087 101 Backpack Blower475CFM200MPH48CC22pounds2-Stroke
Makita BBX7600N Backpack Leaf Blower526CFM195MPH75.6CC22.6lbs4-Stroke
Troy-Bilt 32cc TB4BP Backpack Blower500CFM150MPH32CC 21.8 pounds4-Cycle
Husqvarna 350BT Backpack Leaf Blower 692.17CFM180MPH50.2CC22.5 pounds2-Cycle

Best Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews

  1. ECHO 234 PB -770T 765 CFM Gas Backpack Blower

For more power when blowing away those leaves from your backyard, you’ll want to consider the ECHO 234. It has unique features which represent both comfort and dependability. It is gas-powered and generates high Cubic Feet Per Meter (CFM) ratings of up to 756. This means that you can move even the twigs which threaten to make your yard unsightly.

With a speed of 234 miles per hour (MPH), it’s evident you’ll take no time clearing a large space. It is designed to handle heavy usage so you can rely on it to tackle most yard cleaning tasks in your home. Use it for large areas because it performs faster than conventional backpack leaf blowers.

Using with the variable throttle control for speed is easy. Thus, you can work on your lawn at the speed you like and complete as many tasks as you can with this leaf blower.

You’ll love the user-friendly design this unit carries. First, the backrest and shoulder straps are padded. If you have problems with your back, you will not feel the extra weight as such because it is evenly distributed on the back.

It gently conforms to your frame to give you comfort as you work. You’ll never feel the strain of using this backpack leaf blower as it is also lightweight at 24.3 pounds.

It runs on a 2-cycle engine which uses a mixture of oil and gasoline. You can do the mixing yourself, or you can purchase it premixed. This type of fuel tank is handy in maintaining the balance of the blower, so that the pressure from the speed may not push you backward, calling for attention on a windy day. It also carries a large diameter on the tubes, to make it easier for you to collect the leaves.


  • High operating speed
  • It features an ergonomic design
  • Can handle heavy duty cleaning
  • It is lightweight


  • The vibration speed may be a challenge for some users


If you are looking for the best gas backpack leaf blower, then you’ll find this one amazing. It comes with an operator’s manual, has high operating speed and is user-friendly. It carries a very affordable price so if you are working on a budget; this is definitely what you want.

  1. Poulan Pro 48CC 967087 101 Backpack Blower


When you are in the market to purchase the best backpack leaf blower, the Poulan Pro might just be exactly what you are looking for. It is a heavy duty design to fit many applications including small lawns or large yards. If you have a backyard which needs constant cleaning, this is the most useful backpack leaf blower yet.

When it comes to the working speed, it operates at 200miles per hour so you can work faster and finish tasks early. It makes for one of the best gas backpack leaf blowers because of its strength and the CFM volume ratings at 475. The engine power stands at 48CC. This is a great product to invest in, for its unique residential property application. It can withstand full usage if you are going to be using it several times a week.

It is a heavy duty backpack leaf blower, to withstand high pressure without breaking down. It uses the standard fuel and oil mixture for the operation which should always have the least amount of ethanol. You should always remember to use a fuel stabilizer if you plan on leaving it dormant for a few months

. This will keep the engine running smooth after you restart it again. The oil will also keep the parts free from rust, protecting them from the harsh environment.

This leaf blower also maintains an ergonomic design. The handle is at the hand height to allow for easy maneuvering. It also carries soft cushioning on the backrest and the shoulder straps for a comfortable fit.

It is great that you can fully customize your fit using the adjustable straps so that it can be of use with many body frames. With the design, it shows the weight does not lie awkwardly on your back, so you’ll not have tired muscles at the end of use.

The operations include speed dialing using a variable speed trigger with cruise control. For any job you have including clearing debris, glass clippings, and sticks, the variable speed enables you to tackle just about anything on your way.  

The weight is also admirable to not leave you all tired and weary after a hefty leaf blowing on Saturday afternoon. With weight distributed all over your back, it is easy to tell that you don’t need to hire a professional since you can do it yourself.


  • Can fit several applications
  • It is lightweight
  • Adjustable speed
  • User-friendly design


  • It comes with only one extension


This is one of the most sought backpacks. It has received high ratings with very few complaints about the power or usage. For anyone looking to own a reliable backpack leaf blower with more stability, you have Poulan Pro.


  1. Makita 75.6CC BBX7600N 4-Stroke Backpack Leaf Blower


If you own a commercial property such as a hotel, or you have a large garden, the Makita 4-Stroke 75.6CC is for you. It has a higher power and the strength to pull off most heavy duty jobs. With a robust construction, it can withstand the abuse that comes with clearing vast spaces.

The automatic engine comes in handy when you don’t have the patience to wait long when booting the motor.  You’ll appreciate the mechanical decompression on the engine which allows for quick startups.

You will also enjoy working with this unit as it has a quieter operation since it carries a large capacity muffler. It emits only 74db of noise so that you can keep up a conversation as you go on with the cleaning. With an engine that does not require mixing fuel, it exhibits efficiency in its working such that you can use less fuel.

The engine can reduce the operation costs up to 50%. This way you don’t have to worry about the long haul costs of using this machinery for your everyday cleaning.

The speed and volume of air in this backpack leaf blower sees that you can clean large areas quick and easy. It bears 195MPH velocity and a volume of 526CFM. It, therefore, exhibits speed and convenience to tackle even the most trash abundant places around your property.

It can handle various applications including the pressure to blow other debris like sticks and twigs. The engine power is even more efficient for, at 75.6 CC, you can even use it to drive away inches of ice.

When it comes to the convenience when working, the long handle will make maneuvering easy. The shoulder straps have soft padding, and the backrest allows for maximum lower back support.

It is also airy such that when you sweat the mesh design will afford you a cool working space by allowing air to go between your back and blower. You’ll also like the rubbery handle which ensures a firm grip as you work.

For the oil filling, you’ll find that the oil port and drain plug are easily accessible. You don’t have to go unscrewing parts so that you can refill your engine. The spark plug is also at a very convenient point which applies well with the starting of the blower and also allows for easy maintenance.

You will not need any fuel mixing with this blower hence the combustion is maintained at the standard ratio. With that it meets the EPA and CARB emission regulations, making it the best 4cycle leaf blower you can get on the market today.


  • It has a quieter operation
  • The design is comfortable for all weather
  • It meets the emission regulation authorities’ specifications
  • Showcases high power for commercial usage


  • Some users have had problems assembling it, but once you figure it out, it’s quite easy


For the best commercial backpack blower, Makita proves it can fit the bill just fine. All the amazing features of this blower come at an undeniably high price. The luxury of having a noise muffled operation and no fuel mixing will make you grow fond of it with every use.

  1. Troy-Bilt 32cc TB4BP Backpack Blower 


It’s amazing when you find a blower which fits the budget and is suitable for your home. Troy-Bilt Backpack Blower has a design to work on small to medium volumes of leaves. It is one of the blowers with the most subtle weight at only 21.8 pounds. This is ideal if you don’t have that bulldozer frame, which means it shall not render your muscles sore and fatigued after some hours of work.

It carries a speed trigger to vary the air pressure which operates at a maximum of 150mph and can clear a volume of 500cfm. Your landscaping needs can, therefore, be met with this blower as it also carries a flexible tube to enable access to even the tiny spaces between terraces. If the weather is giving you a hard time keeping your yard clean, you’ll thank the Troy-Bilt blower after it works for you.

The design is another attractive feature. It has an ergonomic style which will keep your back upright reducing the chances of sustaining an injury if you trip, in the middle of work.

It also carries a padded hip belt which lifts off some of the weight off your back, helping you maintain balance when cleaning uneven grounds. On a hot day, you’ll experience a comfortable time with the Coolflex style which supports cold air circulation between the blower and your back.

Cleaning large piles of leaves may lead you to do a shoddy job, especially when you have to make a few more passes over the same area you’ve been covering.

This is not the case with the Troy-Bilt Backpack blower. It has enough strength with its 34cc engine to generate enough power to get the job done on the first attempt. It is a 4-cycle engine with high acceleration speed that ensures you clear everything in your path.

You can, therefore, depend on this backpack blower to fulfill every small all big task of clearing leaves and debris in your yard. It makes as one of the best backpack leaf blowers for its fuel efficiency, speed and ability to maintain minimum turbulence. Users love how fast it starts because the variable speed allows for clearing nearly all types of trash.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Jumpstarts quick and easy
  • It has variable speed for different applications
  • The backpack design maintains balance


  • It does not have a reverse power to work like a vacuum cleaner


This reasonably priced leaf backpack blower is perhaps the best minimalist blower on the market. Its power does not restrict on the type of application.

Although it does not fit commercial purposes, we can state that small residential homes will find it very useful. If you are tired of using a rake to get the job done; you should invest your money on this one.

  1. Husqvarna 350BT 965877502 Backpack Leaf Blower **EDITOR’S CHOICE**


Nothing beats the professional backpack leaf blower that is the Husqvarna. It fits both the demanding landscapers as well as the homeowners. It is the most versatile model we have for the backpack leaf blower reviews; as such it makes our number one spot.

As you can see, it can withstand heavy usage, thanks to the 42.27-ounce tank. Therefore, you can use it for long uninterrupted hours with the cruise control function which helps maintain the constant rate of the blowers speed.

Speaking of the speed, you can never get enough of the 180 miles per hour wind speed and the 7500RPM power speed. It means you can achieve much more in the shortest time possible. It is a 50cc blower which utilizes the X-Torque engine design.

It ensures fewer emissions increasing the fuel efficiency and thus, keeping your engine at full performance. With this leaf blower, it’s easy to reach peak fuel economy.

This brand is one of those leaf blowers where you can maneuver different terrains with ease and speed. You can keep up a firm grip on the adjustable handle so you can reach all the difficult points on your property.

The harness carries wide straps to ensure they do not dig into your skin due to the weight.  It also brings a hip belt which conforms to your body so you can have a comfortable and safe time working. It is also very airy; to keep you cool through the hottest of outside temperatures.

The start-up time is also impressive with the air purge function. It’s responsible for expelling air from the fuel system and carburetor to ensure it does not jam when it’s time to start a new task. The setting is also easy as it carries a manual to get you through. You’ll find that it has minimum turbulence as the vibrations are on the weak side, and so is the noise.


  • It has a variety of applications
  • It can withstand long hours of heavy usage
  • The 2-year warranty can be extended to four years
  • It uses oil efficiently


  • The switch controls are at a level where you can intentionally touch and turn off


Husqvarna is clearly the best gas backpack leaf blower. You can buy the premixed fuel for the advantage of having a longer warranty since it extends the life of your blower. The design is comfortable, and you can use it for both light and heavy tasks. The price is quite decent for all the invaluable features it presents, and you’ll have it working for many seasons.


This is where a headache begins with all the models available. You can’t really know where to look if you’ve never owned one before. If it’s your first time venturing the market, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

What are Backpack Leaf Blowers?

These are garden maintenance tools powered by gasoline or electric motors to produce wind energy which propels leaves, debris and other kinds of trash from a lawn or yard. For a backpack leaf blower, it is mounted on the back and uses a handle to direct the motion of the propelled air when clearing.

The primary purpose is to remove plenty of leaves and debris in the shortest time. One uses less energy as opposed to the traditional rake and broom method. They are efficient in that you don’t need to cover the same area twice. Other applications include;

  • Cleaning the gutter
  • Clearing ice on pavements and on cars
  • Clean other farm equipment
  • Dry water paddles on pavements

Types of Backpack Leaf Blowers

The classification depends on a few properties which we’re going to look at:

  • 2-Stroke vs. 4-Stroke Engine Backpack Leaf Blower

You will probably come across these two names in your search. A 2-stroke engine blower uses a mixture of both oil and gas and oil to run. They have a few functions and are much cheaper than their 4-stroke counterparts. They are also lighter in weight and offer more power. However, they are noisy and have high emission ratings.

The 4-stroke engine blowers are heavier because they have two compartments to input the oil and fuel separately. This means many parts are running. Many manufacturers have however, found out a clever way to keep the weight down through the padded hip belt to distribute the weight evenly on your back. They are also more fuel efficient as they rely on the combustion ratio which keeps them running at the correct fuel level.

  • Commercial vs. Residential Backpack Leaf Blowers

Although the manufacturer does not state where their leaf blower falls, you will either find one which fits a residential purpose or commercial usage. Those blowers with lower cubic centimeters (CC) indicate low usage while those with high CC show they can accommodate heavy duty cleaning.

Maintenance Tips

The routine you take on caring for your backpack leaf blower will determine its longevity and reliability in the long run. So how do you keep your leaf blower in perfect shape?

  • Gas/Oil Mixture

The best thing you could do for your equipment is to read your manual on this one.  You won’t have to guess on what to input in the tank. For the 2-cycle engines, mix the fuel in the recommended amounts; normally it’s in the ratio 40:1 gas to oil. And, ensure the gas has the least amount of ethanol less than 10% works great. Also, remember to do a monthly fresh refill and use an oils stabilizer if you are not going to use the machine for a while.

  • Have a monthly check of the Air Filter

This is to ensure there are no clogged areas before you start the machine. The primer bulb will work correctly to guide you on the status of the air filters. Clean it with warm water and use some very light oil on it to keep it functioning properly before storing. Always make a point of replacing it when necessary.

  • Clean the blower after use

Make sure you store your blower in a clean condition. You can use a brush and a damp cloth for an easy cleaning job. Also, check for wear and tear as you return it to its storage space and ensure it is ventilated.

  • Never leave your blower outside. It is dangerous as the fuel may ignite due to the outside elements.

Frequently Asked Questions about Backpack Leaf Blowers

How much speed do you need?

The normal indications are by the miles per hour MPH number. The bigger the number, the higher the speed; it means your general purpose should guide you on the choice you make. You’ll need high speed for heavy duty commercial tasks.

What does CFM mean?

It stands for the Cubic feet per meter. This indication refers to the furthest area it can cover when it’s blowing at highest speed. It shows the volume of trash you can clear as per the power you subject it. Large properties need higher CFM than residential homes.

What else should I carry when using a Backpack Leaf Blower?

You’ll probably need safety glasses and ear plugs. Gasoline powered blowers emit a loud noise. Even those with the least indications, it is unavoidable as they run an engine. The safety glasses will come in handy to protect your eyes from the blowing sticks and debris

What comfort level should you expect?

You should be able to move freely, and the handle should be flexible enough to enable access. Consider the weight of the blower so that you know what expect from the blower you purchase.

Why do you need a Variable Speed Trigger?

A speed trigger enables one to make customized blowing so you can clear different types of trash in the most convenient manner.

Final Words;

Choosing a backpack leaf blower is a personal choice. It depends on many factors, but there’s always one which meets your fit whether it’s on the budget or the requirements.

It’s imperative that you pay attention to the air flow, your comfort, and the reliability. We hope with the useful information above you can make an informed choice.

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