Best Lawn Mowers 2016 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Lawn Mowers 2016

Should you purchase a riding lawn mower or a push behind lawn mower. Gas or electric? Zero-turn techology–What is this? With so many lawn mowers on the market and so many features, choosing a top lawn mower can be a difficult task. Best Lawn Mowers 2016 is our guide aimed to not only recommending mowers, but also help the buyer make an educated decision. Grab some popcorn, take a beer, this is going to take some time. After reading this you should be able to:

-Define lawn mowers features such as zero-turn
-Know which features you need in a mower
-The best push behind lawn mowers
-The best ride on lawn mowers

Let’s begin. We’ll start with riding lawn mowers:

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Best Lawn Mower Battery

Best Lawn Mowers 2016

Finding the best lawn mower battery is not an easy task. Lawn mower batteries are not the most glamorous of parts to consider when setting up your garden tool shed, but let’s face it–without constant, reliable power that doesn’t cut out when you need it the most, there’s nothing more frustrating than the weekly lawn trim. Below, we look at some tips and tricks to getting the best lawn mower battery for your needs, and the best way to get the best from your battery.

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Best Splitting Maul | Wonderland Gardens


Today we’re going to talk about the best splitting maul on the market. While this may be an odd addition to our garden accessories, I believe every self-respected gardener should own a splitting maul.

I wonder what comes to your mind when you think about splitting maul? Probably just striking down a nasty tree, right? However, a splitting maul can also be used in reshaping pieces of wood, allowing you to start various DIY projects at home. It’s also a great tool to take with you on your camping trips. Really, a good splitting maul is something everyone should have. So, let’s see how to get the best splitting maul.

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Best Garden Hose 2016

Best garden hose

Best garden hose —How to make an educated decision?

Having a good, resistant garden hose is a must for every gardener. As with everything else, buying the best garden hose may be difficult, especially since the market is overly saturated with so many poor quality hoses. There is no universally ideal garden hose. The best garden hose for you depends a lot on your garden, which plants you have, and so on.

That being said, let’s see what factors to take into consideration in order to pick the best garden hose:

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