When your home has curb appeal, it impresses 71 percent of homebuyers. But don’t neglect your garden as it forms part of the first impression that you make to people looking to buy a new home. Having a beautiful garden doesn’t just bring you joy – it could help you sell your home faster and perhaps for a higher amount. So, if you’re interested in putting your home on the market, make sure that your garden enchants people. Here are five important ways in which your garden can boost your home’s value.

Create Hardscaping Design Elements

While having luscious green grass and beautiful flowers create visual interest on your property, don’t neglect important hardscaping elements. Hardscaping refers to the garden’s man-made elements, such as a driveways or garden pathways that are built with stone or brick. These give your home a more polished and organized appearance. The use of “soft” elements in these hardscaping areas of your property, such as with pretty solar lights or colorful potted plants, are nice touches to finish off their manicured effect because they create an inviting atmosphere.

Trim Or Remove Dangerous Trees

Although big, beautiful trees give your garden character, old trees can be dangerous. If your property has many trees in it that homebuyers would have to remove themselves during storm season, they might perceive this as being too much work. So, get rid of trees that look dangerous.

You should also try to remove or transplant trees that are planted too closely to your home as this can block out sunshine. Removing them can help to impress potential homebuyers who want lots of light to stream into the home. Make sure you don’t remove too many trees, though, as they can add value to your home. A study published in the Landscape and Urban Planning journal found that homes that had trees planted between the street and sidewalk got sold for approximately $7,000 more than homes that didn’t have trees. Even if you’re currently not selling your home, bear in mind that focusing on maintaining its condition should improve the value of your home. That should motivate you to clean up your garden.

Take A Seat

Outdoor seating areas, such as on the porch, are always valuable to potential homebuyers. They want to picture themselves entertaining in that area. If you don’t have a porch, don’t worry – you can create a charming, beautiful area somewhere else in the garden where people will be able relax and unwind. Make sure you focus on having good lighting in this area, as well as using outdoor furniture that’s in good condition to make the best impression. Choose a spot in the garden with adequate shade for daytime lounging.

Cater To All Seasons

You might have a garden that thrives in the summer but then looks dry and dull in the colder months. If you can’t help selling your home during the winter, this could potentially decrease your chances of finding a buyer. That’s why it’s so important to avoid having a seasonal garden and creating one that looks appealing throughout the year instead.

This can be achieved by adding evergreen plants that don’t die in the winter, as well as planting flowers that bloom all year. Examples include asters and Chinese hibiscus. It could also be a good idea to plant flowers in containers. These can cleverly be moved indoors during the winter to help them survive, and then be brought back out and placed in specific areas of the garden that need a burst of inviting color.

Work On Your Lawn 

If the grass on your lawn looks dry or patchy, this creates an overall negative impression of your garden and home. According to a survey of over 100 real estate agencies that was mentioned in a Telegraph article, 73 percent of homebuyers want a nice lawn for their children to play on, while one-third of buyers want a pretty lawn so that it makes the property look nice and helps them relax in the garden.

Get your lawn into better shape by adding mulch to the soil so that it will retain more moisture while keeping weed growth under control. Start investing in organic mulch instead of ones infused with chemicals as this will help the soil to become stronger and more fertile over time.

Gardening provides you with a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy, but it can also assist you in the future if you ever want to sell your house. By making some simple yet effective changes to your landscape design, such as by creating a manicured but low-maintenance garden, you’ll impress more potential buyers. Your garden is one of the first elements of your home that says “hello!” to buyers – ensure it’s a welcoming invitation.