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As many people try to finish their online shopping in time for the holidays, experts and consumers are warning that scammers are looking for new ways to steal their money. Fetterly called a number she thought was for Microsoft, but it was actually the fraudsters who ended up taking over her computer. In Fetterly's case she called the number on the screen and while she thought she was speaking with a Microsoft employee she was actually speaking with scammers who advised her to let them take control of her computer. Once they did that she was told her credit card had been compromised and she needed to buy gift cards to cover the amount that had been removed from her credit card. While she was told she would be refunded the money on the gift cards by the scammers, she never heard from the scammers again. Greg Young is the vice-president of cybersecurity at Trend Micro, a multinational cybersecurity software company. He says this Microsoft scam has been circulating for many years.

We apologize, but this video has abortive to load. Phylicia George speeds along a new track in search of Olympic medal Back to video The premier female Canadian sprint hurdler is stepping away from one track after that speeding down another in a bobsled. Before she made the decision, ahead of she packed up her life after that moved to Calgary in September, she had to know that everyone who would most affect her success before lack thereof was dead serious a propos the venture. Fortunately, her entree addicted to bobsled was facilitated in large amount by pilot Kaillie Humphries, as concentrated and serious an athlete as exists on the planet. That helped George finalize her decision in November , after spending a week in the sled in Whistler. Humphries may airstream up doing the same thing. I honestly do feel that for us to compete against the Americans, having somebody who has been to an Olympics is an added bonus, although just as importantly she is awfully strong, fast and explosive. In advance testing earlier this month, George clocked in at 5. It will altogether get sorted over the course of a World Cup season and afterwards more push testing later in the season.

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