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MacGregor, a graduate of A. Lucas secondary school in London, looked barely old enough to shave. Slight and clean-cut, he stared at the floor. Bogdanovich, a personal support worker, had her long, grey-streaked hair pulled in a loose ponytail that hung over one shoulder.

The programmes on Aastha focuses on belief, devotional music and spiritual programmes akin to discourses, festivals, yoga, folk music, ball, cultural events, alternative therapies, astrology, etc. The programming seeks to provide composition, masti and event based programming, at the same time as well as drama series for the entire family rooted in Punjabi background and centred on family values, relationships and emotions. Presents the latest gossip, sports and entertainment. The channel bidding offer an ultimate lifestyle destination designed for South Asian foodies in Canada who want to make some quick, at ease, balanced meals as well learn a propos interesting world cuisines.

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