Dinner & A Book - Devil in a Blue Dress

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Five men stumbled out of the mountain pass so sunstruck they didn't know their own names, couldn't remember where they'd come from,had forgotten how long they'd been lost. One of them wandered back up a peak. One of them was barefoot. They were burned nearly black, their lips huge and cracking,what paltry drool still available to them spuming from their mouths in a salty foam as they walked. Their eyes were cloudy with dust, almost too dry to blink up a tear.

A Candle for the Devil lit. Its plot follows two sisters in Spain, both suffering from extreme repression after that religious paranoia, who murder a British guest at their inn just ahead of her sister arrives to meet along with her. May, a British guest, sunbathes nude on the terrace, and is confronted by the sisters, whose devout convictions forbid such behavior. The three get into an argument, and Can is pushed down a staircase after that smashes through a glass window, which slashes her to death. Marta tells Laura that May checked out after that paid her bill earlier that calendar day. Laura decides to take a area until she can find May. Afterwards, she confesses to Luis that Marta has discovered money missing, which she had given to Luis.

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