The Psychology of Groups

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GUID: D26ED-2DB6E-BE1BD48FDF4 Abstract Under the basic framework of self-determination theory, the present study examined a moderated mediation model in which exhibitionism mediated the relationship between online basic psychological need satisfaction and self-disclosure on the mobile Internet, and this mediation effect was moderated by narcissism. A total of Chinese middle school students participated in this research. Compared to the low level of narcissism, online competence need satisfaction had a stronger predictive power on exhibitionism under the high level of narcissism condition. The existing research has indicated that using SNS through mobile device can increase self-disclosure behavior Kwak et al. Online self-disclosure represents the amount of information that an Internet user intends to reveal to others Joinson and Paine, It includes two dimensions, namely, breadth and depth Levinger and Snoek, ; Wheeless, ; Hollenbaugh and Ferris,

Analysis the evidence that suggests humans allow a fundamental need to belong en route for groups. Compare the sociometer model of self-esteem to a more traditional analysis of self-esteem. Use theories of collective facilitation to predict when a arrange will perform tasks slowly or abruptly e. Describe how groups change above time. Apply the theory of groupthink to a well-known decision-making group, such as the group of advisors accountable for planning the Bay of Pigs operation.

The need to belong, also known at the same time as belongingness, refers to a human affecting need to affiliate with and be accepted by members of a arrange. This may include the need en route for belong to a peer group by school, to be accepted by co-workers, to be part of an agile team, or to be part of a religious group. A sense of belonging involves more than simply body acquainted with other people. It is centered on gaining acceptance, attention, after that support from members of the arrange as well as providing the alike attention to other members.

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