This year, Troy-Bilt gives us more reason to marvel at their machines. They are more sophisticated and even easier to use.  The controls are angled over the dash giving you ergonomic functions. Your back sits straight so that you don’t have to bend over when reaching out to the system.

Their machines fit the midrange use for residences and average sized properties. This winter, invest in any of the Troy-Bilt designs to transform the way you move snow on your compound.

We delve further into the details of each of the machines here, looking at each property that makes it unique. From the handling and engine capacity, you’ll be able to tell if the specific brand is modeled to meet your needs.

Quick Troy-Bilt Snow Blower Reviews

Troy-Bilt Snow BlowerPriceClearing WidthCutting HeightEngine DisplacementSpeedsChute Rotation Angle
Troy Bilt Squall 210021-inches13-inches208cc1-Forward190-degrees
Troy Bilt Storm 262526-inches21-inches243cc6-Forward
Troy-Bilt Vortex 2690 Three Stage Snow Thrower26-inches21-inches357cc6-Forward

Best Troy-Bilt Snow Blower Reviews 2018

1. Troy Bilt Squall 4-Cycle Single Stage 2100 Snow Thrower

The first time you see the Troy-Bilt Single Stage Snow Thrower, you’ll be impressed by the compact style it showcases. It displays ease in navigation since it is lightweight. You’ll not have to expend much energy when pushing it through heavy snow.

Even better if the snow is wet and sticky; it carries thick tires for gliding through to all areas around your home. It can handle slippery surfaces owing to the warm weather when moving snow during the day.

Clearing Capabilities

For the actual throw, it generates high power through the 208cc engine. One spends less time cleaning a lot of snow. If your driveway is quite long, it enables making of few passes for clearing a path large enough for more than two cars. It exhibits the capacity for 21-inches swath.

This way, a brisk morning or in an emergency at night you’ll be at work at high speeds to get you going. You’ll be impressed by the capability to go a depth of 13-inches. However, it is limited to concrete floors without gravel.

Smooth Usage and Handling

Functional controls are seen to afford you with simple operations. It has a polymer chute that carries a two-way supply chute control. You can remotely control it without making stops in usage. This convenience comes in handy when moving at high speed when you want to be done in a short time.

More effectiveness is by the 190-degree turn where the alternating direction of the chute means it delivers snow to the areas you haven’t already cleared. Also, the handles can adjust up or down according to your height.  This means if you are tall, you’ll not bend forward.

Quick Start System with Improved efficiency

Don’t skip working when temperatures hit beyond -20 degrees Celsius. With an electric start, pulling at the cord is no longer an option. It offers a quick method of jumpstarting the moving process where the machine would take a toll on you if you attempted to start it in the cold weather.  

You only need a power plug, and the push of a button roars the machine. It is impressive that this model bears noise mufflers to assure you of minimum operating sound levels.

Easy Maintenance

If working with tools has always been a drawback because of maintenance, you’ll want to consider the Squall 2100. It needs an oil change for clean running plus a quick check on the tight areas like the nuts and bolts and belts.

And, do not forget to read the manual to ensure you get everything right on the lubricant to use. See how the upkeep is uncomplicated on the single stage Troy Bilt design.


  • Ergonomically designed with a folding handle
  • Clears deep to the pavement
  • Light to maneuver
  • Consistent electric start


  • Some users still indicate you have to put on ears muffs when operating it
  • The wheels are not fully propelled
  • It may requires time when assembling


This outdoor power tool is packed with all the necessary features to make your experience a breeze. It is useful with short driveways and clearing paths up to 2 cars. Seeing that it is compact, storing it is also easy.

It is best for short areas covering an area of two cars. However, if you receive deep snow over 14 inches this machine will breakdown since it cannot take up that much snow.


2. Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 4-Cycle 243cc Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Snow brings new experiences. And with each snowfall, there’s the need for clearing the ice at least when you want a path for yourself, your pet or your car. The two-stage Storm 2625 is another incredible design by Troy-Bilt.

It comes at a time when winter seasons are no longer predictable so you have to be prepared for the adversities that next season may bring. It’s not an option to shovel wet snow after a storm. It’s even bad for your back and worse on your health if you’ll spend hours in the cold.

Flexible and Versatile Nature

First, this design uses a 4-cycle engine which requires little maintenance but delivers high power. The engine establishes a constant 243cc to keep it performing with high efficiency. If you receive snow up to 21-inches deep, then this tool is ideal for you. It does not hinder you on the type of snow since it can clear.

It can crush through hard crusts, grasping large amounts through the large impeller. With such high intake, this blower delivers plenty of snow while minimizing snow blowing back on you.

Smooth Navigation

The versatility extends to the six forward speeds plus the two reverse speeds. The operator can also control the machine with just one hand since it locks the gear for smooth steering. The other hand can now control the pitch with coherence. You’ll like the X-Trac tires which measure 15-inches in width.

They are essential for acquiring a firm ground on slippery surfaces. It can work equally well on flat and sloping surfaces since it resists skidding off the surface.

You’ll like the headlight boost to allow clearing in low-lit periods like early foggy mornings. There’s no need to wait until the sun comes up to warm the surrounding since you can still access every function with the dash lighting.

Together with the reversible skid shoes, this machine is crafted for the most complicated jobs. The skid shoes are adjustable to the proper height to prevent scraping of rocks on rough terrain.

Durable Construction

The Storm 2625 is a rugged design with a reinforced steel housing. It ensures the machine can take a beating and the bumps that come with heavy usage. You’ll like that it proves exceptional in retaining its good condition. It will take you through the years in a perfect working shape. It allows just about every clearing task.


  • Heavy duty capacity
  • Smooth auger turns without clogging
  • Equipped with an in-dash headlight
  • Joystick control goes two ways


  • The handgrips are not heated
  • Lack of proper maintenance diminishes its quality
  • It is hard to blow fluffy snow with one pass


For those looking for a smart and comfortable way of snow removal, this is the machine for you. The pricing is very attractive, and the value it provides is enough for extensive snow removal. It is suitable for persons who are fit to push the over 200 pounds weight.

If you have issues with your wrists, this machine may prove a challenge in moving snow even with all wheels in propulsion.

3. Troy-Bilt Vortex 2690 Three Stage 357cc Snow Thrower

Key Features

Are you looking for speed and performance all in one combination? Well, the Troy-Bilt Vortex 2690 is just what you are looking for. It is ten times more efficient owing to the 12-inch accelerator.

It breaks down every type of snow to deliver record spinning speed for crushing both ice and wet snow to a smooth consistency. You’ll not feel the need to invest in a smaller machine when you have light snow since it has an all-around capacity.

The OHV engine system generates 357cc of engine capacity. With this power, there are no limitations to what it can handle. You can quickly make a 24-inch path enough for two cars.

It is endowed with two augers and a 12-inch accelerator. This means the snow handling is in significant volumes and the throw distance is long. It makes moving of snow in large areas fast and easy.

Power Steering

With the provision of a 4-way pitch and chute control, directing snow delivery is highly manageable. You’ll like the drive system even better since it stocked with a Touch N Turn Power Steering mechanism.

It allows steering with the speed you set according to how fast you are pushing the machine. It is, therefore suited for anyone who can drive a machine because even with the weight, one gets to turn the tool even in reverse mode automatically.

The drive wheels are another attractive feature of the Vortex 2690. It is easy to see why its claim of stability in thick snow is valid. They have X-Trac traction to grip the ice in a firm position.

It rolls smoothly through the snow such that you can work for hours, blowing hundreds of pounds of snow in whichever direction you choose. It is suitable for persons with back injuries since with the self-propulsion, you will never bend again when turning it.

Steel Construction for Longevity

Steel makes nearly every part of this tool. It is virtually unbreakable to take on rough and beaten paths with extreme agility. With proper maintenance, it is intended to outlive its money value over the years to come.

You can also expect it to manage harsh weather conditions, to resist corrosion and rust when it is subjected to saline environments. It does not wear; hence it will provide you excellent service for a really long time.


  • Suitable for large capacity jobs like municipal plow piles
  • Heated hand grips give maximum comfort in the cold weather
  • Power Steering ensures fast fingertip control
  • Allows one hand operations


  • It is a bit pricey but is sure to afford you real value in the many years it will be of service
  • It’s hard to lift through stairs when the engine is not running
  • Failure to constantly maintain it will degrade its quality over the years


The Vortex 2690 offers outstanding performance. It can clean large snow walkways as well as crush hard ice. The capacity warranties efficiency in the manner it covers large areas. It is reliable in the breaking down of hard, crusty snow. Homeowners with vast driveways should benefit from this blower.

For large commercial properties and public property this machine comes off as a challenge. Even with the power steering, it cannot throw snow over 50ft.

Conclusion after the Best Troy-Bilt Snow Blower Reviews:

The two-stage Storm 2625 has all the desirable properties of an all-around snow blower. It doubles up for medium jobs and all the heavy duty tasks thrown at it. The construction and the handling are repeatable over time. It is an excellent tool for amateurs and seasoned power equipment users.

Small areas require the single stage blower. It is compact and carries a gas operation system. The drive is semi-propelled to add to the versatility of the steering. It is the most affordable of the Troy-Bilt designs.

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