If you are a professional logger or have large jobs at home, you’ll want the chainsaw that fits the bill. One particular type of chainsaw can’t seem to elude our eyes; that is the TIMBERPRO Chainsaw.

This machine exudes power and reliability for both professional use and one-time jobs at home. We like that TIMBERPRO comes from a reliable brand. There are two major versions of the TIMBERPRO, the difference being in power.

Both of them are suitable for medium to heavy duty jobs so one should at least understand the proper working of a chainsaw. As you’ll note, these are not ordinary chainsaws.

They employ aggressive chains with sharp cutting edges. They also use petrol, keeping them in line with being of use for trees surgery and forestry management.

These are the two TIMBERPRO Chainsaws we are going to discuss.

TIMBERPRO ChainsawPriceBar LengthPowerWeightHorsepowerRating
TIMBERPRO Petrol Chainsaw 62cc20-Inches62cc15.4Pounds3.4HP4.5/5
TIMBERPRO 58cc 3.4HP Petrol Chainsaw20-Inches58cc11.9pounds3.4HP4.6/5

TimberPro Chainsaw Reviews: Top 2 Models

1. TIMBERPRO Petrol Chainsaw 62cc 20-Inch

This chainsaw is designed to provide service every day if not all the day. If you own a large ranch property and need to buck many large trees, you can bet on this unit to go the distance.

It’s no wonder it has such a high engine displacement and a long bar. It has a rear handle design, meaning you can work from the ground or use it to do some serious limbing. It is your go to, for almost every need you have for a chainsaw.

Durable Construction

The construction is such that you can manage the weight since it balances precisely over the whole length of the chainsaw. The engine goes in line with the body, and as it is narrow, it delays the onset of fatigue after spending some considerable amount of time holding the unit.

You’ll like that it’s quite tough so you don’t have to mind about the impact of heavy usage on the frame. It is deemed to go for years in top performance. And, with a 2-year warranty, it’s safe to say this product is authenticated from a reliable manufacturer.

High Power for Complicated Jobs

This TIMBERPRO model operates at full torque, using its full 3.4HP to command consistently precise cuts. It can handle both soft and hardwoods, qualifying it for wood workshops and significant work in forests.

The 20inch bar is complemented by two chains so that you won’t be going back to the shop in a while. The chain is tensioned from the side, meaning you’ll have quick access; thus saving you a waste of time to unbolt and adjust the chain with tools.

Simple Handling Processes

An important feature is an auto-lubrication mechanism that the chain explores. You can go on with your work as the chain retains its real performance. The automatic oiling is a means to prolong the longevity of the chain.

It’s impressive how economical it is as it uses a small amount in the long run. It’s a great investment if you wish to have the full value of the item before it starts asking for repairs which is going to come much later with this one.

Fuel Efficient Engine and Smart Start

This unit uses a 2-stroke engine. The carburetor is placed at a convenient position where it receives full aeration at all times. This is a remedy to ensure the motor performs at top notch while remaining fuel efficient. It has an ideal large tank capacity, one that’s not too large to weigh you down or too small to keep refilling.

Starting a gas engine proves hard some of the time, that’s why this unit benefits from an alloy starting mechanism. It is a self-start system where you won’t be sending much needed time pulling at a cord. Instead, one or two pulls are enough to roar the engine to life.


  • Fuel Efficient 2-Stroke engine
  • It comes with a broad range of accessories including the carrying case
  • Utilizes the full horsepower
  • Streamlined body makes the weight manageable


  • Complaints about the quality of the carrying bag


This model is a high-quality machine, telling from the construction. It has the domestic and professional user in mind since it has a vast range of applications. The price is a total steal as it falls way below the level of other chainsaws its class. You’ll want to invest in it as it comes with all the viable accessories that you’ll need to have the unit working for you without hiccups.


2. TIMBERPRO 58cc 20-Inch 3.4HP Petrol Chainsaw

A small chainsaw may seem like the best option for a homeowner. But you want a machine that will keep up with the kind of work you want it. The TIMBERPRO 58cc is unique to home use and professionals.

It is by no means a consumer grade so expect to be moved by the power to not only cut firewood but to also bring down huge trees. You are not tied down by any cord, charge level or availability of power. This chainsaw is truly versatile for all around jobs.

High Capabilities and Safety Levels

This chainsaw offers the advantage of utilizing high engine displacement plus horsepower. You can tell you are in for high working torque to perform accurate cuts, especially when working on serious DIY projects.

Although it may come off as weighty, it is narrow, so the vibrations will not pull you off balance. You’ll like that it is equipped with a chain brake and a low kickback chain. Thanks to these features, you can work safely for extended hours.

Main Advantages

You get the perks of working with a heavy-duty chainsaw. It comes with a 2-stroke engine that is consistently air cooled. This element drives the unit to complete tasks efficiently and quickly. Handling this chainsaw is effortless, from the lateral chain adjustment mechanism to the automatic oiling.

You won’t be shifting the tool in awkward positions when you need to adjust the chain. And as it comes with two of them, you won’t make a fuss out of replacing the chain.

High Performance Engine with Easy Start Method

The beauty of the TIMBERPRO 58cc is in its easy start mechanism. Whether it’s cold or hot outside, you have a warmed up engine, thanks to the alloy start system. It’s basically impossible to flood as a single pull is enough to bring it to life.

Also, you’ll like the durable capacity as the crankcase has a construction from robust materials. It can take a significant level of impact when faced with the most challenging outdoor situations. Seeing the engine has a constant air flow, it means there’s no room for harboring dust and debris; this way, the engine will have a long life.

Simple Care and Maintenance Processes

Coming with the necessary accessories is another bonus by this unit. You can care and maintain for the tool right there at your home or when out working. It comes with a full tool kit plus a heavy-duty carrying case.

Since you have to mix the fuel and the oil to get the correct ratio, you’ll appreciate that it comes with the mixing bottle to guide you through the refills. Another plus is the detailed well-written English manual so that in case you have challenges in using it, you can refer to it.


  • It’s easy to assemble
  • It is affordably priced when compared to other chainsaws in its power range
  • Generates high torque for easy cutting such that one takes little time in the field
  • Side tensioning system for tool-less chain adjustments


  • It does not feature a primer button


The TIMBERPRO 58cc is a rare combination of versatile properties and ergonomics. It’s easy to handle even with the power it generates. The weight is manageable, but one should consider their ability to handle large weight before buying this chainsaw. Other than the weight, the pricing is quite attractive; it comes with great safety features to keep working securely in your yard.

The Best TIMBERPRO Chainsaw

The two models above are strongly similar other than the weight and power. If you need high power, the TIMBERPRO 60cc is your best choice. For lower power, then the 58cc model suits you.

You’ll want to consider the 58cc if you want to work for long without feelings of fatigue as it weighs considerably less than the 60cc unit.  We can say the construction is the best you can get out of professionally built chainsaws.

Summing up the TimberPro Chainsaw Reviews

As much as looking for the ideal professional chainsaw is a challenge, we believe the TIMBERPRO brand is an excellent choice. These chainsaws provide power for clearing yards, cutting firewood and felling trees.

They are all industrial grade machines to tackle tough jobs; the spikes are robust to for maximum safety when handling hardwood, alongside with all available accessories.

We hope we have laid down the features of two great chainsaws which will help you figure out the one that suits your specific needs.

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