Before you start mowing grass, one of the basic things you’ll do is launch the lawn mower. There are two particular types of lawn mowers, but the start process is generally simple to comprehend. Most users state that they need their lawn mower to be easy to start and remain consistent for future purposes.

So, how do you get your Lawn Mower to start?

You’ll encounter the traditional push mower now with advanced features or the riding mower. Both of them use the slightly differing starting processes, so let’s look at each of the steps.

Follow Some Basic Safety Procedures
  • Ensure you launch the lawn mower in an open area outdoors or a well-ventilated garage
  • Make sure no kids and pets near the mower

Lawn mowers use either a 2-stroke or 4-stroke gas engine. It’s quite easy to start them when the temperatures are warm. But in Fall Season and beginning of winter, they prove somewhat impossible to start.

Fill the gas tank with the proper Oil and Gas
  • For 2-stroke engines, mix the oil and fuel in the recommended ratios
  • If yours uses a 4-stroke driving system, fill the oil and fuel to the correct top level
  • To preserve the life of your engine, ensure the gas has 10% or less of ethanol and 85% or more of Octane

If you are starting a push lawn mower, you can do it from either a standing or squatting position. But for a riding lawn mower (Great list of mowers from my friend @ Poleadvisor), you’ll want to take the comfortable riding seat on the tractor. Always secure your place, ensuring that you can reach all the controls. That is the hand levers and the foot pedals.

Starting a Riding Lawn Mower

Engage the Parking Brake

This procedure is a two-step process where you first press the brake knob and press down a brake pedal or lever.

If your mower does not have a parking brake, you’ll want to hold down the brake knob as you set the unit into neutral. The Neutral position is normally indicated by the ‘N’ symbol.

Set the throttle to the Choke Position
  • Identify the throttle lever commonly identified by the turtle and rabbit symbol
  • Pull the throttle to the rabbit symbol
Insert the Ignition Key

Riding mowers won’t start until you turn the ignition key so turn it gently to the direction indicated on the dash. This is usually clockwise or to the right.

  • Hold the key in this position until the engine fully warms up
  • Shift the throttle from the choke to the fast rabbit position

Now your mower is ready for work.

To Start a Push Mower

Perform a Quick Check on the Spark Plug
  • Examine this part for damages and how well it attaches to the engine
  • If it’s loose, you’ll need to replace it before you proceed to start the mower
Engage the Primer Button

Push the Red primer bulb gently up to five times to push some fuel into the engine

Modify the Throttle to the choke position

This position opens the choke to allow maximum airflow. This step is crucial if you want the engine to continue running without hiccups.

If it’s cold, open the choke to the full position. Open the choke halfway only if the temperatures are warm

Pull the Start Cord
  • Hold the cord gently but firmly in your hand
  • Make a fast upward pull
  • Repeat this process in quick successions until the engine comes to life
  • If the engine produces a slight sound but stops midway, then check whether you input the correct fuel level.

Wrapping Up

Starting either engine should prove easy after the first few trials. Then, you should be a pro in starting a lawn mower. Remember to follow the manual instructions and the safety guidelines set forth for your particular lawn mower.