Cleaning up after a winter storm calls for more than just a shovel. Investing in a sturdy product equals more gains and less clearing effort. The Power Smart brand offers machines that are hard to beat. The designs call for attention when it comes to the performance and the handling process.

In this article, they grace our list since they prove reliable and don’t run into trouble. They are consistent and afford simplified drive systems.

Each design is unique to meet diversified needs. We look into their distinct features in the hope you can find the piece that pleases you the most.

Quick Power Smart Snow Blower Reviews

Power Smart Snow BlowerPriceClearing WidthIntake HeightWeightPower RequirementsThrowing LengthNumber of Speeds
Power Smart DB5023 13 Amp18-Inches9-inches37 pounds13 Amp30ft1-Forward
Power Smart DB7651 Snow Thrower24-Inches20-180 pounds208cc 4-Cycle engine40ft4-Forward
Power Smart DB7103 212cc Two Stage Snow Thrower26-Inches21-Inches180 pounds212cc30ft6-Forward

Power Smart Snow Blower Reviews

1. Power Smart DB5023 13 Amp 18-Inch Electric Snow Blower

This winter, it’s inevitable to find a blanket of snow from your doorstep down to your driveway. What better way to remove all that snow than with the Power Smart DB5023 Electric Snow Blower. You can opt to throw lots of snow in one pass or just do a little at a time.

It affords the versatility of the unpredictable seasons giving the opportunity for quick clearing. The 18-inch capacity is better for moderate snowfalls to gain maximum performance.

Lightweight for Simplified Pushing

Pushing outdoor equipment presents some difficulties when the weight is large enough not to bear easily. With the Power Smart, you have the opportunity to work with a light tool, weighing only 37 pounds. It is ideal for the small compounds and areas where you need to move snow fast and easy.

It establishes high auger propulsion power with only 13Amp for high clearing capacity. It can go as deep as 9-inches so that every morning you find snow moving a chore; you can have a clean surface in no time.

Runs Quiet and Easy to Store

When you need quiet running, you have the DB5023 for the asking. Being electric powered, it has fewer moving parts, thus low noise and little hand vibrations. If you are keen on the storage, it will not squeeze in between your car in the garage.

As such, it is easy to move around from position to position. Say you have to clean the roof or the upper deck; you’ll be able to navigate into all the tight areas. It designed to give you maximum comfort in the usage.

Flexible Snow Throwing

For the throw ability, it can comfortably reach out to 30ft. Complemented by an 180-degree rotating chute; you get to choose the direction of the outflow. Just remember to direct it away from people and pets.

Apart from the freedom to choose the throw direction, you also work with foam handles to keep you comfortable in the process. They give you the control you need since they are also broad for simple handling.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Reasonably priced
  • User-friendly handling
  • Rubber tipped auger allows cleaning to the surface


  • It does not have a speed control
  • It needs constant cooling to extend the running time


This Power Smart model is designed for one car driveways and small patios and decks. The capacity does not reach further enough for large volumes of snow moving. Persons with weight lifting limitations will find it manageable to move around.

But when you expect rough winter with big snow grains, it’s better to invest in a higher power machine like the two stage snow blower.

2. Power Smart DB7651 208cc 24-Inch Snow Thrower

The benefits of a gas-powered snow blower cannot be understated. For the Power Smart DB7651, it provides you with the opportunity to move snow over 24inches and sinking to 20inches efficiently. It can handle extreme weather and clear out a large chunk of snow block with one pass.

As a two stage snow blower, it generates just the right energy to give you repeatable passes so that you don’t work in the same place a couple of times. It is, therefore, ideal for busy mornings when you have to get to work in time.

Control System and High Performance

Working with this tool comes effortlessly with the semi-propelled wheels. It makes you work with less effort when driving through thick snow. It does not demand lots of understanding of the functionality since it provides you with a simple console system. The control lever is at a convenient position between the handles.

This means you can still control the machine when the drive is still on. It allows four forward speeds and two reverse speeds. With it, you can establish control whenever you are moving in rugged terrain. It can also handle sloping areas with areas.

The engine power is admirable at 208cc. Such capacity makes it sufficient for handling all the snow blanketing the end of your driveway. And, there’s no worry about how to bring it to life. It is equipped with an electric start, eliminating the traditional pull cord for gas engines. It starts immediately even when the temperatures plummet to sub-zero degrees.

Versatile Capabilities

It exhibits reliability in the manner it runs since it is equipped with a 12-inch wide serrated auger. This system can crush all types of snow starting with the lightest forms of the most complicated hard and crusty ice. The serrations keep it from holding on the sticky snow; hence it rarely clogs.

It also has the provision of metallic skid shoes. They allow adjusting the height of the drive so that you can move snow on different types of surfaces like on soft grass lawns and hard pavements.


  • Sturdy metal construction
  • High snow cutting height
  • It does not require mixing of gas and oil
  • Carries a very attractive price


  • Plastic chute wears fast when it throws out hard snow
  • It does not have an onboard unclogging tool


In heavy snow blowing, this machine wins. It is best with long driveways where there’s need for letting through more than two cars. The seniors will love the self-propulsion and the manageable weight when moving it through tight places.

However, for those that need large-scale cleaning, this machine proves challenging to work for long hours. Pushing is a bit exhausting for areas that rank in the industrial grade cleaning. Also, if you don’t want to use ear muffs, you’ll want to look at the electric snow blower

3. Power Smart DB7103 212cc 26-Inch Two Stage Snow Thrower

Some of us long for winter because we have to stay indoors. But when you must go to work every day, it presents a whole lot of other problems. As the seasons change, the climate is unforgiving, rendering prediction of the next season unwarranted. Being prepared is the only way you’ll beat the weather.

The Power Smart DB7103 is the perfect combination of value and convenience in one design. It has the most excellent features to make your experience with a snow blower more fun and less of a chore.

Flexibility to use on all types of floors

You don’t have to wake up three hours earlier to shovel all plow pile at the end of your driveway. This tool puts out full power to beat through such complications in a very short time. It comes equipped with 250cc of engine capacity and 6.5 Horsepower.

It drives the steel augers to power through the hardest ice and plows through large piles with agility. With the skid shoes, it can comfortably clean on all floors since they are adjustable and reversible.

Simple drive system with Self-Propulsion

When it comes to the drive system, it is nice to find self-propelled wheels. They come in handy for the purpose of relieving your extra effort for pushing the machine through the snow. You’ll never experience slipping since you can also control the speed.

It affords six forward speeds and two reverse speeds. This way, you can sway it in the desired direction with consistency to allow a stress-free working.

Comfortable Working

The handles come heated, and they can interlock for small and large hands. They keep you in a space where directing the tool with one hand is possible. The chute rotates over an 180-degree panel to assist the throw up to 30ft.

It is for those days when you can’t get yourself to clean sufficiently, so you need to discharge the snow to a long distance for you to see progress. Better still, the DB7103 is furnished with LED headlights. They give the flexibility of working in the hours you love even when the outside visibility closes in.


  • The wheels are fully self-propelled
  • It can manage the harshest winter conditions
  • Large clearing and intake capacity
  • Starts each time quickly with the electric start


  • It runs at high noise levels
  • Some users have experienced challenges assembling the blower


The Power Smart DB7103 carries the details of the very reliable machine. It is a necessity when snow shoveling is no longer an option. For the physically unfit persons, it does not require much pushing, just let it pull you through the pace of your feet.

This blower does not, however, play ball when it comes to pulling it after the engine is off. It weighs a hefty 180-pounds calling for extra energy; so you better have the power to pull it up the steps. It’s safe to conclude that the blower requires a balance of pressure and effort.

Power Smart Snow Blower Reviews Conclusion

The DB7103 model seems to beat the other designs when it comes to capacity and engine power. It is recommended for medium to large homes, plus areas which receive heavy snowfalls.

The drive system is straightforward thanks to the self-propulsion. It comes at a time when winters are harsher than ever before.

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