Choosing the best garden hose can be a daunting task with the umpteen hose brands in the market today. Some hoses are really good as advertised but the moment you purchase them, they fail to live up to your expectations. Well this is a frustration many users have had to contend with.

Which is why has taken every step to research several hoses in the market and as we are always reviewing the best, we believe that every detail and feature we analyze on any product will go a long way to help you make an informed choice.

Pocket Hose Review: Should you Buy This Garden Hose?

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After Pocket Hose addressed all the issues that bashed its 50ft expandable garden hose, this hose is now back in the market, new and improved. It comes with an added ‘ultra’ in its titles to set the whole difference.

The result?

No doubt everyone is talking about it so we set out to verify all claims we have heard and seen on TV commercials, on other forms of adverts, and of course from word on the street. Here is everything you need to know, which we found out from days of research and testing.

The much hyped expandable Pocket Hose Ultra boasts of some of the latest technological features which have obviously succeeded in making it stand out from the crowd.

Pocket Hose Ultra is manufactured by Telebrands, a telemarketing company which also happens to be the same that came up with “As seen on TV” logo. It is very light and compact, which makes it portable and easy for you to walk and work with around your yard.

If you are passionate about gardening or just need a convenient and reliable hose, look no further than the pocket Hose Ultra. It is a step forward from its predecessor, with new features and added strength; The Ultra is 3x stronger, has no leaks, the hose is immune to strong UV lights, and so you won’t have to worry about it staying outside for long periods of time.


  • Accordion Design

The accordion design is perhaps Pocket Hose Ultra’s finest point. It is this technology that enables it to expand to three times its length and later shrink to its initial size. Needless to say, the pocket Hose Ultra 50 remains super strong, tough and even at its most elastic state, can handle high pressure really well without being raptured. This design also makes it easy to carry and store when not in use.

  • Very Specific Construction

Like a fire hose, the Pocket Hose Ultra is made with a double layer construction which incorporates a scientifically developed Elastomer hose on the inside, which, other than giving the hose the durability it is known for,  also enables it to expand and withstand the 3x pressure its predecessor could not. Elastomer basically means a rubber that expands, and this in principle defines the capability of this hose.

  • Tight Seal Technology

There is nothing more annoying that having a pipe that allows water to leak and endanger your environment by making your work area slippery or uncomfortable to work in. That’s why Pocket Hose Ultra is designed to include a tight seal technology that guarantees you a leak-free pipe round the clock, irrespective of the pressure applied.

This technology features amber tip, non-brass connectors, which can withstand high pressure. Figure out 300 lbs of fluid pressure flowing through the hose, as expected, a brass connector will typically give in and crush but not the amber tip connectors in this hose. The durability and super strength exhibited by the amber tip connectors, obviously adds to the strength of this hose.

  • Solar stripe Shield

The durability of the Pocket Hose Ultra can be attributed to the Solar Stripe Shield, which basically protects the outer lining from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun, thereby extending its lifespan. With this information, you do not have to worry about where your hose stays all day since you’re assured of its sturdiness.

  • Super light and Easy to Store

With the incredible technologies invested in this magic hose, it makes it very light and

consequently easy to carry around. The entire hose can fit into the palm of your hand and you can actually hold it with one hand only. What’s more, when it shrinks, it can occupy a very little space.

  • Easy handling

The hose never tangles or kinks, and this makes watering around your yard a memorable experience. You don’t have to retrace your steps every so often to untangle a twist so that water can flow freely again. For this reason, Pocket Hose Ultra is easy to use and manage.

Pocket Hose Ultra features strong amber tip connectors and material construction that is three times more durable than its previous version. Another feature that makes this hose stand out is the never kink technology, which means irrespective of how you handle it or bundle it around, it will never kink or get tangled.

The secret behind its 3x expansion in length without succumbing to the usual wear and tear, lies in its scientifically developed Elastomer hose on the inside which expands with water pressure. This incredible technology is what makes this same hose that fits in your palm to expand to 50 feet when water flows through it and still retract to a small size for easy storage and portability.

Additionally, its design incorporates a Solar Stripe longer life Technology, which gives it the superior sturdiness and durability since it cannot be affected by ultraviolet rays of the sun.

The Perks

  •  Space efficient design means; the hose can shrink from 50″ to a “palmful”, which means you can easily store it away when not in use without having to utilize a lot of space.
  • Pocket Hose Ultra never kinks, and this makes it really easy to use. A better gardening experience since you just let yourself roam freely, uninhibited by twists and kinks. Spare yourself the tug of war that characterizes the rigid monster hoses we sometimes buy.
  • The hose is watertight, that is, it cannot leak. This makes it ideal for use anywhere,         indoors or outdoors. The flexibility enjoyed by owners makes it an asset to own.
  • You don’t have to worry about where you left if, or more importantly, the damaging effects of the sun’s Ultraviolet rays. As mentioned earlier, the solar stripes shield takes care of this concern.
  • Pocket Hose Ultra is built to last (3 xs stronger). Whether you drag it across pavements or use it under high pressure, the hose’s built material enables it to withstand anything you can throw at it. Once you buy one be rest assured of considerable time use before you bother about buying another one.
  • Pocket Hose ultra is super light and easy to use. No need to fold it down, you just switch off the water and it shrinks back to its initial size.

Using the hose

The Pocket Hose Ultra is pretty easy to use. Below is a step by step procedure on how to go about setting it up.

  • Tightly screw on your garden hose adapter to your water facet before turning on the water.
  • The hose might whip around a bit when filling up with water so keep your distance especially from the end tip.
  • Fix your spray nozzle or attach the other end to your sprinkler.
  • Enjoy the experience or sit back and relax as your sprinkler does the work for you.
  • Once you’re done, disengage the sprinkler
  • Turn off the water from the main tap
  • Let the hose contract to its initial size
  • Unhook it and store it safely

Taking care of your pocket hose

  • When you finish spraying your flowers or gardening, make sure you empty your hose of any water that’s remaining inside. When you turn off the water, continue spraying with the nozzle until all water is drained out of it. Water left inside can freeze and thaw especially in winter and damage the fabric.
  • Never hang your hose on a nail. It is recommended that you mount a hose rack to the wall of your garage or shed and hang your hose on it. Alternatively, you can store it in a garbage can.
  • Even though the Pocket Ultra Hose is designed to withstand UV rays from the sun, it is still recommended to keep it away from direct sunlight so as not to compromise its built material and get many years of use.
  • The rubber washers at the hose connections should be changed the moment they start to leak because they can make your hosing experience messy while running up your water bill.
  • Do not leave your hose on the soil for an extended period of time as it can rot from soil moisture.
  • Avoid dragging your hose over rough edges or drag it when with water to minimize abrasions and possibly avoid premature hose wear.
  • Do not allow any debris to get into the hose; always unclog/ensure there is no debris that can get into the hose and clog the pipe.
  • Never overload your hose with excess pressure. It is recommended that you use it below or at its recommended pressure so as to get maximum years of use.
  • Do not use it with a turn on valve if connected to a spray nozzle, water pressure will make it will burst.
  •         Do not leave it unattended when in use or under pressure.


  • Can expand up to 50 feet long
  • Can expand up to 3 times its original length
  • Pocket Hose Ultra is engineered for durability.  Three times more durable than original
  • Tight seal technology means it cannot leak
  • Ultra light compact design for easy storage.
  • Never kinks or tangles


  •  Although the advertiser claims that the hose will shrink back to its initial size, the reality is that the Pocket Hose Ultra kinks to a quarter of its extended size.
  • Plastic fittings are a letdown as they break after short use.
  • Amazon offers sketchy warranty information for the product; they only say that warranty may not apply in all cases.
  •  If the water pressure is low, Pocket Hose Ultra won’t expand to its required length
  • The Pocket Hose Ultra contracts dramatically when the water is turned off and if a sprinkler was attached to its end, it is going to be dragged across your garden and possibly cause damage to younger plants.


Coming at a VERY competitive price, the Pocket Hose Ultra is definitely a fresh breather compared to its previous models. Unlike its previous models, this hose is indeed 3 xs stronger and 3 xs more durable, which makes it last much longer than the ordinary pocket hose.

Amazon’s Pocket Hose reviews from people who have used it suggest that they had problems with its lifespan and leaks at the fittings. There were also complaints about the outer lining being easily torn.

But if Pocket Hose Ultra reviews are anything to go by, then it is safe to say that the company has looked into those issues and addressed them in this model. Most people who reviewed it are particularly impressed with the fact that it can last and can handle more pressure. In case you want a longer hose, then you can settle for the Pocket Hose Top Brass. Though it is more expensive that the Pocket Hose Ultra ($39), it also comes with additional features such as the being fitted with brass fittings which make them withstand more pressure.

Similarly, Pocket Hose Top Brass Reviews indicates that most users are pleased with this feature which apparently takes care of the leaks that occurred at the connection points (where the rubber tube meets the connector). Like the Pocket Hose Ultra, it also expands when filled with water and later shrinks to its initial size when the water is turned off.

The Pocket Hose Ultra comes highly recommended, and is suitable for everyday activities, from watering your garden to filling your pool or aquarium to washing your car and so forth. This expanding or collapsible hose is the real deal promising convenience, flexibility, and durability.

Hopefully this pocket hose review has helped you with your purchase. Feel free to leave a comment below:-)

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