Ladybugs for sale

Next on our series we’re going to talk about ladybugs for sale. We’re taking about live ones, of course. Their formal name is Coccinellidae and the come in different sizes ranging from 0.8 to 18mm and different colors also, yellow, red, orange with black spots on their backs.
Also called ladybirds or lady bettles, these little, seemingly harmless insects are actually predators that feed on a variety of agricultural pests including aphids–mites, leaf hoppers and much more.

One ladybug can consume thousands of small insects in a lifetime. Not a small feat for such a marvelous little insect, eh. They can be some fierce protectors of your gardens. One additional advantage is that kids love them and find them fascinating.

How to release them

Okay. You made the decision. It’s a pretty low cost one anyway, as you can buy thousands of ladybugs for under $10. Now, what do you do with them? Let’s see:
You DO NOT want to release them during the heat as it will cause them to be very active and they may fly away. You can put them in refrigerator and wait until morning or evening, then slowly release them. You can keep them for more days in the refrigerator, but then you’d have to feed them and give them water to drink.
Ideally, you won’t release them all at once. Slowly release them over 2-3 days, and spread them on different areas.
An addition tip: Wet the plants first before releasing this ladybugs. This will help as ladybugs are attracted to water, so they will likely remain there.

Where to buy ladybugs

Amazon is a trusty seller overall. They have ladybugs for sale in well-aired containers. You have plenty of options. This is what I’d buy.

150 Live LadyBugs

This number is a bit low, so I’ll recommend buying this for the following two reasons:
1.Kids—Kids love playing with these interesting live ladybugs.
2.“Spot Treatment”—150 ladybugs is nowhere near enough for an entire garden, but if you have problems with bugs on your flowers, tomatoes, or any vegetable in general, then release these ladybugs on the spot and voila.

1500 Live Ladybugs – Good Bugs

These guys offer guarantee live delivery and honestly, for the price you pay for this, you have basically nothing to lose. In the package you will find an education sheet with tips about releasing rates, fun facts and frequently asked questions. These ladybugs eat insects during adult but also larval stage.

4,500 Live Ladybugs

Now we’re getting into serious stuff. 4,500 live ladybugs cover an area of up to 1,500 square feet, so if you have a larger garden, this is perfect for you.
Same as the 1,500 pack, this comes with an educational sheet that will tell you how to release the ladybugs and where. The seller guarantees the ladybugs will arrive alive. They are healthy and pre-fed.
For a larger garden, up to 1,500 sq ft this is the ideal pack.

18,000 Live Ladybugs

This pack covers approximately 10,000 square feet. In the pack you will find an education poster. Although you maybe surprised by the number, you will be pleasantly surprised if you have a larger garden and problems with small insects such as Mites, Moth eggs, Scales, Mealybugs, Chinch Bugs, Whitefly, Asparagus Bettle larvae, and more.
For this incredibly low price, buying this is an incredible deal if you have problems with bugs.
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