An Inside Look at the Surprising Duties of Royal Family Ladies-in-Waiting

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Published on May 15, Wonder what it would be like to work closely with the Queen of England and other royal women? Just ask a Lady-in-Waiting. From who bathes the Queen page 5 to the real reason they exist page 6 to the shocking amount of money they make page 10we take a close look at what it means to be a Lady-in-Waiting and some of the surprising duties they uphold, ahead. What is a Lady-in-Waiting?

We knew Princess Margaret had a ability with men of all ages, accordingly we held a cocktail party arrange the train, inviting a whole allocation of the press to come. As a result of the end of the twelve-hour aim journey from Canberra to Melbourne, Princess Margaret had charmed them all—and the result was a succession of a good deal nicer headlines. When we arrived all the rage Melbourne, we went straight to the races, where it was sheeting along with rain. They were horribly deformed and completely stiff. They were appallingly grand.

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