Just One Night

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Layne's Stiletto series is so enjoyable that you'll want to read each book in just one night, and book 3 is no exception! Once again, Ms. Layne delivers a witty, sexy story that will keep you entertained until the last page! Riley McKenna is the third of the original trio of Stiletto girls - she's a sassy, feisty bombshell and the sex-guru for the relationship section at the popular women's magazine, but she's keeping a whopper of a secret from everyone. When her boss decides on a behind the scenes issue for the magazine's anniversary, Riley is forced to either come clean about her lack of personal experience in her own columns or grab the gauntlet her editor threw down and finally go after what she's been wanting for 10 years! Enter Sam Compton - Riley's long-time crush and big-brother's best friend. Sam's been harboring his own feelings for Riley, as well, but a less than ideal childhood left him with doubts about his own self worth. The McKenna family are the best people he knows, and the risk of losing them in his life have kept him from pursuing Riley romantically. But another awful date later, and Riley's latest column has lit a fire in her - she's ready to rock the boat and go get her guy!

Arrange one thumb, actually. Because Riley McKenna, sex expert extraordinaire, was exactly individual tepid, beer-fueled college encounter away as of being a virgin. Aaaah okay. A bite weird is happening here. No affair how skeptical I am of the storyline, she always somehow manages en route for make me smile like crazy after that giggle like some deranged loon. A person can write about sex….

I loved this book with all my book-loving heart. I have the biggest, most ridiculously silly smile on my face right now. I love this author and her gorgeous love saga's and I have to confess I'm feeling a little sad that I have to say goodbye to the Stiletto girls but for now I am one overly-excited, romance addict after that I can gladly confirm that all this author touches is pure account gold. Here are my 'just individual night' book thoughts What's it altogether about? Riley McKenna is a association princess and resident 'sexpert' at Stilletto magazine. This gorgeous sex kitten delivers her inside knowledge of all things kink and spice in her accepted column, and has quickly become a popular go to girl for her vast knowledge of everything that goes on between the sheets. But this sassy, beauty has one big clandestine, she has zero personal experience of all her sexy talk, instead above the years she has harboured the biggest love crush on her brothers best friend and no man has ever measured up.

It's a definite must read! See beneath for my review, an excerpt, ascertain a little about Lauren Layne after that enter an amazing giveaway. Emma absent her sultry Southern drawl behind, although not even her closest friends appreciate that with it she left her heart. After giving up everything designed for a pro-soccer career, Alex Cassidy watches his dreams crumble as a lap injury sidelines him for good. Contrasting the innocent girl he remembers, this Emma is chic, sophisticated, and assertive—and she wants absolutely nothing to accomplish with him.

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