Men Are Less Likely to Use Condoms with Hot Women New Survey Says

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The more attractive a man is, the more likely a woman is to want to have sex with him. Nothing new here. Like our ancient ancestors, humans are visual creatures, driven by fairly encoded behaviour. But a new study by two British universities and the University of Guelph in Ontario has also gone one further, and found that women are less likely to want to use a condom during sex, the more attractive they think a man is. Participants filled out an online questionnaire which asked questions such as:. The study confirmed that that the more attractive a man was thought to be, the less likely a woman was to ask him to use a condom.

Their willingness to use condoms also appears to depend, at least in amount, on the way their partner looks. According to a recent study published in BMJ Open , the add attractive heterosexual men perceive a approach female partner to be, the a lesser amount of likely they are to want en route for use condoms with her [1]. These men were asked to imagine they were single and, for each photograph, they rated how willing they would be to have condomless sex along with the woman pictured. Participants thought so as to other men would want to allow unprotected sex with more attractive women, too. What was surprising was so as to there was no link between perceived attractiveness and estimated odds of having an STI. What this means is that women who were judged at the same time as better looking were not seen at the same time as being any more or less of an STI risk compared to a lesser amount of attractive women.

STUDIES have long shown that people attend to to have a positive perception of those who are considered attractive as a result of societal standards, such as believing so as to they are kinder, more honest, after that somehow better, and treat them another way because of these notions. That acuity spills over into other areas such as sexual practices among men, after that the risks many are willing en route for take with a woman who is hot, compared to a less alluring woman. A study published last month in BNJ Open , an online-only general medical journal, among over 50 heterosexual men between the ages of 18 and 69 years, found so as to the more attractive they judged the woman to be, the more agreeable the men would be to allow sex with her, and the a lesser amount of likely to intend to use a condom during sex. The study, Does attractiveness influence condom use intentions all the rage heterosexual men? Men were asked en route for rate the attractiveness of 20 women on the basis of facial photographs, to estimate the likelihood that all woman had a sexually transmitted bug STI and to indicate their compliance to have sex with or devoid of a condom with each woman. It found that the more attractive a woman was judged to be arrange average, the more likely participants would be willing to have sex along with her and the less likely they were to intend to use a condom during sex. Higher condom abuse intentions towards a particular woman were associated with lower ratings of her attractiveness and higher ratings of her STI likelihood. It concluded that manly perceptions of attractiveness influence their condom use intentions. Stefan, entertainment coordinator:.

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