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We were a great match sexually and mentally and our sex life has been steady throughout our entire marriage. I never had any inkling that my wife had done anything like a gangbang, would you have? But recently things have taken a dramatic turn and I wanted to share my discovery with you all. It was really hot. I gave her all of my attention as she slowly and erotically revealed that she had been in a gangbang and not just once. I had so many questions for her and she answered all of them openly, yet I was still astonished. How was I just finding this out?

An artist and burlesque performer, Alex is something of a bohemian, and at the same time as such I'm not expecting her en route for have her heart set on a trip to Paris or a Fendi purse. But the speed and delight with which she delivers her come back with stuns even me, an accomplished debauchee in my own right. I above all write about sex, and yeah, I've done some raunchy stuff over the years. But I've never participated all the rage a gangbang, let alone organized individual. That, as I understand it, is what I'm being asked to bring, less than three months from at once. Alex had a strong inkling I'd be agreeable. Since we met ahead of schedule this year, we've maintained a actual loving, respectful, mature relationship that incorporates a lot of raunchy and rollicking adventures. I suppose that a gangbang is just going to be the latest and greatest; a natural addition of some of the expeditions we've already mounted. I'm certain that Alex's taboo-busting desire comes from a able place.

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