Sexual Behavior in Borderline Personality

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To this point in the chapter, we have focused upon the attraction that occurs between people who are initially getting to know one another. But the basic principles of social psychology can also be applied to help us understand relationships that last longer. When good friendships develop, when people get married and plan to spend the rest of their lives together, and when families grow closer over time, the relationships take on new dimensions and must be understood in somewhat different ways. Yet the principles of social psychology can still be applied to help us understand what makes these relationships last.

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Aim out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Blue-collar of Mental Disorders , various forms of impulsivity are associated with border personality disorder, including sexual impulsivity. The existing empirical literature indicates that patients with borderline personality disorder appear en route for differ from patients without this behaviour disorder in a number of applicable ways. Specifically, those with borderline behaviour disorder are more likely to demonstrate greater sexual preoccupation, have earlier sexual exposure, engage in casual sexual relationships, report a greater number of altered sexual partners as well as promiscuity, and engage in homosexual experiences. All the rage addition, patients with borderline personality ailment appear to be characterized by a greater number of high-risk sexual behaviors; a higher likelihood of having been coerced to have sex, experiencing appointment rape, or being raped by a stranger; and the contraction of add sexually transmitted diseases. Overall, the emotional themes relating to sexual behavior all the rage borderline personality disorder appear to be characterized by impulsivity and victimization.

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