Women won’t date exceptionally clever easy going or attractive men

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Act rugby. While intelligence, a laid-back accost to life, and a chiselled jawline are considered desirable attributes in a potential love interest , having brilliant levels of these qualities is, according to the grapevine, a bit of a turn bad. Who knew? Researchers at the Academe of Western Australia asked university students to complete questionnaires on the qualities they find attractive in a ability romantic partner. The participants, 70 apiece cent of which were female, were asked to rate four qualities — good looks, cleverness, kindness and body easy-going. Then they were asked en route for do the same for 10 apiece cent, 25 per cent, 50 apiece cent, 75 per cent, 90 apiece cent and 99 per cent of the population. The research, published all the rage the British Journal of Psychology , found that generally speaking, the add a quality was present, the add attractive the person became as a partner.

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Altogether rights reserved. What does the call even mean? Why are men accordingly attracted to her siren song? Can you repeat that? is she? Why is she accordingly desirable? We investigate just who this girl is and what the call means. Sounds like a catch, eh?

The research found that while being able and relaxed are desirable attributes all the rage a prospective partner, it is all the same possible to have too much of a good thing. There also appears to be little advantage in body exceptionally physically attractive over being actual attractive, through the perspective of the typical prospective partner. The researchers asked a sample of Australian university students - 70 per cent female after that with an average age of 19 - to carry out questionnaires arrange the qualities most people value all the rage a potential romantic companion. The ask on kindness asked the participants en route for say how attracted they would be to potential partners who were kinder than one per cent of the population. It then asked the alike with the level set at 10 per cent, 25 per cent, 50 per cent, 75 per cent, 90 per cent and 99 per cent of the population. After analysing the results, the researchers found participants of both genders found all four qualities attractive in a prospective partner. En route for sum this up, the more of the quality that was present, the more attractive the individual was at the same time as a partner. When it came en route for both being intelligent and being at ease going, a prospective companion started en route for lose their appeal at the acme of the scale. But the arrange of continuous measurement used in our research is making it clear so as to several of these characteristics are allied with a threshold effect — all the rage other words, you can have also much of a good thing.

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