Female Sex Addicts: Using Sex for Power and Control

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Sex is merely the vehicle that a person uses to find nurture and acceptance. This is the same mechanism of action at work in alcohol, drug and other addictions. While sex addiction affects both males and females, the challenges faced by female addicts are greater. As a foundation to understanding the unique plight of female sex addicts, a better understanding of sex addiction in general will be helpful. Understanding sex addiction Research varies on the prevalence of sex addiction and it is difficult to state with certainty that one gender has a higher incidence of sex addiction than the other does.

Natalie Gil photographed by Meg O'Donnell. Femininity and relationships experts are divided above whether or not it's possible en route for be addicted to sex, but designed for many people the urge to allow sex can be severely detrimental, distressing their mental health, relationships and constant their ability to hold down a job. Relationship charity Relate, which defines sex addiction as sexual activity so as to feels out of control, recently called for help to be made accessible on the NHS. Opinions of lady sex addicts need to change as sex addiction is as real an addiction as alcohol or heroin. At this juncture, she shares her experience of active with a sex addiction.

All the rage her new book, she details a lot of of the experiences that led ahead to her realising she had a problem. She used to prioritise staying at home watching porn over departure the house, and sought out a string of partners for unprotected femininity. Ultimately, she struggled to separate amusement and shame. She told Business Insider there are many misconceptions about femininity addiction. For example, it's not a minute ago men who have it — it affects nearly as many women. Additionally, you don't have to have been through any sort of trauma en route for develop a sex addiction. Having a string of partners and watching hours of porn isn't necessarily the approach to achieve sexual liberation. While a lot of people are empowered by owning their own sexuality in this way, designed for some, it can mean the accurate opposite. Rather than enjoyment and care, sex can be intertwined with bring into disrepute and used as a weapon arrange the path to self destruction.

Conceivably this will help women recognize which excessive behaviors can be signs of an actual addiction. Women always allow been overlooked or underrepresented in studies of alcohol, drug, gambling or femininity addiction. It has been 73 years since the founding of AA after that 60 or so years since the American Medical Association recognized alcoholism at the same time as a disease. Yet it was not until the late s that big findings regarding very powerful gender differences in the development of alcoholism surfaced in research studies for other diseases, such as heart disease or AIDS. Patrick Carnes discovered that, in all-purpose, male sex addicts tend to objectify their partners.

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