Sexual Transmutation: 5 Ways to Channel Sexual Energy

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Many believe sexual energy is akin to creative energy, and that it can be harnessed—and transformed—to help us in other areas of our life, such as fitness or art. Just as sex can physically bring about new life, channeling that energy can bring you new life in a spiritual and energetic sense. This transformation is called sexual transmutation, and it may be just what you need for your next big project. Here's what it's all about, plus how to try it yourself.

A man is about to leave the house in the morning to attempt to work. Kissing his wife goodbye, he buries his face in her hair to inhale her scent. His arms circle her waist to appeal her closer. Her body molds en route for his, and they breathe together designed for a moment, both feeling excited. After that he looks at his watch after that hurries off, waving goodbye to her.

After was the last time you felt sexy — not for anyone also, but just for you? How a lot do you dare awaken your sexual energy? Our names are literally changed for acting on the same desires as our male counterparts. We are disrespected for the same actions men do freely, or are even respected for. Who are we hurting?

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