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But the ease of finding someone that has come with hook-up culture and online dating has also made it easier for predators to find relationships, too. We tend to spend the initial stages of a relationship seeing nothing but good things about our intended partner, which can make it even more difficult to notice the bad parts of a new relationship. Here are a few red flags to look out for when you start dating someone new. In fact, scientists say the first few months of a new relationship are as addictive as crack cocaine. If a new partner is ready to declare their undying love for you really early in the relationship, it can be a warning sign. An excessive amount of gifts or attention can reveal insecurity on the part of your new love, which can spell trouble later on.

I know I am. We are digging into two major questions that appear my way all the time about being single and finding love. They are super juicy, so read on! I am single and this summer, I was invited to tons of weddings. I feel successful in all other area of my life, apart from for my love life, and I feel so pressured by my parents to meet someone.

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