‘No Strings’ offers reversal of gender roles

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One of my friends is having 'no strings attached' sex with a friend of hers. And no, I'm not using 'friend' as code word for myself. That would be the least subtle way of admitting I'm cheating on my boyfriend ever. There would be some serious strings attached to that sex and not in a kinky way. She's known this guy for years and whenever they're both single they find themselves calling each other up for what I can only describe as booty calls. I don't like using that phrase though because I feel like a nana trying to use complicated 'street lingo' in an attempt to be down with the kidz. Maybe the kidz of the late s when that phrase was popular. Anyway, they call each other up for sex.

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Designed for a while, though, the very advanced relationship that writer Elizabeth Meriwether lays out for us has a bad-tempered, spirited energy and an appealing, astonishing raunchy streak. Emma works 80 hours a week as a doctor all the rage residence, then comes home to wisecracking roommates Greta Gerwig, Mindy Kaling after that Guy Branum, among the well-cast biased players. But Kline — who starred as a regular guy who pretends to be the U. Portman is intelligent and confident here as she calls all the shots, and Kutcher is in his usual agreeable puppy-dog mode. They make a sufficiently affable duo — nothing spectacular, but adequate. The answer is never really all the rage doubt, but the film forces en route for slog through all the usual misunderstandings, missed opportunities and potential extracurricular mates before we get there.

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