Dog Stud Service Overview

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The easiest way to find one of these clubs is by visiting the website of the American Kennel Club AKC and checking the breed page for your chosen breed. Once you contact the club, you'll be referred to one or more stud owners whose dogs you can check out. When to Find a Stud Scouting for a stud is best done well in advance of your female's heat cycle so that you have plenty of time to look at different stud dogs as well as some of their progeny. Look at the Stud's Pedigree Looking at the stud's pedigree will also show you how many champions are in his family tree. While this is not a certain guarantee of quality, it can help guide you to a superior bloodline. You want the stud to at least be old enough to have recommended health testing, which may require them to be as old as 2 years, depending on when the breed reaches full sexual maturity.

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