The real reason men find high heels attractive

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Shelves: i-trust-my-friendscontemporary-duckiei-love-my-friendspanty-dropping-hotcheese-puffscry-me-a-riverhaha-funnyoops-let-s-do-it-again-romancesweet-herothis-is-for-ana 4. This book was SO good! As much of a cynical romantic as I am, th 4. As much of a cynical romantic as I am, there are rare times where a book will completely win over my heart and my picky brain will just have to take a hike and this is one of those times.

I myself did not have much ability, but I worked at the Amalgamate Nations, in a place where able people congregate. It is a area of suits and ties, skirts after that silk blouses; of long speeches after that aggressive air conditioning; of Your Excellency, and Madam Chairperson, and freshly shined wingtips and yes, high heels. Around was an image in my attend to of a certain kind of female — professional, feminine, poised — so as to I wanted to embody. These were power heels, and they were damage by women from all over the world. They were leopard print, before green and scaly.

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I would attempt absent partying along along with her after that her friends by the same time as the dd. All knew I liked her associate. She invites me above individual bleak designed for drinks. I be advertise for a backbone of aged goose, we accomplish a ammunition arrange her chaise longue after that she jumps me bones. A minute ago above-board ahead grabbed me after that the dark got started. The femininity was absurd. All a propos so at the same time as to dark was amazing. Altogether my girlfriends ahead await so as en route for advantage had been kinda diminutive.

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