Sons vs. Daughters: The Role of Gender in Caring for Aging Parents

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Since before we can remember, our parents have cared for many of us, providing necessities like food, housing, and possibly even an education. As we get older, so do our parents. After a certain point, the roles reverse, and our parents are the ones who need our help and provision. Do you wonder if taking care of your parents when they are old is your responsibility?

Caregiving Topics Family Caregiver Articles. Send To:. Your E-Mail:. Your Name:. Your After everything else Name:. In addition to notoriously arduous decisions that come with caregiving, akin to whether Dad should continue driving before if Mom needs more help by home, Nancy was also struggling along with years and years of toxic ancestor history. Over the span of two decades, author, columnist, consultant and amp Carol Bradley Bursack cared for a neighbor and six elderly family members. Abusive Relationship.

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