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Abstract Background Adolescent pregnancy has been a persistent area of interest and concern in the field of public health. Health compromising behaviours often develop in adolescence, yet the sexual and reproductive health of adolescent mothers is often marginalised in the healthcare field. Methods The study employed a descriptive qualitative design. To collect the data, four focus group discussions were conducted with adolescent mothers aged 16—19 years.

The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Cult Fitness Sex See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Conceptual Much attention has been focused arrange efforts to reduce unintended pregnancy as a result of improving contraceptive use among high-risk women; however, there is limited information en route for guide interventions to engage young men in contraceptive decision-making. We conducted application groups of young men, ages 19—26, from diverse racial backgrounds from low-income communities in the San Francisco Alcove Area to examine social norms a propos sexual relationships and how they bang on contraceptive use. A range of relationships were described, however casual relationships predominated. While young men expressed beefy desires to avoid pregnancy in accidental relationships, the unpredictable nature of relationships, together with low communication and affection for the women involved, made stressing consistent contraceptive use among partners dodgy.

In a row Here are some questions to be concerned about when selecting a birth control method: How well does the method avert pregnancy? To tell how well a method works, look at the add up to of pregnancies in women using so as to method over a period of 1 year. What are your feelings a propos getting pregnant? Would an unplanned pregnancy create hardship or distress to a woman or her partner?

Questions and Answers About Male Condoms 1. Are condoms effective at preventing pregnancy? Yes, male condoms are effective, although only if used correctly with all act of sex. When used again and again and correctly, only 2 of all women whose partners use condoms be converted into pregnant over the first year of use. Many people, however, do not use condoms every time they allow sex or do not use them correctly. This reduces protection from pregnancy. How well do condoms help care for against HIV infection? For example, along with 10, uninfected women whose partners allow HIV, if each couple has vaginal sex just once and has denial additional risk factors for infection, arrange average: If all 10, did not use condoms, about 10 women would likely become infected with HIV. But all 10, used condoms correctly, 1 or 2 women would likely be converted into infected with HIV.

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