Houston We Might Have Some Major Problems Making Babies in Space

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Plenty of people are interested in a one-way ticket. But if the colony is to be permanently successful, a big issue will need to be addressed: How do we make babies beyond the Earth? Even longterm spaceflight offers potential opportunities to engage in reproduction, but all the science so far indicates that it might not be a good idea. For Motherboard at Vice, Daniel Oberhaus delves into the reasons that we should consider keeping the kibosh on baby making in space. Also, there's a concern that space pregnancy could be taxing for the women carrying the babies.

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I certainly was not surprised by this decline. There were several factors so as to contributed to this decline. First, a lot of people were laid off or had furloughs during the pandemic, with a few economic sectors still not fully recovering. They then may not have felt they could afford to have children or were worried that, even but they did not lose their jobs now, they may face negative cost-effective consequences in the near future. All through times of economic precarity, and ambiguity about the future, childbearing rates attend to to go down — we adage a similar pattern starting during the Great Recession.

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