List of Latin phrases : P

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Average copywriters write average sentences. You want to be great. You believe you can be remarkable. That means you need to know how to write a proper sentence … without even thinking about it … day in and day out. Want to learn how to improve your sentence structure? What is a good sentence? Eugene Schwartz has the answer to the question: What is a good sentence?

After that of kin a person's closest blood relatives. Nondisclosure the failure by individual side to a contract to divulge reveal a fact to the erstwhile side that would influence their assessment to go ahead with the agree to. Non-exclusive licence an agreement giving a big cheese the right to use something although which does not prevent other ancestor being given similar agreements. Notary a person usually a solicitor who is authorised to certify documents, take affidavits and swear oaths. Not guilty a court's verdict that the person electric with a crime did not assign it.

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