The Best Shows to Watch Based on Shows You Already Love

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Now, if you're looking to cozy up to some more con artists, want to tag along on some other great heists, or simply want to build up your French TV library, here are eight other shows worth considering. Gotta get your Baby Yoda fix! From sci-fi epics to space westerns to just plain westerns, these shows will keep you busy while you wait for new episodes of The Mandalorian. Shows to Watch If You Like Manifest The NBC drama Manifest has its hooks in fans, using the tried-and-true formula of throwing mystery on top of mystery until our brains are twisted in knots. We've gathered up several other shows that share a lot of DNA with Manifest.

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Course - Old Mountain Road Moultonborough, NH, Phone: A mountain estate featuring activities, tours to hikes, horseback riding Circuit an elegant mansion. Hike or ski or snowshoe past waterfalls. Go horseback riding or take a sleigh caper. You can do all of this, and more, at Castle in the Clouds, a mountaintop estate with absurd views and a full slate of activities, starting with a tour of the Arts and Crafts-style Lucknow Hall, where the s and s appear alive. The mansion, state-of-the-art in its day, features vacuum and housewide buzz systems as well as vintage attire and furnishings. And, you can circuit the basement to see how the servants lived. Outside are gardens, a pond where kids can feed the leaping rainbow trout, hiking and skiing trails past waterfalls and a bistro with panoramic views.

Base an umbrella the next time you head over to the beach. Arrange top of the washing machine, accordingly you can feel the vibrations. Base the bleachers at the closest academy campus you can find. On the balcony of your hotel room, accordingly you have a gorgeous view. All the rage the changing room the next age you go clothes shopping at the mall. Inside of an empty classroom while there are students bustling about outside. On a staircase, because you might as well do it all the rage every possible area of your abode. On an airplane, so you be able to officially join the mile high alliance.

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