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Her recently-published book, The Lake Mystery: Secrets of the Crossroads, is for and about middle schoolers, said Crofts one day last week, on the telephone from her North Stonington home, and is on the order of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys She then moved back to her hometown to be near Wyassup Lake, the lake cottage she loved so well, and her beloved grandmother, the late Alice Crofts. When their mother dies, their father, a New York City attorney, decides to move them to live near his mother, their paternal grandmother. They not only grow close to their grandmother, and learn from her stories, but they meet a young Black boy named Jesse, whose father has an interesting past and who becomes a trusted friend. Crofts said she actually began imagining her story by placing the girls inside her own grandmother's real cottage on the lake — the cottage she owns today and where she still spends the summer months — then concentrated on the setting and let her imagination take over. The story also includes a popular section of town called the bear cave, and the North Stonington fire tower, a structure that no longer exists but where Crofts spent time as a child. In the book, Crofts said, Cresselley and Robin climb the nine flights up to the fire tower's small observation cubicle, and with only stars in the night sky Soon they learn how to decode the messages being sent by some dangerous bad guys and find themselves in hot water, but they eventually escape, and with Jesse's help, solve the mystery. Crofts, who has been a foster parent for more than 30 years, said writing The Lake Mystery: Secrets of the Crossroads helped her through a difficult time after losing one of her foster sons.

How do we do it? How accomplish we keep getting ourselves in these situations? At three seasons, it is far and away the most booming filmed adaptation of any property of the Stratemeyer Syndicate. The two boys live in the fictional city of Bayport, MA not the NY of the books with their famous member of the clergy, Fenton Hardy Ed Gilbert , a private detective who'd spent 20 years with the New York Police Administrative area and who seemingly has connections all over.

All the rage the first few Hardy Boy books, the boys rode motorcycles and carried 45's. As I continued to announce the series, the boys became a bite more wholesome. And younger, in the first few books Frank was 18 and Joe was 17; suddenly they were 16 and Strangely, the become old shift didn't bother me as the adventure kept me in thrall. I like this version even though the city name is wrong, it should be Bayport; and I'm not blissful with the age difference between Above-board and Joe. The story here is good with some genuine mystery after that menace. It's as much Hardy Boys as any and better than a few of the other TV series so as to borrowed the name. I hope designed for a second series, but I alarm a few of the actors bidding age out quickly. I used en route for write fan letters to F.

Homer: These Hardy Boys books are absolute too! This one's about smugglers. Bart: They're all about smugglers. They abide by the adventures of Frank and Joe Hardy, a pair of brother detectives.

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