How a Metis woman found her mother and siblings decades after she was put into foster care

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The Regina-born Metis woman was put into foster care at months-old and later adopted by a white family. Elders from the Wabaseemoong First Nation in north-western Ontario remember the bus that drove around their reserve picking up children and shuttling them to a waiting plane for a kilometre flight north to Sandy Lake, a remote community with no outside road link, except for ice roads built on frozen lakes and rivers during the winter. Such mass apprehension of children from troubled Wabaseemoong, including those flights in the s, have been draining the reserve of its youth for decades, until, inthe community had had enough. During her harrowing search for her biological mother, she learned that she had seven younger siblings. Five brothers and one sister were all placed in foster care or put up for adoption. Another sibling died at birth in

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