When it comes to chainsaws, there’s something for everyone. In this article, we are going to be looking at the Echo chainsaws. This brand factors in the major and minor necessities of using a chainsaw.

Whether you are a professional logger or are just seeking to trim some branches at home, Echo has it all. This brand offers total reliability, thanks to its professional elements. They are also constructed for everyone to use as they have streamlined frames which allow easy access to all functions.

Let’s look at the properties that make each Echo chainsaw an ideal choice when purchasing a high-quality chainsaw.

Quick Check on the Comparable Features

Echo ChainsawPriceBar LengthEngine Displacement
Cutting DiameterWeightRating
Echo CS-400 Gas Chainsaw18-Inches40.2cc36-Inches10.1pounds3.9/5
Echo Cs-590 Timber Wolf Chainsaw20-Inches59.8cc40-Inches17pounds4.2/5
Echo CS-310 Gas Chainsaw14-Inches30.5cc28-Inches8.1pounds4.3/5
Echo Gas Chainsaw Bar12-Inches26.9cc21-Inches11pounds5.0/5
Echo CS-490 Chainsaw Professional Grade20-Inches50.2cc40-Inches18.7pounds4.8/5

Echo Chainsaw Reviews – Top 5 Models

1. Echo CS-400 Gas Chainsaw 18-Inches

When you are looking for a chainsaw to fit your home demands, you’ll want to look at a mid-sized unit. The Echo CS-400 18-inch falls under this specific category. One, it is mid-sized, making it suitable for light to heavy duty tasks.

This includes wood cutting, felling small trees, bucking and general clean up. It is the most excellent choice if you hope to be done in a short time.

Balanced Functions offer Safe Working

This chainsaw operates with a low kickback chain with 18-inches bar length. It allows for fast, precise cuts when handling jobs in its class size. You can expect it to balance well in your hands. That is; it shows stability without forcing you to tip forward or backward when working.

It delivers reliability so that the user has the easiest time controlling the machine. And as you would expect from such a popular brand the gripping spikes are large to complete the job with efficiency.

Power and Performance

With a 2-stroke engine, you can already tell that the unit delivers high power. It achieves an energy displacement of 40.2 cc which is more than enough when running things around the home.

You’ll like that with such power; it opens avenues for handling tough jobs instead of employing a professional to clean the yard for you. We can say that this is an economical brand because the engine conserves the fuel to run for longer than on standard chainsaws.

Anti-Vibration Handles for Comfortable Working

Echo CS-400 allows you to work with absolute comfort. It carries a primer bulb which allows for quick start-ups. In fact, many users have praised the unit for starting in the second pull. Both the front and back handles benefit from rubber configurations which take much of the vibrations.

However, you get to use a wrench to adjust the chain. Most users prefer tool-less tensioning. It has a chain guard as an added protection against unwarranted kickbacks.


  • Functions are placed in quick-to-access areas
  • It has a high-grade air filter which is easy to locate and replace
  • It’s lightweight so one can work more before fatigue kicks in
  • Yields high power to handle tough jobs


  • It operates loudly; we recommend ear muffs when using the unit


The Echo CS-400 has some unique features for a unit with 18-inches of bar length. It has excellent power capacity with the ability to tackle a vast array of tasks. It protects your hands while giving simple functions. Care and maintenance have received the priority with the parts being easy to access.

2. Echo Cs-590 Timber Wolf 20-Inches Chainsaw

The Echo CS-590 is an excellent choice if you are looking at heavy-duty tasks like felling and bucking. It strikes a large balance between the bar length and the engine power it generates.

It falls in between consumer and professional jobs as it is comfortable for use in one-time jobs to daily usage on common tasks. As a professional grade chainsaw, it carries some of the most attractive features you’d like to see on a chainsaw.

Simple and Comfortable Operations

This model is easy to work with, owing to the balanced weight throughout the unit. This way anyone who has weight lifting restrictions can feel comfortable using it. It has an automatic oiling system where two plates keep the oil going in the right places.

It, therefore, provides for continuous working; hence you can achieve much even when it’s hot and windy. The translucent fuel tank keeps you updated on the fuel level so that you can estimate the job you can do before you can refuel. Always remember to let the engine cool down before refueling.

Quick Startup System

Another great thing is the digital ignition system. One, it comes with a decompression valve which makes the starting process much easier. By releasing some of the pressure from the combustion chamber, the engine can fire up in quick successions after you pull the cord.

You’ll love working with this unit as it has a dual-chain brake. This way, you are always protected from the unintended ignitions. The handles are also rubberized to keep the vibrations at a minimum.

Easy to Access Parts

When it comes to the after use care, you’ll be pleased by the industrial grade air filter. Its location is the most impressive at just above the rear handle. It allows for fast replacement, so if you are down to an afternoon of servicing your machine, it will be the best time spent.

It also remains in proper working condition for many years since the construction indicates a sturdy unit that resists corrosion over time.


  • Large tank capacity increases the working hours
  • Automatic oiling system keeps the chain lubricated during use
  • Long bar supports thick tree felling
  • Has a secure digital ignition system


  • Using the wrong oil-gas ratio renders the unit useless


The Echo CS-590 is impressive in its design and functional features. It has an ergonomic user style which cares for the operator’s hands. It explores maximum safety against kickback by using a dual-post chain brake. The startup is easy so that it is still useful during the cold days. Overall, the Echo CS-590 is a versatile and dependable unit.

3. Echo CS-310 Gas Chainsaw 14-Inches

If you want to own a powerful chainsaw on a budget; the Echo Cs-310 is probably the best bet among Echo chainsaws. This model reveals some very useful features such as the automatic oiling system and low kickback chain. Most people find it easy to work with as it lightweight so you can exert total control.

Unique and Versatile Features

The Echo CS-310 has a 14-inch bar and utilizes 30.5cc of engine displacement. These features indicate more than enough power that you’ll need for your home. You can go from cutting trees into logs to cleaning after a storm.

With the power, it yields it delivers many cuts per minute such that you’ll not work on one project for many hours. This machine is meant to serve you, by all means, leaving you to work on other projects.

Safety Features

It’s easy to understand the basic working of this unit. One, the chain and bar are streamlined to the frame. The location of the kickback guard is near the front handle meaning you are always protected.

Even with the small weight, you still need to be careful when using a chainsaw. An important security feature is an extreme rubber cushioning done on the handles. It takes off the pressure of controlling the unit when it digs into thick trees so that you will not lose control in the process of using it.

Efficient Start Up

You’ll like that it does not rely on the weather to startup. That is you don’t need a heated garage for a smooth start. With a digital i-30 system, it allows quick warm up of the engine to ease the startup process.

Also included is the convenience to adjust the chain from the side. Although you have to use tools, accessing the chain from the side makes it manageable.


  • Engine provides high drive to cater for tough cut jobs
  • Lightweight with a short bar for comfortable handling
  • The air filter is removable without tools
  • The engine air filter prolongs the life of the tool


  • You have to use tools to adjust the chain


The Echo CS-310 is not as big as other Echo models but is as tough. It is straightforward and comfortable to use, and it has sturdy construction. Its quality tallies to the homeowner consumer as it is not intended to undergo hefty pruning or tree cutting.

4. Echo Gas Chainsaw 26.9cc 12-Inch Bar

Echo always offers premium quality products. This particular model is a good example of the comfort you get when you invest in an Echo. The 12-inch bar model qualifies as a small chainsaw for general yard maintenance and cleanup.

You should expect to use it for minimized jobs like light pruning and wood cutting. The bar limits the usage to under 12inches, therefore, you can only work around the home.

Long Life Service

This machine is intended to last many years while working in proper condition. It has an engine air pre-cleaner which ensures the air filter does minimal work, so it will take a while before you change it.

The overall performance of the engine is reserved since with less carbon, the performance improves and stays constant so that for the years it serves, it will be with absolute precision for every cut.

Reliable Working Parts with Automatic Oiling

This unit enjoys the exemplary i-30 start system. You can count on it to start with less effort when it gets cold. The purge bulb is a significant entity of this unit as it comes in handy to warm up the engine when starting the engine.

You’ll also appreciate the automatic oiling which helps with maintaining the chain at the correct lubrication level. This means that you won’t spend excessively on oiling as a little will go further.

Works from an Elevated Position

This machine explores a top handle, meaning it works best from an elevated position rather than from the ground. It is well balanced with another side handle to allow easy usage and overall support.

This tool is not only compact, but it can also take on a 14-inch bar to increase the versatility. It is the ideal make for the pruning of bushes and trees on a small scale.


  • Powerful but lightweight
  • Inertia type chain brake which serves as a hand guard
  • Great built for longevity
  • Easy to start owing to the i-30 start system


  • It is a bit expensive, but consumers value the great quality expressed in the design


This model of the Echo brand reveals a machine that strikes a precise balance between the ergonomics and the design. It offers the user comfortable holding; each component is specially engineered to provide efficient running and outstanding performance. The only thing though is that with high-grade parts comes a steep price.

5. Echo CS-490 Chainsaw Professional Grade

Durable Construction

The need for a reliable chainsaw for everyday use continues to grow. With a high-quality one, you can get all the functions you need in one unit. The Echo CS-490 is built for professional use thanks to the robust built from durable materials including magnesium and aluminum with chrome plating. This type of construction indicates long life to carry out a fantastic job for a decent period.

Suitable for Heavy-Duty Jobs

Expect to have some fun if you are into heavy-duty logging. This unit operates with 50.2cc power from its 2-stroke engine. It also carries an engine air pre-cleaner to preserve the life of the motor in the long-run.

This feature also supports economic performance where the combustion chamber retains proper functioning. You’ll like that the air filter is heavy-duty and is also at a location where you can easily reach.

Low Kickback Chain and Other Safety Features

Like the other Echo models, this one also has a unique double post chain brake. It is an excellent safety feature, one that is often overlooked when it comes to working with chainsaws. For one, you’ll need to protect your fingers in the case of kickback.

It also keeps the branch chips from flowing into your hands and face when you are cutting from an awkward position. The clutch explores a rim sprocket meaning when you’ll just replace it when it starts to wear.

Lightweight and a Stable Handle

With a magnesium crankcase the unit benefits from reduced weight hence it is comfortable to hold when tackling the toughest jobs. It also comes with added durability as magnesium is corrosion resistant. You’ll like that the functions are also placed in easy to access locations.

This includes the on/off switch, the side tensioning system, and choke control. It provides for smooth operations such that you’ll not spend much of your precious time on trying to have the unit work for you.


  • It showcases high fuel efficiency
  • Has an engine air pre-cleaner to preserve its life
  • It’s suitable for heavy duty jobs
  • Industrial grade components make the unit durable.


  • It requires strength and knowledge of operating a chainsaw


The CS-490 is an impressive tool. It is quite a steal when it comes to buying large chainsaws. It offers quality performance plus it explores the best safety features you can expect from a professional grade chainsaw. The construction shows durable properties including the magnesium crankcase and chrome plated gas cylinder.


Best Echo Chainsaw

Echo CS-400 Gas Chainsaw 18-Inches  

This is a product that many users have come to appreciate. The price is equivalent to the quality you get as it cuts different sized trees and branches on demand. The weight is well distributed to offer balance when working on overkill tasks. The beauty of it is in the varied applications as it is suitable for small DIY projects as it is for major yard cleanup.


With the information above, we hope you’ll have a much easier time choosing the best model for the tasks ahead.

The Echo brand is a great pick so before you look at other brands; try out any of the designs above. Always remember to wear protective clothing and exercise the correct operation and maintenance procedures.

We hope our Echo chainsaw reviews has helped you decide which one of these bad boys is the best for you.

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