Cub Cadet is a globally renowned manufacturer of outdoor power equipment. For the winter season, this brand provides us with machines to tackle whichever type of snow the season brings your way.

They have three different designs, that is; the single stage, two-stage and third stage snow blower. The Cub Cadet Snow Blowers offer standard features so they are easy to understand.

Even better their products go through various evaluations to maintain the high standards placed upon them. Here, we look at each of the designs, demystifying their uniqueness and why they fit as high rated snow blower equipment. Their tools have distinct but different properties to handle a vast array of demands.

Cub Cadet Snow Blower Reviews – Quick Comparison Table 

Cub Cadet Snow BlowerPriceEngine CapacityNumber of SpeedsClearing WidthIntake HeightSystem
Cub Cadet Single-Stage Gas-Powered Snow Blower208cc1-forward21-inches13-inchesSingle Stage- One Auger
Cub Cadet Two-Stage Snow Blower with Electric Start208cc6-forward
24-inches16-inchesTwo-Stage One Auger with Propelled Wheels
Cub Cadet Three-Stage Snow Blower with Power Steering357cc6-Forward
Two Augers with self-Propelled Wheels

Best Cub Cadet Snow Blower Reviews

1. Cub Cadet Single-Stage Gas-Powered Snow Blower

If you are looking for efficiency in snow clearing this winter, then Cub Cadet Single Stage Snow Blower is a good pick. It works well on long driveways, walkways, and sidewalks, making sure you work fast and expertly in removing large volumes of snow. If you live in areas where the snow can sink very deep in as little as a day, you’ll want to consider this model by Cub Cadet.

Engine Efficiency

Coming with an engine capacity of 208cc, you’ll like that it carries high energy for those tough jobs. It brings a clearing width of up to 21inches such that you can make a large car path in just one pass. This is the efficiency we love about this machine.

And, no worries if the snow has sunk so deep your boots can’t feel the ground, this particular blower will go down to the pavement up to 13 inches.

It’s in your best interest that you get the value out of your machine on a brisk afternoon. This tool carries with it a remotely controlled chute for quick changes on snow throwing direction.

Easy Handling and Operation

It surpasses other single stage brands, seeing that it is gas-powered. This means you have unlimited time to work with it. With a full tank, you can as well spend the afternoon clearing all the fallen snow of the previous night. It affords comfortable handling with the electric start system which comes in handy on winter freezing days.

It also explores an auger drive system with one forward speed. This gives you the control you’d like to see on home equipment. You’ll be glad it has vast, rugged wheels which make maneuvering through thick snow easy and effortless.

Care and Maintenance

When it comes to the upkeep of this machine, you’ll find that it allows straightforward practices. It utilizes the 4-cycle engine system which sees that the fuel and oil are stored in different chambers.

You’ll not find yourself calculating ratios or cleaning the spark plug after every refill. It keeps the correct combustion, thanks to the efficient airflow through the carburetor. It can reach full economy, therefore prolonging its life.

Unique Features

If you want to work in the early dawn hours or extend snow removal into the night, this snow blower gives you the convenience of bright headlights. It also comes with heated handles to keep your hands warm thus you are safe from hypothermia and other complications associated with working in freezing weather.


  • Easy and fast control system
  • Robust construction for longevity
  • Large clearing width and intake height
  • It cleans down to the pavement


  • It does not do well on gravel floors
  • Auger system is not sufficient enough for wet and hard snow
  • It needs ear protection as it produces loud noise


Cub Cadet is a recognized brand in home maintenance tools. This tool only showcases a mastery of power and performance with finesse. It suits the small to average residential owner. The capacity is just right for light snowfalls.

For the times you need to deal with heavy snowfalls, you’ll want to look at another type of machine. The wheels may get stuck in dense snow giving the user a huge challenge.

2. Cub Cadet Two-Stage Snow Blower with Electric Start

For a homeowner, choosing the right snow blower calls for more than just walking into a store and picking any model. You’ll need a product with an influential manufacturer backing the machine.

Once again, Cub Cadet provides us with another of their unique designs intended to make snow blowing less of a chore. If you wake up late for work to find that you can’t access your garage because of a snow heap, it’s only right that you invest in the Cub Cadet Two-Stage Snow Blower.

Speedy Operations

It combines speed and performance in one solid piece for a comfortable working time. This model is capable of knocking down plow piles as well as clear out vast areas with the high-efficiency engine. It is also a 4-cycle system which ensures snow removal goes on smoothly without jamming of the impeller or the wheels.

The tires measure 15-inches with deep traction to gain stability in the dense and wet snow. You’ll be able to work comfortably on sloping areas since it offers a smooth driving system.

Smooth Drive System and Performance

Thanks to the zero turn power steering; this tool becomes much easier to go around tight places. You don’t have to make several reverses before an area is cleared out since it is self-propelled.

Working with it allows you to set any of the six forwards speeds according to the type of snow you’ll be clearing. The wheels make reversing even more viable seeing that they offer the right resistance to prevent gliding through the ice when you need it to turn around.

Carrying big auger blades and a steel chute, it makes for a machine made for the snow outdoors. Most people can attest that it is with this brand that their compound looks neat each winter. The blades are rubber coated so that they can clean all the surfaces in your home without scratching even the softest wooden decks.

Adding to the smooth maneuvering are the brightly colored, blue skid shoes. They maintain the quality of the tool by keeping it is raised so that it remains scratch resistant and free from corrosion and rust.

Convenience and Reliability

This machine passes our reliability test with the clearing path capacity and the intake height. It stands at 24 inches for the width and 21-inches for the height. You don’t have to break your back removing tons of snow even if you are healthy and fit.

The model provides you with a speedy manner of removing all the snow in the least time possible. More excellent features are seen with the quick electric start and an industrial-grade gear box.


  • Simple handling system with the control panel
  • One hand control to access all areas on your compound
  • Power steering capacity for quick propulsion
  • It is comfortable on all types of snow


  • It requires an ample storage space
  • Moving it when the engine is not running proves challenging because of the weight
  • It produces some degree of unwarranted vibrations when in use


When the snow keeps falling, a better way to clean it fast is assured by the two-stage Cub Cadet. It is gas powered offering, versatility in the various methods one can utilize it. It fits all types of snow and all kinds of surfaces.  It is best for the medium-slightly large properties.

The two-stage is however limited to slight slopes as the wheels may not handle constant skidding even with controlled speed system.

3. Cub Cadet Three-Stage Snow Blower with Power Steering

When it comes to smart innovation, Cub Cadet beats it with their 3-stage snow blower. It is arguably the best design by this brand. It integrates two steel augers and an accelerator chop which crushes the snow before it is let out through the chute.

It means more snow is thrown out, higher speed and a cleaner surface. It can handle the heaviest, most dense snow without breaking the parts or jamming the augers.

Engine Capacity Enhances Performance

This machine carries the highest engine displacement at 375cc. You can tell the power it generates, ensures smooth running. It can comfortably throw snow over 50ft when clearing a path 26 inches wide. The essence here is to afford you a quick method of snow removal. You can skip spending hours in the cold with a powerful machine like the three-stage.

The best thing is that there are no restrictions in the areas you can use this equipment. If you have a grass lawn, concrete pavement or a wood deck, it works equally on all floors enhancing the performance on each pass.

Drive System

This tool benefits from a power steering system. You’ll find that even with its weight, it is very easy to handle. It allows setting of six different speeds to achieve full economy and operating at full capacity. Other unique handling features include heated hand grips plus the electric start.

They give you an easy time in that one gets to have smooth operations where changing the gear does not stop the drive. With one hand, you get to exercise total control over this machine.

Clearance and Handling System

You’ll be happy to use this tool if snow on your compound sinks to 21-inches. This means you don’t have to worry over the plow pile at the end of your driveway. It can easily cut through with exceptional clearance for wet and sticky snow.

The serrated augers ensure the snow eases through the system without clogging. Not forgetting that it comes with skid shoes to keep it from scraping the floor. They are reversible and rust-free to work without damaging surfaces.


For you that love working consistently, this is the tool to pick. One, the throw chute is wide to deliver out plenty of snow. It requires little maintenance since the 4-cycle engine keeps the acceleration high which indicates small amounts of snow sticks on the moving parts for cleaning later. It runs cleaner than a two-stroke as it carries low emissions owing to the separate oiling system.


  • High engine capacity
  • Simple upkeep measures
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Minimal gas emissions


  • It requires constant cooling
  • Occupies a large storage space
  • It is noisy; one needs ear muffs when operating it


This model of the Cub Cadet brings a genuine product for utmost convenience. From the clearing capacity, engine power and solid construction, this tool intends to serve you for a decent period. Its vast usefulness is for heavy duty tasks and tackling the most complicated snow clearing tasks. The maneuvering is easy for all types of users since it uses a power steering system.

It is however limited to the clearing path availed. If you have wide paths over 24-inches you will be required to make more than a few passes. It is, therefore, tiring when using it in massive spaces like parking lots.

Conclusion After 3 Cub Cadet Snow Blowers Reviews:

Our best pick goes to the Two –Stage Cub Cadet Design. It exhibits a compact size for both small and heavy duty tasks. It can easily be stored while navigating with is straightforward with the semi propelled mechanism. It is best suited for both short and long driveways. All in all, it is versatile and will be worth every penny you spend on it.

If you are looking for a commercially viable design, we believe the three-stage Cub Cadet is the real deal. It combines two augers, power steering, and high acceleration levels. It best for avid landscapers and medium-sized property owners.

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