When it comes to buying a high-quality chainsaw, we can’t understate the Blue Max brand. They are small, heavy-duty models intended for all-around home and light forestry work.

They all generate high power which is handy for limbing, trimming and sawing wood into manageable sizes. These units combine size and cutting speed to provide efficient cutting and simple handling.

We look further into Blue-Max chainsaws demystifying all the unique features and why we recommend them as some of the best chainsaws.

Comparable Features

Blue Max ChainsawPriceBar LengthCutting SpeedEngine PowerWeightRating
Blue Max 6595 Gas Powered Chainsaw18-Inches2800RPM45cc17.64Pounds3.4/5
Blue Max 5466 Gas Powered Chainsaw16-Inches2800RPM37.2cc15Pounds3.6/5
Blue Max 5272114& 18-Inches2800RPM38cc19.95Pounds3.3/5

Top 3 Blue Max Chainsaw Reviews

1. Blue Max 6595 45cc18-Inch 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chainsaw

Compact and Lightweight

If you are looking for top-rated performance, then you have to go with the Blue Max 6595. It is a favorite product among users who like gas-powered chainsaws, mainly because it is lightweight compared to others.

Being compact means, it has very minimal vibrations such that your hands are protected from fatigue and future complications. It is a simple tool to work with so get it to assist you when you want to saw wood, cut precise pieces for a project or do cleanup around your yard.

Engine Features with CDI Ignition System

This Blue Max model uses a convenient 2-stroke engine. Its beauty is the high power that enhances performance. It is the remedy for fast cutting speeds and accurate cuts. You can never go wrong as in the working process starts rapidly with the help of a CDI ignition system.

This means you’ll not be fumbling with the pull cord on a cold morning when the carburetor can’t seem to warm up. It also benefits from an automatic oiler that eliminates the need for taking unwarranted breaks in the middle of working.

Bar Properties and Safety

Bearing an 18-inch bar, it showcases the ability to cut full branches if you are going to trim overgrown trees. It can also limb dead trees as with the bar, comes wide and sharp cutters that stay so over many cuts only remember not to drive it into the dirt.

You’ll like that it is equipped with a low kickback chain and a double-railed inertia activated chain brake. It explores these safety features just in case you are a novice to reduce chances of an injury in the event of kickback.

Comfortable Working

Other safety features for this model includes a safety trigger which keeps the chain intact in the path you guide it. You’ll find this feature extremely useful if the chainsaw gets pushed by a branch which would instead thrust the chain from the correct position.

Both handles have anti-vibration rubber installed in them where they also allow the entire hand to wrap through when holding the unit. The ON/OFF switch is well-placed at the rear handle where you easily reach it with your thumb.


  • It has a vast array of accessories
  • It has high cutting speeds
  • It’s inexpensive; a major attraction among users
  • Explores many safety features including an inertia activated chain brake and a trigger switch


  • Some user complaints concerning the detailing on the manual about the fuel-to-oil ratio


If you are looking to replace a small power chainsaw with a gas-powered one, the Blue Max 4595 is the way to go. It has beautiful and well-thought features to allow seasoned users and beginners to use it safely. The weight is manageable for most of the users except for the fuel-to-oil ratio input. All in all, it is a reliable chainsaw for most homeowners and occasional loggers.

2. Blue Max 5466 Gas Powered Chainsaw 16-Inch 37.2cc

Unique Features including Automatic Oiling

This Chainsaw retains a good reputation among users thanks to the superiority of the chain and bar. It has a construction from durable materials that give it the longevity to afford users many years of service.

Because of the automatic oiling system, it is always protected from rust and corrosion; hence it works in good condition 90% of the time. This chainsaw will interest you for light to medium duty tasks that do not need lots of power to undertake.

Safe Handling for both Experts and Non-Experts

The crankcase and general frame have a heavy duty frame that can take on bumps with resilience. You can expect it to retain its shape for the longest time possible. Complemented by exclusive features, this chainsaw is safe in amateur hands as it is in the experts’.

It also has a trigger switch and an inertia activated chain brake that acts as a hand guard. You’ll like it more as your left hand is protected from branches when you are bucking or clearing tree branches.

Simple and Effortless Working System

Handling this tool sees that you hold a compact and sturdy chainsaw. It has comfortable handlebars, fully equipped with an anti-vibration system. You’ll notice that even though it uses a gas engine, the noise levels are quite low.

It benefits from a well-placed carburetor which allows optimum airflow into the unit. This placement is responsible for low emissions to help keep the air you breathe clean.

Side Tensioner plus Smart Ignition Mechanism

Cutting is made even easier with the simple side tensioning mechanism plus the automatic oiling. It allows for continuous work with the bar and chain which receives constant lubrication as you go. You’ll like that the start system is assisted by the capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) system.

This is a mechanism which follows quick charging of the capacitor allowing fast warming up and running of the engine. It is most appropriate when you don’t have the patience to wait on several pulls of the start cord.


  • Heavy-duty crankcase assures its long life
  • High engine power allows for small but complicated jobs
  • Ergonomically designed with excellent safety features
  • Has a quick start-up; one can work in all types of weather
  • Smooth surface and streamlined design ensures it does not get caught up in branches


  • The assembling is a bit of challenge to some users


If you have lots of work, but an electric or battery powered chainsaw isn’t cutting it, you’ll want to invest in the 5466. It strives to maintain a good balance between the ergonomics and high power exuded by the engine. It is endowed with a quick-stop chain brake alongside other must have safety features. You’ll not have a professional teach you how to use this unit thanks to all the simplified features it carries.

3. Blue Max 52721 2-Stroke 2-In-1 Combo Chainsaw

Versatile Properties

Ever desired to have two sizes of bars on your chainsaw? Then the Blue Max 52721 is here to fulfill that exact need. It would not have come at a better time when one desires to cover varied tasks but investing in two chainsaws is not an option.

It is one of the most affordable chainsaws coming with high versatility to use the 14-inch or 18-inch bar. It’s like buying two chainsaws for half the price.

Exclusive Safety Features

It has a low chain brake which comes in handy when you are cutting or just walking with the unit. When activated, it is essential for preventing chain launching just in case you trip and press the ON switch.

This way, you are in less danger of receiving serious cuts in such occurrence. The inertia system ensures automatic activation of the chain brake in the event of a sudden forward movement when the chainsaw bumps into unforeseen branches.

High Engine Efficiency and Clean Running

The power falls at 1.77 Horsepower which ensures high cutting speeds to reduce the time you spend working on precise wood works. The power enhances the performance of the engine such that it is fuel efficient to come close to full economy.

The torque keeps the engine running cleaner as there’s no room for carbon build up. This way, the life of the engine gets preserved to have it working for you in the best condition possible.

How to Start the Engine when it’s Hot and Weight Management

The weight of this tool is not necessarily the best as you may work for longer than you intend. The good thing is that the handles are rubberized to minimize the vibrations. Another good thing comes with fast engine startup.

There have been complaints concerning starting it after it becomes hot but once you open the choke fully, pull the cord twice or thrice, close the choke halfway; the proceeding pull should get the engine roaring to life.


  • Has an automatic oiler for the bar and chain
  • Carries a large oil and fuel tank capacity for extended working time
  • Comes with two different sized bar and chains; that is 14inch and 18-inch
  • Can vary the work between light and large tasks depending on the installed bar
  • Chain tensioner is easily accessible from the side


  • It is not CARB compliant


This tool is a real definition of what flexibility stands for in a chainsaw. The two sized bars and chains allow for accomplishing various tasks just the way you like. The construction shows durability while the safety measures are all on point. What’s even better is the affordable price even with all the necessary accessories included in the package.

Best Blue Max Chainsaw

For a combination of power and ergonomics, we go with the Blue Max 6595. It has a long bar, exceptional engine displacement, and optimized safety measures.

It is the everyday work at home tool or the now and then dead tree limbing tool. The start system is easy to master and better still, it can work even when the temperatures plummet.


Blue Max is by North American Tool Industries, so you expect that it meets high manufacturing standards. Although the manufacturing is actually done in China, the quality is evaluated by the mother company. The models above represent the best of the Blue Max brand.

These products are well-respected as they retain consistency in the build, performance and safety features. Their suitability covers both small, light duty tasks and medium to some heavy tasks.

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