Zero turn mowers are now more popular than when they were first introduced in the 60s. Their increased prevalence is majorly due to their speed and ability to cut contours without reversing. They carry a front-caster style system and an independent wheel motor at the rear.

This feature helps greatly with the maneuverability such that you can easily cut corners around the house, trees, and bushes. One saves time and has a better view of what they are working on; it means you can achieve more in no time.

Let us look at the best zero turn mowers for the money on the market. These models live up to our expectations, and users love working with them.

Best Zero Turn Mowers – Comparison Table

Zero Turn MowerPriceGround SpeedEngineCutting DeckTransmission System
Poulan Pro 46-Inch P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro Zero Turn Mower6mph22HP B&W46 inchesEZT Hydro Gear Transmission
Husqvarna 724cc 967324101 V-Twin Zero Turn 54-Inch Mower8mph724cc, 24HP54 inchesHydrostatic Gear Transmission
Poulan Pro P54ZX Briggs 967331001V-Twin 24HP6mph24HP B&W54 inchesHydro Gear EZT Transmission

Best Zero Turn Mower for The Money – Reviews

    1. Poulan Pro 46-Inch P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro Zero Turn Mower

    We all love our yards trimmed and even. But cutting grass may seem more like a chore especially when you have a mower that will not perform the job well. When you choose the Poulan Pro 46-Inch Mower, you will do more justice to your yard.

    It is a heavy duty commercial product that can tackle acres of grass with no hassle.


    Functional Features

    You will like the well-designed engine that is powerful enough because it is powered by Briggs& Stratton system. The mower features the EZT-dual hydro gear which is most crucial when you want to cover vast areas on your property.

    It exudes up to 6mph speed to cut through the tough and thick grass. With the help of the electric clutch, you can easily control the blades and make the machine perform at great levels. It also features six height adjustment settings for the cutting height.

    This mower offers an extensive working capacity with a cutting deck of 46 inches. It is a large-scale mower to assist in fast grass cutting for large residential properties. With two blades on the deck, it’s possible to cover rough and slightly sloping areas with ease. Since you can manage the level of the deck, give the lawn a clean cut without the machine plowing in the dirt.


    The design of the working area is also excellent. The seat takes a low profile of 15 inches from the ground. It gives the machine balance and stability even at the highest speed. It can be used by persons of all ages and weight since it virtually resists damage. Care and maintenance will also come easy with the straightforward parts it features. It is, therefore, the best ZTR mower for the money on the market so far.


    • It has an easy to operate control system
    • High working speed
    • Large cutting deck
    • Durable construction


    • It gives a rough ride when it bumps on stuff around the compound


    Poulan Pro is a reliable manufacturer. They have designed an invaluable product to fulfill every home owner’s landscaping needs. It leaves an appealing look whenever it is used, and it can mow large areas with the same consistency. As for the listing price, you’ll get this machine at around $2500

    2. Husqvarna 724cc 967324101 V-Twin Zero Turn 54-Inch Mower

    We always love a mower that can live up to its claims. Husqvarna 724cc 54-Inch zero turn mower is one such machine with superior features. It makes riding more fun, and even grass mowing becomes one of the favorite chores.

     You will love the robust steel construction and the high capacity to take on all the tough jobs in your home. It is a convenient way to cut dry or thick grass with less effort and save more time doing it.


    The cutting edge technology exhibited by this zero turn mower is in the form of a high-performing engine that is powered by Briggs and Stratton. It carries very efficient air filters and an enormous fan system that keeps the machine cool and the engine continuously performing. It uses little energy, thanks to the V-twin with 24 horsepower energy engine. It also has chrome-plated valves that are light to allow maximum air to pass through the engine for proper combustion.


    The cutting deck is a strong, durable, flatbed, reinforced with steel. It is easy to control with a spring system that is easily reachable by hand. It also carries four anti-scalp rollers to ensure it maintains a superior cut over your lawn. It is capable of covering slopes since the wheels have an installation by tough casters. The front and back wheels balance out evenly when in use to ensure it does not lift when covering steep slopes.

    The mower has a 54-inch deck. It is capable of cutting grass on large acres of land in the least time. With the powerful engine, this mower can transform your lawn into a perfectly done landscape. The lever control system ensures there are no distractions in your line of sight so you can make full 8mph speed it claims.

    The rear engine and wheels play a significant role in navigating your land. Since they are designed to take reverse movements, it becomes apparent that you can reach places you’ve never been, with a conventional riding mower.


    • The blades can reverse at the same high speed
    • It has few parts to install
    • Electric clutch keeps good control on the blades
    • Highly efficient fan keeps the engine in superior performance


    • Replacing the parts is a bit expensive


    The Husqvarna is an all-around piece of equipment. It is equally at home in residential and commercial properties. The power and the cutting deck combines to bring out a machine that can handle a lot more. From cutting thick grass and tackling slopes, your property will look better with this zero turn mower. For the price, you will dig deeper into your pocket as it approximates $3200

    3. Poulan Pro P54ZX Briggs 967331001V-Twin 24HP Cutting Deck 54-Inch Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower

    As a homeowner, seeing that your lawn remains sparkly is your priority among landscaping needs. There’s nothing that speaks volumes about your home more than a well-kempt lawn. To choose the best machine, you might go through some rigorous testing that may not bear fruits.

    Go with the tried and tested Poulan Pro 54-Inch Cutting Deck Zero Turn Mower. The features it showcases will go a long way when it comes to maintaining your yard.


    Engine Function and Cutting Capacity

    First, it carries a powerful 24HP Briggs V-Twin engine, which is known to produce high power for constant mowing. It has a hydrostatic transmission system that gives better control of the mower. The zero turn ability makes it easy when going around corners and making rough rides over uneven terrain. With the help of an electric clutch, this mower becomes even more enjoyable to ride. By moving your arms, you can control each wheel independently.

    When it comes to the area, it can cover; the Poulan Pro has a 54-inch cutting deck. The deck carries three blades which are an important aspect when covering different types of lawns. These blades will cut through grass, and they can also manage to mow through a slight slope. The two electric levers will come in handy when making fast turns and cover rugged areas. With the massive blades, this mower is capable of cutting 2.8acres in an hour.

    Efficiency and Comfort Level

    This is one of those zero turn mowers you wish you had discovered before. The comfort it has is exhibited in the ergonomically designed seat which gives the user a proper posture when using it. The seat measures 15 inches high and seeing it has a high back, persons with lower back pain can use it. The low height from the ground also shows it is in line will gravity so when you make sharp turns, you will not hit the ground.


    • The levers come with a soft hand grip
    • Cuts the mowing time to about 50%
    • It can tackle thick and wet grass
    • It carries six cutting height adjustments


    • It cannot take on high hills


    This is a commercially designed zero turn mower to complete lawn maintenance in a short time. Poulan Pro has been around for quite a while, and with such a blend of speed and agility, it becomes a choice for the best zero turn mower. The pricing at around $2800 reflects a well-built machine that exhibits resilience and ability to afford long-term service.


    The list above presents incredible equipment. All of them carry closely comparable features, but because of the pricing, we’ll go with the Poulan Pro P467X with 46-inch cutting deck. It’s ideal for the home environment.

    Many users identify with this machine as it represents both quality and style. It is easy to control even with its heavy duty frame. All the aspects are distinct in their right. As such, it is the best zero turn mower for the money and one of the best zero turn mower for the hills as well.


    Points to Note when Purchasing a Zero Turn Mower

    There are a variety of zero turn models on the market today. The performance varies significantly, so making a choice will be more of a hassle. But here are some of the questions you should have answered before embarking on making a choice.

    What are your mowing needs?

    If you own a large property over a few acres, then you should consider a zero turn mower that meets such high capacity. But if your yard is just over a few hundred feet, then choosing a small-sized mower will do a better job.

    What terrain will you be covering?

    The standard working with a ZTR mower is on a leveled ground. But, many variations offer robust frames on their machines to handle rough terrain. Look at the wheels and blade system to determine whether the mower can cover your lawn efficiently. For areas with thick grass, choose a mower with at least three blades and a deck adjustment system.

    How much comfort do you need?

    This goes into the design of the working area. Examine the position of the seat because it determines the balance of the machine. Make sure the levers are at your hand level, and the footing is on an anti-slip pedal.

    Is weight a consideration when it comes to ZTR mowers?

    Yes, do not underrate the effect gravity has on a mower. For it to handle rough terrain, it has to hold on to the ground without first flying off the air. The heavier it is, the more stability it offers. If you are not out for a bumpy ride, then, remember to check the weight.

    Why do the Speed and Horsepower matter?

    This also depends on where you plan to use your mower. For residential properties, a speed between 6-8mph will work just fine over a few acres of land. For the grass cutting strength, power as low as 22HP will work for short and soft grass. But if you are dealing with dry and overgrown grass, a higher power is better.



    Does your machine come completely assembled?

    For all the models above, they come preassembled for the most part. You only need to input the control arms, the seat and the battery.

    Can you attach mowing accessories?

    Yes, you can. If you want to bring along a lawn sweeper, it’s possible with a hitch for all the three mowers. Their load capacity can also take a spreader, sprayer and even carts.

    Will the blades cut in reverse?

    All the above machines can cut in reverse. If you want to change the blades, you don’t need to remove the cutting deck at least for the Poulan pro models. They work by unscrewing one of the wing bolts which detaches the foot rests so you can make the blade change.

    Can the mower take a steep slope like 40-degrees?

    These machines are quite heavy. They can handle just slight slopes. A 400 slope is quite steep for these mowers since they are top heavy. They can handle going across since it’s hard for them to tip over because of the weight.

    Wrapping Up;

    Purchasing the best zero turn mower for the money will not be much stress with the choices above. They show consistency in their working and can be relied upon for many years. Although they come at a steeper price, they are capable of reducing the working time and energy by half.

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