When it’s snowing fluffy soft flakes, you should find it easy clearing it with a shovel. But when it storms and the snow becomes hard and crusty, you’ll want to consider a bigger machine that can make clearing such snow easy.

A two stage snow blower is most preferred in such times, one because it can beat through lengthy inches, provide better-throwing speed, and even have the power to clean the plow pile at the end of your driveway.

It’s probably raining two-stage snow blowers on the market, making the whole process of buying one a pain. Luckily we have done the homework and investigated which two stage snow blowers emerge at the top so we can help you choose the best two stage snow blower for your needs. These machines will replace shoveling and even other small blowers in a heartbeat.

Comparing the best two stage snow blowers

Two Stage Snow BlowerPriceClearing WidthCutting DepthEngine DisplacementNumber of SpeedsRating
Power Smart 208cc LCT DB7651Two-Stage Snow Blower24-inches20-inches208cc4-Forward
Briggs and Stratton Dual Stage1696619 Snow Thrower 250cc Engine27-inches20-inches250cc5-Forward
Husqvarna ST224 208cc Two Stage Snow Blower24-inches23-inches208cc6-Forward
YARDMAX YB6270 7.8HP Two Stage Snow Blower24-inches20-inches208cc6-Forward
Poulan Pro PR241 208cc 24-Inch Two Stage Snow Blower24-inches30-inches208cc6-Forward

Best Two Stage Snow Blower Reviews

1. Power Smart 208cc LCT DB7651Two-Stage Snow Blower

If high throwing speed is what you are looking for, the Power Smart 208cc LCT DB7651 gives just that. It carries a high displacement power to run the machine at maximum possible speeds. If you have deep inches of snow after a storm, you’ll want to complete clearing before the temperatures start plummeting increasing the lengths you have to clear.

When the weather is warm, you’ll be dealing with wet snow which makes the process of cleaning more complicated.

High Speed and Powerful Clearing

With the Power Smart DB7651, it is run by a powerful engine that is complemented by 6.5Horse Power. This is the power you’ll need to crush the mounds into smaller sizes before throwing it safely to the direction you wish.  

The LCT OHV gas engine works efficiently to enhance performance by running smoothly to reduce the time you take cleaning. It helps in running the auger at high torque; therefore, you can rest easy since you’ll be moving swiftly reaching deep levels of snow.

The auger carries the most impressive features, measuring 12 inches with a construction from steel. This means it is up to the task and soon you’ll have cleared relevant volumes of heavy snow.  It has a serrated design that gets rid of sticky snow fast.

Together with the directional chute, it can swivel to 1800; hence you can direct the movement of snow and even adjust the height level with the availed joystick. Get to utilize four forward speeds and two reverse speeds.

Design and Durability

This is a push blower which comes with maneuvering wheels. They are also engine assisted to afford you quick movements. The best thing about it is the electric starts to bring your machine to life quickly.

It’s annoying to have to yank at a cord when it’s cold outside. The alignment of the parts gives it a solid build so you should expect years of excellent service.


  • Extensive and profound clearing capacity
  • It can safely deal with hard and wet snow
  • Robust, rugged wheels
  • Fast speed startup electric push button


  • It is very loud, you’ll need ear muffs


The results of working with Power Smart show reliability in all its dimensions. It is easy to start and operate. You’ll love the durable design, and it’s effortless to maintain. Maneuvering is also straightforward, and you’ll have years of use with powerful performance and in good condition.

2. Briggs and Stratton Dual Stage1696619 Snow Thrower 250cc Engine

A capable machine does not call for investment in one that costs thousands of dollars. The Briggs and Stratton Dual Stage Snow Thrower is the most affordable tool which delivers consistent performance.

It bears features that only serve to eliminate the stress which comes with cleaning piles of snow in large areas. The cutting width and depth further detail its capacity for heavy duty tasks. It can clean 27-inches in width, to create a path large enough for your car.

Capacity and Best Use

Expect to use this machine for heavy snowfalls as it bears a large displacement engine of 250cc. With the 12-inch augers, there’s great snow intake and because it does not scrape through to the floor, you can use it on different surfaces.

This machine generates speeds of up to 2600RPM earning it the industrial capacity to handle hard ice together with the wet snow when the weather becomes warm. It’s also ideal for cutting throw the annoying plow piles the municipal keeps leaving in your open driveway.

With a chute that rotates through 2000, you’ll be in for efficiency since it’s your choice where to pile the snow. Its chute deflector is placed conveniently where both your hands can reach helping you impact the throw up to 40ft. away.

It comes with variable speed settings where five of them aim at the forward direction and two on the reverse. Since the wheels are power assisted, maneuvering through all the tight spaces in your yard will be fast and easy.

Functional Reliability

When your hands are freezing, it becomes difficult to pull a cord when starting a machine. Briggs and Stratton also provide you with the simplest start option of pressing a button.

It boasts the ability for the user to operate it with one, but this goes to say it gives you full control of the speed, direction, and balance through uneven ground.

You will also be in a position to navigate hilly areas with swift movements assisted by the rugged wheels. It also has a bright headlight for those times when visibility closes in on you.


  • Power-driven wheels ease navigation on sloped areas
  • High torque and displacement power
  • Ensures complete control of the machine
  • Large clearing swath


  • It’s heavy to transport without the engine running


Briggs and Stratton are a household name. When they deliver a powerful machine, they mean this exact model. It is perfect for long driveways, walkways, and leveling plow piles. It clears extensively to suit working in rough winter. The construction is deemed to provide you with many seasons of quality service.

3. Husqvarna ST224 208cc 24-Inch Two Stage Snow Blower

If you are going through the toughest winter season, acquiring a machine that prepares you for any depth of snow is crucial for your home. Take the Husqvarna ST224, for instance, it is not only powerful, but it promises to deliver the best performance. The engine alone has 208cc to give the tool a push to accelerate the speed to break into thick snow.

This is crucial when you are working through a short time span of warm weather or when the temperatures are dropping fast enough you don’t want to be caught outside.

Consistent and Effortless Working

It’s clear you want to keep warm, and by that, you want a machine that will not keep jamming in the middle of usage. Husqvarna cultivates its impeller to be serrated enough to give smooth operations.

You’ll no longer experience a machine with stuck snow and hard to push handles. This is because it breaks down the hard snow before delivering it out by the chute.
It has the convenience of control where the chute rotates over the 180-degree path. The chute deflector can be set at different heights; hence diversifying the machine even further.

Unlike other machines that glide through snow, this one comes with deep traction on 15-icnh wide wheels. They provide the proper grasp to enable you clear even on uneven patches of your garden. This means it will never skid to the bottom of a slope when it jerks in a moment.

Carrying adjustable handles, the machine promises ergonomic working eliminating strain and backaches after long hours of usage. It also has an electric start so that you can still use the tool in -100 temperatures.

Engine Power and Handling

This Husqvarna model uses a 4-stroke engine meaning you don’t have to struggle with the mixing of fuel and gas. It makes maintenance effortless as you can treat the parts independently. Assembly is also easy, and with a few handy tools you’ll have it on your path in not time.

An important aspect of the machine is the heated handles which make working in freezing weather manageable. You can count on the Husqvarna model to keep you safe from losing needed body heat. The comfort extends where you can adjust your grip for full working control.


  • Improved ribbon auger to mix snow with air for fast breakage
  • Loop heated handles
  • It has non-marking shoes to use on delicate floors
  • Quick electric starter


  • Some users have had issues in balancing the speed


We highly recommend this machine for areas with massive piles of snow. It is quick and efficient to make the whole clearing process easy. With Husqvarna quality is of importance that’s why it is embedded with both steel and aluminum parts.

The materials that make it ensure it can endure everyday snow blowing abuse. It is heavy duty so get prepared for the unpredictable winter seasons to come.

4. YARDMAX YB6270 24-Inch 208cc 7.8HP Two Stage Snow Blower

When it’s crucial that you go out but don’t have the time to plow through deep ice, you’ll want to try the YARDMAX YB6270 for the job. Living in areas where the winter patterns change all too often also means being prepared for the worst.

Although a snow blower is of use just a few months, it makes a huge difference in the way you handle your home. You may find layers of snow after just a night of the storm, making it difficult to even sledge to the outside garage.

High Speed Operations

With YARDMAX, the time and effort are reduced by speedy operations. It gives you the service of a highly dependable impeller to break down the snow at fast speeds and shooting it out through the chute. The engine configuration sees it issues 208cc of displacement assisted by 7.8HP.

This energy will get you through the toughest cleaning jobs like thick and wet snow. It makes the impeller rotate at very high speeds so that you can be in for fast working with reduced fatigue levels.

It comes bearing multiple speeds with six forward levels and two reverse options. It gives you the versatility of picking on different types of snow like when dealing with wet snow you’ll need the correct speed to ensure everything is crunched successfully. It also impacts on the throwing power where the least rate offers the shortest throw distance.

The directional chute maintains the tight pressure needed to sustain a long throw level even when you set it on the lowest speed. With the capacity to clean 24-inches of snow, you’ll not long before you have your car out of the garage if your driveway is long and wide.

Comfort Level

As much as you dislike being out in the cold, you’ll love that this machine cares for your comfort. First, it has heated handles to offer you the perfect grip to control the power tool. It has an-easy-to-maneuver dashboard which also carries a cup holder if you opt to keep a flask of hot beverage.

The YARDMAX also live up to its claim of self-propulsion with a drive system which acquires level speed upon command. Even better it also carries an electric start and a headlight.


  • Treads ensure complete balance on icy paths
  • Serrated steel augers promote smooth performance
  • Power button electric start
  • Generates high speeds for heavy-duty tasks


  • It may need more hands to assemble


YARDMAX brings the possibilities of working consistently without fail in winter seasons. The machine has a powerful engine, it has multiple speeds, comes with heated handles and can withstand heavy usage.

You’ll appreciate the power assisted wheels to tread through all types of snow. What’s more, the price offering is not exaggerated for the value it gives.

5. Poulan Pro PR241 208cc 24-Inch Two Stage Snow Blower

The Poulan Pro brand is one of the most reliable designs when it comes to blasting deep levels of snow. It is the ideal partner for next winter when it heavily falls, and you are left with piles of snow blocking the critical access areas around you home.

Since it is gas-powered you are not limited to the area it can cover, as such you can swiftly take rounds in all the tight places without depending on a plug. The good thing with the gas engine is that the wheels are also powered so it can self-propel and save you from fatigue.

Large Clearing Capacity

If your property is relatively large, you’ll appreciate the 24 inches clearing width together with the 30-inches cutting height. These qualities present the capacity to clean large swaths within a short time.

Complemented by a large impeller and 12-inch diameter auger, the Poulan Pro Snow Blower handles all types of snow. The versatility digs into the remotely controlled chute which rotates at 1800. It also bears a deflector to modify the level of snow throwing.

For you who love the smooth handling of power tools, you’ll love the functional controls on this machine. One, the start is electronic by a push button and the control panel is conveniently placed.

It’s possible to control the device with one hand as the other keeps it a balance when you are treading through heavy snow. It comes with adjustable handles to fit persons of varied heights.

Power Performance and Navigation

This Poulan Pro brand carries the LCT engine which bears 208cc which produces up to 9-pound-foot of torque. With such speed, it showcases exceptional capabilities to handle whichever kind of snow that comes to block your driveway.

It has deep treads on the 16-inch wheels. They produce excellent traction in the face of sloping terrain, rough areas and sliding ice paths. The machine also carries a skid plate to protect it from gliding when it angles awkwardly.


  • It can manage all types of surfaces
  • High cutting capabilities up to 30-inches
  • Comes with a headlight
  • Ergonomic handles


  • Acquiring constant speed is complicated to some users


This model stands among the high-end snow blowers but comes at a fair price. It is ideal for large areas which receive heavy snow.

It is tough on all types of snow and delivers high speeds for efficient performance. It has impressive clearing capacity to take on even the large plow piles. With it, you can expect good coverage for a decent period.


Best Two Stage Snow Blower

The highest priced product does not always indicate the best quality when it comes to two stage snow blowers. The Briggs and Stratton Dual Snow Blower come off as the best match for varied demands. It is impressive from the outlook which has a robust construction to the large clearing width.  

It passes for good maneuverability and ergonomic handling. For everyone who likes being prepared for heavy snowfalls, this machine presents just the right features to make clearing snow painless.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Two Stage Snow Blower

  • What are the blower’s clearing width and cutting height?
  • Does the throwing chute rotate?
  • Does the blower carry heated handles?

The clearing width and cutting height should guide you on the usage of the machine. If you have a small area, average clearance capacity suits you just fine. But if you have vast areas and receive heavy snow a large size is ideal for you.

Does the throwing chute rotate?

You’ll need the flexibility of a rotating chute so that you can guide the snow safely out of the path. The degree of swivel gives it the versatility you need to control how you work with it.

Does the blower carry heated handles?

The temperatures in winter tend to plummet to very low levels; that’s why the machine you choose should come with heated handles. Freezing hands will keep you from exerting total control on the machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the machine come with the headlight?

All the machines here come with a light except for the Power Smart model. This drawback is not a bad compromise whatsoever as you can work when the outdoor visibility is still viable.

How loud is the snow blower?

The answer to this is subjective as some machines are louder than others and you’ll need ear muffs according to how you feel the noise level.


Acquiring the best two stage snow blower is an issue of meeting your demands. Examine the comfort level of the machine like the handles and the working speed. Also, do not forget to check the maintenance requirements.

We believe we have covered the best machines and you can feel satisfied with any of the models above. They all present distinct properties to aid you through all types of snow, issuing real value for money.

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